Want to Develop a Payday Loan App like Dave 2023

December 22, 2022 | Blog
It is common to run out cash within a few days of your paycheck. Payout is delayed until the next day due to the list of bills that must be paid. Income is not definite. You can find yourself in dire need of money anytime, regardless of whether you sell a product or something more serious.   There are a few options available for these situations. Overdrafts and personal loans are all options for getting money from your next paycheck. Credit cards, credit cards, and personal loans are also available. These options are only convenient for some people. It will require a lot of paperwork, a continuous process, or scary interest. We need to think twice about making this transaction.   It doesn't matter what you think. Payday loan app like Dave, a new bank start-up, is leading the industry with a value of $1 billion. Why not? Dave, a money lending mobile application, is a lifesaver to many who need financial help. It allows people to pay off pending expenses without interest or overdraft fees before their next paycheck. This convenience is hard to resist. Just a few taps and you're on your way to a loan-lending mobile application.   payday loan app   You may not realize it, but the cash crunch problem will be resolved later. Would you like to create your cash advance apps like Dave? This will allow you to help those in need. This blog will cover everything you need to know about developing money-lending apps. Continue reading to learn how to make a money lending application.  

What is a Dave App?

  The Dave app's most popular use is to give users cash advances from their paychecks before they get it. This allows them to pay unexpected expenses like car repairs, gas bills, and medical expenses.   The Dave app's most popular benefit is its refusal to charge interest on the amount borrowed. The app earns money through its monthly subscription fee and not interest. Users are also kept first by the Dave app's repayment policies. Users can choose the date for the repayment. Dave will ensure that your salary is paid on time and prevent you from overdrawing your account.   Dave will not charge a late fee but will hold all future requests for advance cash until you pay off the debt.  

What is a Cash Advance App?

  Software that lets users withdraw money from their accounts via cash advance money lending apps is called Cash Advance Money Lending Apps. This means that money you have already earned is transferred to your investment account before the next payday.   They don't charge interest for personal loans and are often free or low-cost to apply for the money. These loans are a cost-effective alternative to credit cards or installment loans.  

What is a Money Lending App?

  Payday loans can be issued and accepted directly by people without needing traditional banking services such as brokers. This is called a money lending app or peer–to–peer application.   This is the leading platform where creditors and lenders will be customers. Payday loan rates are usually fixed depending on the entity. The money-lending Dave app is one of the most famous examples. How do money-lending apps work?  

Dave App: Market Size & Statistics

  The global mobile banking market was valued at $715.3 million in 2018. It is expected to grow to $1824.7 million by 2026. Market data shows more than 57 million users of m-banking in the United States. This makes it an important business sector.   The global mobile banking app revenue is expected to reach $ 5.8 billion in 2022, a record. It is expected that overall financial revenues will increase in the coming years.  
  • The market cap for Dave Inc. was $850 Million as of June 2020.
  • In 2018, the global mobile banking market was valued at $715.3 Million. By 2026, it is expected to be $1824.7 Million.
  • Insider intelligence conducted a survey and found that 89% use mobile banking apps to access different services.
  • Market research shows more than 57 million mobile bank users in the US. This is a significant business opportunity.
  • Global mobile banking apps are generating increasing revenues. In 2020, the registered revenue was $3.6 million. In the next few years, this revenue will continue to grow.

How the Dave App Works?

  Dave is a Los Angeles-based company founded on the belief that financial products should always be available and easy to access. Overdraft fees are the worst thing for borrowers. Its money lending application saved consumers from overdraft fees. Let's find out how.  
  • Download the application and sign in.
  • Link debit cards to your bank details.
  • After verifying your details, your checking account is opened. You will receive an instant payday advance of up to $100 per pay period starting from your next paycheck.
  • The application will notify you if you have a bill coming up that could result in a low or negative account balance.
  • You can also get notifications when you spend more.
  • Auto-debits are taken from your next paycheck to pay the balance. You can also arrange manual payback.
  • Once you have received an advance payment period, you can decide how much to tip Dave money lending app like Dave.
  How do you create a money lending application?   Let's look at the app development process to create an app that lends money like Dave.  

Why Should You Consider Developing an Instant Cash App Like Dave?

