Factors to Decide Cost of Web App Development in 2022

February 23, 2022 | Blog
Many are those who when going out to look for prices for the development of a web app (see steps to create a website with WordPress), are faced with concepts and prices that fail to fully understand. In the ever-changing world of the Internet, the often complex situation of comparing different budgets of different Web App Development companies is added, without understanding what the factors that affect these prices are.

Let's see, then, what these factors are and how to collaborate to reduce their impact on the final budget for Web App Development.

The price of the best web development company is measured by the hour. There is no other way to calculate them. Just as a shoe store sells shoes, and the price of shoes depends on their quality, an agency sells the hours of their equipment, also depending on the price of the quality of these. A team of great quality not only performs better jobs but also will deliver the project without errors and in the stipulated time. Not everything is a web design, there is a great initial analysis that is required, in addition to the study of your market and training that you will need if you want to get new visitors. Different is the case when, for example, two custom software development companies have the same quality, but the price of one is three times higher than the other. This is where you get lost, by not understanding why. The main reason for this is that the one that charges triple will invest three times more hours in your project than the previous one. Although the number of hours to invest in your project depends, and much, on the type of project you have, we can detail the main ones: Strategic Factors The strategic factors arise from the Analysis Stage, a fundamental pillar of its development. This stage often ignored in order to cheapen projects, is the most important in the development of your website. Within this, the most important factors are: Analysis of your Market The purpose of this stage is to have detailed on paper (this information is useless to keep in your mind) the type of customer who will point to the Internet. Who it is, where it lives, what it does, what Social Networks it uses, and many more questions arise. If you do not have this clear, your web app Agency will most likely have to guess, since it does not know in detail your business or customers. It is very important that you already have this information processed and written, not in your head. Analysis of your Competition It is very important, once your market is defined, to know who your competition is and what they are doing to capture your future clients. This information is not required to copy them, but the main objective is to see what they are doing to get their customers since you will have to go out and compete with them. If you do not have a list of the websites of your competitions, which elements are positive and which do not, the best web development company will then have to invest a lot of hours doing it. Launching a website, without first analyzing who you are going to compete with, is like going out to fight blindfolded. Structure by Navigation The structure is understood all the buttons that your website will have or, rather, the navigation menu that your visitors will use. It is also known as the Site Map. If you do not have the Navigation Structure detailed on paper, your web app Agency will have to do it for you and, therefore, invest more hours in your project. Detail of Sections Each one of the buttons or sections that you have specified in your Navigation Structure must be detailed, one by one. It should indicate what users will do and see within them, as well as what content they will have: if they have texts, photos, forms, a mini-gallery of videos, etc. You should take note of everything you want to show for each of its sections, as well as what visitors will do when they enter. Many agencies do not do this work, in order to invest fewer hours and show a lower price to their customers. As a result of this, you get misunderstandings, extra charges because you wanted certain functionality and your web app Agency understood something else, or, one of the classics when creating a website: large delays to launch it. Technical Factors Today, the Internet offers us an endless number of possibilities that directly affect the pocket of those who want to develop a website. Let's see, only, those most important: Content Manager For more than four years now, launching a website without a Content Manager is predestining it to failure. By Content Manager means the tool through which you will have control over your website; either to change texts, photos, or even their forms. The time in which the Custom web development services charged a monthly subscription to update the site was far behind. Nowadays, a website that has no movement, does not work. You will not be able to position in the search engines, you will not be able to generate Engagement in the Social Networks; in conclusion, you will not be able to work with your website to generate new clients. Business Blog The changes made in Google in recent years made the use of Blogs also mandatory. Both for being the nexus between Social Networks and its website, as well as for its excellent positioning in search engines, they make it extremely indispensable in any project. The best free blog platform is the aforementioned WordPress, and you can also develop a customized one, with all the benefits that this entails. Be the platform you select, your website should have a blog and it will demand more hours for your project. Email Marketing System Communication with your visitors is extremely vital to obtain a good response to their news and offers. Custom web development services will provide, in addition to a professional sending, reading reports by their subscribers, statistics, not fall into the anti-spam filters, and help to nourish a database of emails. Having a system of these is another factor that will increase the hours of your project, but make it extremely necessary as the Content Manager and the Blog. Online Catalog Regardless of whether it is a catalog with online sales or not, having its products on the Internet will require a tool for its management. Static catalogs were left far behind since today they need to change prices quickly, add or remove products, improve their photographs to obtain better results and generate interaction with Social Networks and their Blog.