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Web & Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2021


Web and mobile applications are becoming popular more than ever in 2021. With Covid19, the tech adoption rate has increased to ten folds. People are looking hopefully towards technology to improve their business operations, reduce operational cost and overhead expenses and boost their sales and visibility.


But, web and mobile app development is not going to be easy. You need to have a sharp eye for trends to incorporate them in the web and mobile applications and achieve your business goals faster.


Trends help in advancement. They help you stand out from the rest in the competition. It focuses on important things such as improved user experience, improvement in business operations, accessibility, and more. Thus, they help applications evolve.


The more we start depending on the web and mobile applications, the faster the trends would change. Meaning you have to adapt to survive. Here are the best web and mobile app trends to watch in 2021.

Mobile App Development Trends 2021


1. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence - Mobile App Development Trends Florida


Artificial intelligence is changing the way people interact with apps. AI is becoming more refined with each passing day and has moved from providing customer support to reading data and improving the mobile app development experience. It is giving personalized recommendations to the people; it is reading their behaviour, predicting the infrastructural capabilities, improving enterprise resource planning, and most of all, reducing the manual work.


In 2021, the use of AI in mobile applications will grow to a great extent. The use of AI in app builders will increase, and this would help top mobile development companies to make the development more cost-effective.


Furthermore, the technology would help you learn about user behaviour and collect insights on what people want. This feedback can be used by developers to develop unique features in the application, make improvements and explore new opportunities.


2. Augmented and Virtual Reality


Augmented and Virtual Reality - Mobile App Development


The demand for AR and VR is one the rise. With Apple releasing ARKit and Google releasing ARCode, mobile app development companies are transforming the travel, education, healthcare and retail industry by coming up with new ideas to engage the users. Increased user engagement increased revenue.


3. Internet of Things (IoT)


Internet of Things (IoT) - Mobile App Development


IoT technology has become very popular in the last few years. With more mobile devices across the world, today, with a single tap, you can control the world around you. Big manufacturing units are using IoT technology to automate their business operations. IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things uses interconnected sensors, instruments, and other network devices sync to industrial applications.


The Industrial Internet of Things refers to interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together with industrial applications. These technologies allow you to control devices connected over IoT.


4. 5G Technology


5 G Mobile App Development



5G technology is faster than 4G, and it will be taking over the market. It is said that 1.4 Billion devices in the coming five years. It is a huge and complex application with features like 4K video streaming, virtual reality and augmented reality are going to be powered by 5G technology.


Mobile developers will be able to create advanced solutions to improve the performance of the businesses of different industry verticals with surprising features.


5. Higher Demand for Chatbots


Chatbot, like the other technologies, is not something new, and get ready to see some major improvements in Chatbots. Our everyday communication with apps and the internet would be ruled by AI-enabled chatbots that provide you with personalized customer support.


Chatbots will turn to be more effective, and with the intervention of ML, NLP, and AI, we can expect semantic search, sentiment analysis, and voice and facial recognition, offering organic communication.


6. On-demand Apps


On-demand Apps - Development


Statistics suggest about 7.6 million people are part of an on-demand economy today, the technology was developed a few years back, and now people are already starting to appreciate it. Apps like Uber, Netflix, PrimeVideos, Rover, TaskRabbit are some of the most popular on-demand applications. There are hundreds of on-demand applications right now, boosting different industries.


7. Cloud-based Mobile Apps


Cloud-based Mobile Apps Development Companies


Cloud services are very popular, and they made their mark in the market in 2019-2020. Their share has escalated from $227.8 Billion to $266.4 Billion. And there is no looking back. You can store and access data quickly and more securely through cloud technology. The bring scalability and flexibility in operations, thus improving business operations. With enhanced capabilities, better customer experience and higher ROI, cloud technology is here it amazes.


8. Enterprise Applications


Businesses face many challenges in managing their critical operations and streamlining business processes. With changing times, you are required to restructure your business operations, allowing you to reduce the cost of operations, avoid overhead expenses and mistakes in operation. Top mobile app developers can help you in developing apps that bring seamlessness in the operations. Enterprise apps give you security, functionality and allow you to manage field operations. As the adaptation of technology improves, we can expect new trends arising.


9. PWA


Progressive web applications are designed for mobile devices. You can install the application on the home screen of the mobile device, and it would function as a usual mobile application without the need for a web browser to run it. PWAs can be compared to the normal mobile application, which same functionality but on the home screen of the mobile phone.


PWA is also a very prominent web development trend in 2021. PWA is leading the way for top web development companies to give a cutting edge, app-like experience and functionality to web applications. It is revolutionary and has helped businesses to increase their conversion rate many folds. It also boasts technology features such as transport layer security, application shell architecture and more.