  It might be profitable to create an app like Dave in the wake of Dave's feature. It is worthwhile to gain practical knowledge about your thoughts, even though it involves a lot of time and investment.   Youth are more likely to use loan day apps. An estimated 1/3 of young people have student loans. They see the payday loan app as a quick way to get a loan so they can pay off their EMI before their paycheck.   Citizen's Advice published a study showing that 41% of young people have used payday loans.  

Business Model of Dave App

  It's all about making a profit. Making money by taking advantage of your customers' pockets is one thing. But making money by being kind and generous to their pockets is another. Dave is an app that doesn't charge interest or fees to serve its customers.   It has been in the market for over a decade because Dave is profiting from the business model. Dave's business strategy focuses more on customers and making them feel valued.  

Income Sources of Dave Money App

  The app depends on a range of income sources to maintain its services.  

Membership Fees

  Dave's primary source of income comes from the membership fee. The application can cover many expenses by collecting $1 in membership fees. It does not burden its customers.   Dave must pay a fee for each connection to another bank.  


  Donations are Dave's primary source of income. They have the option to leave a gratuity if they borrow money. Dave plants a tree for every tip he receives to thank consumers for their generosity. You are not required to submit any tips in the app.  

Transaction Fees

  Dave's MasterCard Debit Card provides competitive interchange costs. The charge for credit cards is usually a percentage of your spending. Businesses can accept it because it is lower than 1%.  

Interest on Cash

  This app allows users to lend their accounts to other institutions, such as banks or professional organizations. Dave receives a significant income stream from the lending funds, with an interest rate of 3.35%.  

Referral Fees

  Dave's "Side Hustle" function is a significant source of income for the company. The online marketplace attracts gig workers.   Dave's partners who offer gig employment pay Dave a referral fee or a percentage whenever they hire a worker through the app.  

Services Offered by Dave

  These are the services Dave App offers users:   Advance Payment   It is unfair to wait for money, go through lengthy paperwork, pay high interest and wait for it to return. Dave is happy to offer you Advance Pay, which will provide you with financial assistance up to $250 before you get your paycheck. It charges you only a $1 subscription fee.  

Credit Builder Programme

  You can build your credit score using the app, which will allow you to apply for larger loans in the future quickly. It does charge $100 per year, but this can be ignored if the app is used to build your credit score.  

Better Budgeting

  Dave's budgeting services will help you better manage your finances. After you've paid all expenses, the app will show you how much you can spend and help you save.  

Unique Selling Proposition of Dave

  Dave's "Side Hustle," a unique selling proposition, isn't offered on other mobile platforms and competitors. This app ensures that you're not just spending but also earning money. The app offers gig jobs to people who want to make money from their spare time or full-time. Users receive the service at no cost. Dave offers gig jobs to users through partners like Inbox Dollars and DoorDash, as well as TranscribeMe and Instacart.  

3 Expert Tips You Need to Pay Heed to While Developing Money Lending Apps

  Need some help developing a money lending application? Below are 3 valuable tips.  

Offer Quick Services

  You're short of cash. Your salary will be credited for a maximum of five days. You have to pay the gas bill in three days. These situations require quick software solutions.   It will be ineffective if your application isn't approved or the money is lent within three days or the next payday. Unlike traditional bank loans, money apps should offer seamless and quick service to customers.  

No Hidden Charges

  There is no free app that offers payday loans. Most money lending apps that overdraft has a monthly fee, which is nominal and reasonable. Hidden fees are not an excellent way to keep your users happy. There should not be any interest because it isn't a loan app. Instead, it is a salary-advance app. The money belongs to the users.  

Join Banks

  Every loan app should be compatible with as many banks as possible. Even an app that provides payday loans works with more than 18000 banks to offer services to their checking account holders. Earnin and Cash Apps like Earnin work with thousands of local shops.   Local stores offer cashback to their customers, which is a win-win situation for all parties. To survive in the market, you must also remember to collaborate!  

How to Create a Money Lending App Like Dave?

  Let's now look at what you need to do to create a money-lending application. It won't take long, but it will be worth it.  

Create an Idea and Understand Requirements

  Consider the types of installment loans that your money lending mobile app will allow you to get. This will help you to narrow down the basic features of your smartphone loan application. You can also see potential rivals when you apply for the money. Ask yourself these questions to get a more detailed example:  
  • What is the primary purpose of your money lending application?
  • How do you achieve this goal with money apps?
  • What makes your product and name different from those of the competitors?
  • What features should you include in money lending applications
  • How can you make your product idea more accessible to less committed consumers?
  • How much does a money lending app cost?
  These will give you a better understanding of your business requirements and how to build the app that lends money to your business.  

