Leading Mobile App Development Companies in USA 2020

October 5, 2020 |

Leading Mobile App Development Companies in the USA

As soon as you have a website, you would like to take your business to the next level. You might not have a proper in-house development team to capture the growing mobile app development market.

When you hire services from the right mobile app development company, it can help your brand to receive recognition as well as growth in the long run.

Mobile app developers in the USA are in great demand amongst businesses.

So are there several high-end mobile app development companies featuring the best-in-class team of highly experienced mobile app developers for your aid.

You can leverage the in-depth knowledge and expertise of skilled app developers in the USA to achieve the desired results for your business. All you need is the right match.

Mobile App Development Companies in the USA for Your Business

With the leap of the modern smartphone industry, there has been a surge in the overall growth of leading mobile app development companies in the USA in the given market.

Most of these app development companies feature a team of highly qualified and experienced app developers delivering customized results to business organizations.

Best Mobile App Development Companies in the USA

If you are in search of the best mobile app development companies for your business, Top Developers serves to be your one-stop destination when it comes to helping you find the right company.

We feature a comprehensive list of the selected companies in the given segment that you can choose from.

Whether you are looking for expertise or a successful track record, whatever might be your requirements with respect to a mobile app development company in the USA, we have got you covered.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Get access to the list of the top mobile app developers in the USA 2020 with our help!


1. Divante


Divante is a one stop destination for capturing the eCommerce solutions.

The company has earned an impressive reputation in just 8 years and is continuously delivering it’s high end solutions and services.

At Divante, the team is expert in coalescing technology with business approach and assist the clients in developing and optimizing sales and revenue.

Services provided by Divante:

Divante delivers its comprehended services in the niche of B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions, Magento outsourcing and optimization and responsive web design.

Poland auchto@divante.co Founded: 2008
$50 - $99 / hr +48-797-340-458 100 – 249
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2.Willow Tree


WillowTree, Inc. can be stated as an excelled mobile app development company that takes into account all the OS such as Android, iOS and Windows.

They are known for delivering high impact solutions for

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • PepsiCo
  • AOL

and the list is infinite.

The company’s technical team is impressively dedicated; assure a quick and error-free development, quick deployment and development at a reasonable cost.

The organization is known for delivering high-end efficiency and quality in all its products and serves its clients in just the right way. They have engineered plentiful of Android apps, wearable apps and many more.

Services Provided by WillowTree:

The masters in delivering great UX designs, Android Apps, iOS app, web development, Xamarin development, App indexing and analytics, Backend development.

Key Clients: Regal Cinema Group, GE, Johnson & Johnson, HBO, PepsiCo, AEG, American Red Cross, PepsiCo, Fox News, Harvard Business Publishing, Time Warner, AOL and more…

United States info@willowtreeapps.com Founded: 2007
$100 - $149 / hr +1-888-329-9875 250 – 500
Chop Dawg, top iphone app developers, iphone app development companies

3. ChopDawg


Since 2009, ChopDawg.com has created 300+ digital products – from mobile applications and web applications to blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies for startups, Fortune 500s, growing businesses, and non-profits around the globe.

Think of ChopDawg.com not as your agency but as your technical partner. Headquartered in Philadelphia, with offices in Boston, Seattle, New York, and Atlanta.

Services Provided by ChopDawg : Prototyping & Demonstrating, User Interface
Design, iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Development, Android App Development, Augmented Virtual Reality App Development, Artificial Intelligence App Development. Security, Encryption,  Compliances, Mobile Backend Engineering.

Key Clients : Payload, Mister Softee, Monsoon, Buddy Project, Jurvo, Hilton, Six Flags, Wawa, Siemens, Jurvo, Sprouts, Phindre, Zenvst, Big Pipe, Rhodes 101, Workshop It, SpotScore, PawPass, Light Bulb Finder, Treasurebee, Dissolve, Greenskeeper, Citize Cafe, Waypoint, Hire.Bid

Philadelphia, PA; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Seattle, WA hello@chopdawg.com Founded: 2009
$100 - $149 / hr +1-800-490-1476 35

4. Fluper


The organization is a prominent name in building Fluid Apps.

It is Affordable & Rapid Web & Mobile App Design & Mobile App Development companies and is imbibed with specialized Consultation and Dedicated Guidance.

It engineers dynamic” IT Service Solutions that aid in energizing Individuals, Startups, SMEs and Enterprises to transform all into Million Dollar Companies to attain impressive business values. Companies

Services provided by Fluper

Web App Designing, Mobile App Designing, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, E-Commerce App Development, CMS Development, ERP Apps Development, Android App Development, iPhone App Developers, PHP Development, .Net Development, Java Development.

