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The demand for custom web application development services is increasing among small- and medium-sized enterprises as it offers advantages such as ease of access, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security. Still, it’s crucial to be aware of the current trends to hire qualified web developers to contribute to your project. In this article, you’ll learn what kind of developers to look for, what skill you should look for in a web developer, as well as get a few practical tips on how to get ready for an interview with candidates.

What Kind of Developers Do You Need?

Front-End vs Back-End vs Full-Stack Developers

Technical skills needed for a web developer position to meet your project requirements aren’t the only things you must consider. When looking for a web developer, it’s crucial to know that web development can be split into three types of roles: front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. Below is a quick overview of the three types of developers.

  • Front-end developers deal with the part of the website that is seen in the browser. They implement the design created by web designers into practice.
  • Back-end developers work with everything that is ‘’behind the scene’’. They write the code for functionality, enhance the website’s speed and other technical issues.
  • Full-stack developers are usually good at both disciplines and can combine front-end and back-end developers’ roles.

Depending on your project, you have two options, which are hiring two field-specific specialists or one generalist who can cover front-end and back-end tasks. Both options have pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide which one will work best for you. Generally, hiring two employees results in more work hours and costs. Full-stack developers may cost more and they may not have deep expertise in both fields, but they can deliver the solution you want.


What Skills Should a Web Developer Have?

Below are the examples of basic skills required for each kind of web developer.


Where to Hire a Web Developer?

There are different internet resources where you can find web developers with the required skills. But first things go first. Before going to a specific job board or portal, you should know that you can choose from two hiring options that include hiring freelancers and finding an appropriate web developer via an outsourcing web development company. Below are a few tips on where to hire web developers for your project.


Hiring Remote Freelancers via Specialized Sites

Here are a few examples of where to find remote web developers based on the skills, and other requirements.

  • Codeable – it’s a specialized outsourcing service for web projects based on WordPress. Describe what you need and match with the right specialists.
  • Upwork – it’s one of the most popular websites for hiring freelancers. The portal has many useful tools for time tracking, making payments, etc.
  • Dribbble – it’s not used for hiring specialists directly via the website. Still, you can find appropriate web developers there as they use the resource for presenting their portfolios. Find the one you like and contact them.
  • 99designs – it was originally used by graphic designers, but now you can find web designers and web developers there. By posting the project requirements, you’ll get ideas from various specialists.

Other options you might be interested in are freelancer.com, Toptal, Guru, Stack Overflow Jobs, and LinkedIn.

Hiring Web Developers via Outsourcing Companies

An alternative option for hiring web developers is doing it via an outsourcing company. You can find reliable outsourcing providers simply by googling or at review websites such as Clutch. This type of engagement is suitable for businesses that need to hire a dedicated team fast or want to extend their IT department with additional specialists for a short period.

How to Hire a Web Developer?

Pre-Interviewing Tips

  • Write down project requirements. All web development projects are different, and it makes sense to outline your project scope. While preparing for hiring web developers, decide if your project is going to be simple, medium, and large-size. For example, a simple project may imply integrating new features to the existing website, while building an online store with the integration of third-party CRMs, chatbots, databases, etc. is a kind of medium and large-size web project. Thus, it’s crucial to define the requirements for your web project before taking an interview with potential candidates.
  • Select a working model. Estimate your project needs to understand what working model works for your project best. Depending on the complexity and scope of your web development project, you can choose among several options, including a project-based model, a dedicated team model, and extending your in-house team with additional staff.
  • Choose a payment model. If you choose to hire a single web developer, you will need to pay a salary every month. However, if you decide to work with an outsourcing company, you can choose between a fixed price paying model and a time-and-material paying model. The former is the best option for projects with a clear scope of work and the time needed to deliver the product. The latter is better for projects where the scope of work is hard to estimate.

Interviewing Tips

  • Find out their working experience. When interviewing candidates for your web development project, find out about their working experience. So, ask them to demonstrate a portfolio if they have or ask to tell about their previous project. It will help you understand their expertise and identify whether their experience correlates with your project requirements.
  • Ask technical questions. You can also ask a few questions to examine their knowledge of web development technologies. Still, if you are a non-technical person, you’d better trust these functions to qualified specialists who can assess the candidates’ hard skills.
  • Questions for you. Feel free to encourage candidates to ask questions about the project and other things they may be interested in.


It depends on your project needs what type of web developer to hire and what level of expertise you need to deliver your future product to market. Still, if you don’t have technical expertise but need to release the project with the shortest possible time, then turning to an outsourcing web development company seems to be the best option.


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