10. Accelerated Mobile Pates


Another web and mobile app development trend to watch in 2021 is Accelerated Mobile Pages. It all started in 2016 when Google started the AMP project. Google announced a separate search index for the mobile web.


Web application developed on Google AMP help in reducing bounce rate and makes the web pages load faster on mobile devices. AMP is an open-source project that loads instantaneously on all devices.


Web Development Trends for 2021


Since we have mentioned PWA and AMP in the mobile app development trends for the 2021 section, we are omitting them in this section. However, they are two more important trends in 2021. Some other trends to watch out for are:




1. Voice-enabled e-commerce


Voice-related functionalities like voice assistance, voice search engine optimization, and voice commerce are on the rise. As the bridge between technology and humans is shrinking, these functionalities are rising in demand.


Voice-enabled e-commerce App Development


Voice ecommerce is a key technology that is running in the market. They help in improving your user experience by making purchases and browsing easy on your website or web application.


It gives them quicker access to website information, allows multitasking, and improves user engagement on the web application. Voice-enabled eCommerce is the best way to increase conversion and improve sales figures.


2. Artificial Intelligence


Web Artificial Intelligence - Web Development


We saw in the previous section how artificial intelligence had changed the way mobile applications are functioning. Similarly, AI has brought along some amazing ways to transform web development in 2021.


AI is helping businesses to automate their business operations. It helps in the incorporation of features such as facial identification, deep learning, pattern identification, and reduces the chances of errors, boosts productivity, speed and scalability in operation.


Other than that, you expect improved voice search, integration of high-end chatbots and helps in focusing on seamless integration in web applications built for different industries.


3. Chatbots and NLP


Customer experience is a crucial aspect of the success of any business. When we talk about web applications, there is not much difference. It is very important that your web application incorporates engagement points that allow your users to register any problems faced on your web applications.


Hence, chatbots. Chatbots are replacing the human interface, and when websites start talking to their customers, it is something really awesome. As the chatbot uses a blend of voice and speech support, it brings a human touch to your technologically driven support system. It allows you to analyze the problems faced by your users and also come up with appropriate answers to them. They also inform the concerned departments if necessary.


Overall, the inclusion of natural language processing offers human-to-human interaction. Most web projects are using them along with chatbots to improve the query resolution time, improved experience, conversational maturity quotient, multi-functionality and more.


4. Internet of Things


By now, you must have realized that the web and mobile app development trends are not much different. But the application makes all the difference.


IoT based smart devices help in facilitating web tools to track data and improve the functionality of the unit. It actively helps in web development with integrated technologies like wearables, cloud-based devices, serverless technologies, and also rendering websites speedily.



IoT in web applications helps in quicker analyses of data from a variety of IoT devices and serverless computing. Data sensing, collection, and predictive analysis of user behavior are what will change web development completely.


5. WebAssembly


WebAssembly new development


WebAssembly is a new development practice that allows faster and effective web development. It helps in compiling the code into bytecode that can run in the browser and make the applications faster.


Big applications, applications using heavy JavaScript based calculation to run faster. It is a way to improve the overall performance of the website and application. Furthermore, it also helps in making web applications faster, secure, and cheaper. Some of the applications that are best built using WebAssembly are web games, music apps, interactive training & educational apps, online image editors, and more.


6. Serverless Architecture


Serverless architecture relies on backend-as-as-service. It helps in avoiding overload and loss of data. It also makes web development cost-effective by reducing development time.


It also improves flexibility, strengthens the architecture of the application, and allows easy download of backup files. It is a popular technology and is vastly used in DevOps.


It is best to manage real-time data, data processing, encoding, IoT apps and more. It also supports auto-provisioning and auto-scaling, whichever is needed. It is independent of managing server procedures and hosts, increased availability, and no extra payment for capacity and servers not utilized.


7. Dark Mode Websites


As mobile applications, web applications are looking forward to incorporating dark-themed UI. The increased screen-time on mobiles and desktops have led to health-related problems in people. Dark theme websites make it easy for users to use applications.


It is much easier for people to use the application; they don’t strain their eyes and highlight the important elements on the website.


Wrapping Up


These were some of the most popular trends to look out for in the web and mobile app development domain. Every industry functions differently, and thus, you must deeply look into how a particular industry is working, what parts of the operation can be automated, or digitalized and how you can improve the customer experience. Use as much data as you can to understand the major problems faced by your users and the areas from where you can reduce the operational cost by automating them.


Evaluate the knowledge, skillset, and experience of the web and mobile developers for hiring the right people. Remember, in the end, effective integration and implementation of technology is going to help you win.

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