Key Clients: head out, busuu, DODuae, feedly, Beetalk, EZER, Classting, ixigo and many more

Pieoneers Logo

5. Pieoneers


Pieoneers is a Canadian award-winning web & mobile app development companies in USA based in Vancouver, BC.

We’re best at creating high-load web applications reinforced with beautiful interfaces and state of the art design that users truly love.

Our globally distributed team works with established businesses, prominent universities, and ambitious startups from all over the world.

“We bring meaningful ideas to life With the best fitting technologies
And the best industry practices”

Services Provided by Pieoneers

App development (iOS, Android, Native), Web development, Web and App design, UX/UI, User researches, Rapid prototyping and SEO.
Technologies we use are: Swift, Kotlin, Unity, Objective-C, Java, React, Flutter, Xamarin, Python/Django, Vue, Angular, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, Go, Gatsby, Contentful, WordPress

Key Clients:Bulova, Directv, Seaspan, GameSheet, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, TEDx, VK

Vacouver, BC hi@pieoneers.com Founded: 2009
$150/hr +1-604-710-2407 10-20

6. Dotcomweavers


Dotcomweavers till now has delivered around 300 web design and development projects across different industrial verticals.

The web developers and designers are highly known mobile app development companies in USA for engineering elegant web design via adopting customized approach, thus helping the businesses to capture plentiful of users and high conversions.

Dotcomweavers dig deeps to understand and analyze the requirements and concerns of customers and work in and out to foster client’s business connection with consumers.

Services provided by Dotcomweavers:

Their impactful service areas are web design, mobile app development, custom eCommerce solutions, SEO/SEM, enterprise solution etc.

Dubai, United state info@dotcomweavers.com Founded: 2006
< $50 – $99/hr +1-888.315-6518 1 10 – 49

7 Exyte


Exyte is a team of mobile, blockhain and AR/VR development experts that enjoy taking on challenging projects and staying on the cutting edge of technology.

Client that choose Exyte tend to stay, thanks both to the team’s competence and the style of communication.

The friendly, transparent and frank dialog helps build trust, speed up development and make sure the project benefits from the team’s expertise and suggestions. 

Services provided by Exyte :

Exyte can help develop and improve solutions in the following areas: native and cross-platform iOS and Android development, Ethereum-based blockchain products, distributed applications, custom DLTs, augmented reality applications with ARCore for Android and ARKit for iOS, free-roam local multiplayer VR games in Unity.

USA sales@exyte.com Founded: 2014
<45$/hr +1-646-583-0519 20-30

8. Iflexion


flexion is acknowledged for delivering advanced web solutions and enterprise web apps & well known amongst top mobile app development companies in USA.

Iflexion has worked with around 400 happy clients from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies like and delivers a customer-oriented servicing model that is inclusive of every aspect of software production and implementation.

It is a trusted vendor for PHP development in developing best-in-class UX along with the compelling functionality and excellence.

Services provided by Iflexion:

Iflexion provides web application development, application integration, usability and user interface design, application security consulting, independent QA and Testing, maintenance and support.

United States, contact@iflexion.com Founded: 1999
$25 – $49/hr +1-512-501-3621 100 – 249
7. CDN

9. CDN Solutions Group


CDN Solutions Group is a leading software development & mobile app development companies in USA, offering a wide range of web and mobile technology solutions across the globe.

The company has a team of 270+ highly skilled and experienced IT professionals that delivers best technological solutions and consulting services as per the dynamic business requirements.

Services provided by CDN Solutions Group:

Mobile app development, CRM and ecommerce development and IT outsourcing, and consulting.

Upfront, Mahindra

India, United States contact@cdnsol.com Founded: 2000
$15 – $25/hr +91-731-4035927 250 – 999

10. Tintash


Tintash is a Stanford alumni led development and innovation partner for startups and enterprises around the globe. Since 2008, we’ve delivered over 150 projects, and our clients include DraftKings (a Unicorn), Bed, Bath, and Beyond (a Fortune 300 company), and LifePrint (an Apple Partner). Our expertise includes cross-platform app development using React Native, native mobile app development, web backend, and frontend development, and game development using Unity.

Services provided by Tintash:

Web, Mobile and Games Development Services

Key Clients: Bed Bath and Beyond, DraftKings, LifePrint, Decorist, Embr Labs, Playdate Digital, Stick Sports, PillDrill
Pakistan, San Francisco, Toronto. abdullah@tintash.com Founded: 2008
$45/hr +1-855-796-2773 120+
Commerce Pundit

11. Commerce Pundit


Commerce Pundit is a prominent name in the virtue of Magento eCommerce development.

It is very popular mobile app development companies in USA and full-service web agency that aids businesses achieve their business goals with its amplifying eCommerce solutions.

