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Our audience consists of individuals interested in creating an app, software, site or eCommerce platform. In general, they’re entrepreneurs, venture-funded start-ups, midsize businesses or established enterprises. Your guest article needs to help our core viewers gain actionable insights.


Please note that we do not like re-hashing exactly the very same topics which are flooding the net. We are on the lookout for new concepts, strategies, tips, and tactics to help our readers make informed business decisions.


Content Groups to Target:


Kindly, refer to the ‘Service Categories’ segments listed on Top Developers’ website. We take all articles framed around the enlisted support & software classes in addition to sub-categories for further screening.


Guest Contributor Guidelines:


We only accept content that is both 100% original and has not been published elsewhere. Plagiarism isn’t allowed. Copying another individual’s work and altering some phrases or words counts as plagiarism. It can include relevant images and outbound links that improve the total experience of our readers. However, please be aware that insignificant hyperlinks will be removed. Please be sure the write-up is crafted in third-person.


It should be Well- ordered, Proofread & Grammatically correct.


  • The article should not be promotional or advertorial. You can’t advertise your product, company or service inside your guest article. These means do not mention your company, or connect with it, or connect with your company’s blog within the guest post. In addition, do not include screenshots that manufacturer your own product or internet properties. Please add a straightforward headshot, two-to-three-sentence (350 characters, max) author bio along with a banner picture of dimensions 700 X 390 using the report.


  • The image selected should either be in the public collection available on the internet or initially created by your firm.


The preferred format for article submission is in a Word document. Send images separately as an attachment. Posts cannot be removed or edited once they are life!


Please be advised that if a report spans three strikes of rejection in the editor’s team for comparable mistakes, no article would be taken under consideration from the same company for the next five months. Hence, close attention to the corrections requested is advised.


Editorial Procedure:


We review each topic and reach out over 5 — 7 working days. If you don’t hear back from us, your article is not the right fit for our audience.


While our editor’s group review each article and might correct formatting as required, posts requiring heavy editing may be rejected.


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