The master in developing Magento responsive designs and makes it a priority for developing a user-friendly design.

The skilled team at Common Pundit’s team is abreast of the latest trends and thus serves your website in just the right way.

Services provided by Commerce Pundit:

Commerce Pundit is a known name in delivering Web design and development, eCommerce solutions powered by Magento, SEO, SMM, email marketing, PPC, marketplace management (Amazon and eBay)

United States sales@commercepundit.com Founded: 2009
$25 – $49/hr +1-678-444-2112 100 – 249
Y Media Labs

12. Y Media Labs


Y Media Labs is known for producing products for powerful brands like Paypal, EMC, Staples, North Face and thus had redefined the mobile industry by delivering top-notch mobile user experiences to aid the business and technology leaders stand abreast in the market.

Headquartered in California, Y Media Labs has total four offices across the world. It a top rate mobile app development companies in USA.

They dig deep to create emotional connections with their clients and their work for delivering the products that are true to business ethics and standards.

Services provided by Y Media Labs:They serve globally on brand and product strategy, design, prototyping and testing, mobile app development (iOS, Android, Windows) and responsive web development.

United States, India info@ymedialabs.com Founded: 2008
$150 – $199/hr +1-415-839-8584 50 – 249

13. Mobidev


MobiDev is a well known mobile app development companies in USA that creates complex business-driven solutions, with a focus on innovation and transparency of actions, guaranteed product delivery, and ongoing evolution

Services provided by Mobidev: Industrial IoT & Augmented Reality, Data Science & Machine Learning,  Microservices & cloud infrastructure,  Native mobile & desktop development,  Cross-platform solutions.

Key Clients:https://mobidev.biz/about-us/our-clients

USA info@mobidev.biz Founded: 2009
$35.00 - $52.50 hr +1-888-380-0276 300+



Gearheart.io is a distributed web development team. We create complex custom web applications, single page applications, and APIs for mobile apps.

Our team was founded in 2012 and has a rich experience working with clients from US, UK, Israel and other countries.

Not only we provide quality implementation, we also help startups working in different domains to formulate product idea and think over functionality details.

Services provided by Geartheart Functionality specifications, Web app implementation, Project management, Quality assurance / Testing,
Our greatest advantages are the experience and professionalism of our team members. All the developers have at least 3 years of experience with Django and Angular. We regularly conduct training sessions to make sure we are up to date with the latest tools and methodologies in web development. That’s why we are capable of solving difficult technical challenges and use best-suited solutions.

Key Clients: ShootQ (A Photography Management CRM Software Case Study), H.M.Cole (Creating custom clothing website), Olivia (Financial Operations Automation Platform), Transpose (Creating a Project Management Tool)

United States, India, Dubai sales@techugo.com Founded: 2015
<$25 /hr +91-81303-00085 50 – 249

15. Ekreative


Ekreative delivers high-quality apps, sites and online systems globally.

Services provided range from R&D partner for enterprise clients to development partner for digital design agencies, to integral product design partner for post-seed start-ups and much more.

For over 15 years we’ve helped our clients increase efficiency and grow their businesses by implementing custom digital solutions that directly address their most pressing challenges.

With our main development centre in Eastern Europe and satellite offices in the US, Germany and the UK, we’re perfectly positioned to access a deep talent pool.

The experienced app developers team we’ve assembled includes specialists in a wide range of programming languages and technologies as well as in design, UX, QA, project management, SEO and more.

Services Provided by Ekreative :Mobile app development, android app development, iPhone app development, iOS app development, web development, IOT, from wearables to digital assistants and VR and AR to smart home technology, the range of devices we’ve developed for gives us confidence taking on a wide range of project types and more.

Key Clients: Kidslox, Greg Boyd, Air Translator, All Swapp, Orascoptic, CorVigil, DTX, MoNeedTaxi

USA, info@ekreative.com Founded:2002
<$35 - $50/ hr +1(214) 329 9849 150

16. AppClues Studio


AppClues Studio is a one of the top rated Mobile App Development Companies in USA.

We provide all types of Customized Mobile App Services including iOS, Android, iBeacon, Native Apps etc. Our services also include UI/UX Designing, Customer Acquisitions, Branding, Lifecycle Management etc.

We develop creative and customer-centric mobile apps to give your users and customers a ceaseless friendly experience.

Our proficient developers and passionate designers turn you unfashioned ideas into user-satisfying products. Without limiting ourselves, we match your energy and serve worldwide.

Services Provided by AppClues Studio :


Key Clients : Gigi, Xristos, Jahed

USA & UK info@appcluesstudio.com Founded:2014
<: $15 - $40/ hr +1-978-309-9910 51-200