Register Your Company

  Because it is a financial framework, you must choose the necessary service and register as an entity. You must comply with all applicable regulations to avoid evading the law while searching for loan applications. Like,   Your company name must be unique and not copied.   Domain names should be concise and represent you. Space O Technologies is an example.   After you have decided on the domain name and followed all legal procedures (for this, you can hire an experienced lawyer), you are ready to start building your product.  

Find an App Development Company

  It is essential to find a dedicated team of engineers and designers. To ensure the project is profitable and successful, you must find a partner to manage everything.   When searching for a mobile app development company, it is possible to scan the tech stack, portfolio, and client references. You should also ensure that the software development companies can provide UI/UX design services. Money lending apps need to be interactive to offer a great user experience. To test whether your app is viable in the marketplace, you can create MVP.  

Design & Develop

  After all the research and legal processes, it's time to get to work. You have a team of mobile app developer and designers who will create everything from scratch - wireframing, coding, and implementation. It is essential to be straightforward and operate according to the functionality and features offered. When developing an app for money lending, the custom approach to money lending apps is focused primarily on adding customer-demanded services.  


  Before launching your money lending application, you need to test it. This stage is essential to ensure that your application development process is successful. It verifies the functionality of your product. Keep checking your loan software for any glitches or bugs.   After the review process is complete, your application will be bug-free. The quality analysts team can use specialized software. It is also essential to make yourself available to consumers if there are any concerns after the product has been released.   It seems very simple to create a money lending application. This money-lending app has some compelling features. Learn the key features of your cash advance loan apps. Keep reading to learn how to create a different loan application from the rest.  

Team Structure Required to Develop the App Like Dave

  The following members will make a good team if your partner with one of the top application development companies:

Product Owner

  This person is responsible for the app development process. They also act as an interlink between other members of the organization and the app development team. Product owners manage and optimize the product backlog.  

Project Manager

  The project manager will monitor the progress of the project. The manager will ensure that everything goes according to plan and that the plan is followed. This ensures that the project is within budget and on time.  

Business Analyst

  The business analysts will be the intermediary between you and your app development team. The BA will relay your requirements and needs to the app development team and will provide you with an estimate of the time and cost.  

UX/UI Designer

  This person will create a user-friendly interface so that borrowing money from your app is as simple as a personal loan at the bank.  

Mobile App Developers

  Most of the tasks will be performed by the developers. Developers will integrate the features of the app through correct coding.  

Quality Assessor

  The quality assessor will ensure that the application is free from bugs and errors. The primary role of QA is to test the app multiple times.  

The Cost of Developing an Application Like Dave

  It is almost impossible to calculate the cost of your app using only its concept. Many factors influence the cost of mobile app development such as the location of app development companies, expertise of the developer, complexity of app, and so on. We can, however, estimate the cost of development of loan application similar to Dave's.     A Fintech app typically costs between $30,000 to $120,000. Mobile app developer has a wide range of options because different companies need different features and functions.   To design a substitute for Dave, consider the cost of between $30,000 and $55,000. If you need a unique application, it might cost between $30,000 and $70,000.  

Top Alternative to Dave App on the Market

  There is always competition, so how can Dave escape it?   These are some alternative apps from Dave that provide similar services.  


  The app gives you an advance paycheck of up to $250 without interest. The $9.99/month subscription fee replaces the interest and provides a good income for the company. This app allows you to create a budget and analyze your spending and earning habits.   #Features
  • Budgeting tool with built-in features
  • No interest rate
  • Monitoring of your account is free


  ActivHours is also known as ActivHours. It's one of the most advanced paycheck apps that allows you to skip monthly subscription fees. You can pay only the tip you feel is fair for every transaction. You can receive an advance paycheck ranging from $100 to $500 per month.   #Features
  • Tipping over fees
  • Alerts about account balance
  • Instant paycheck advances


  The "All-in-one" concept has been the main attraction for all of us. An app like Dave will require you to have that app on your phone only to borrow money. MoneyLion, which allows you to borrow, save, invest, and earn money, is your best option. You can get an advance paycheck of up to $250 with no interest. It also offers the same features as regular banking apps.   #Features
  • All-in-one app for banking
  • Payday advance in an instant
  • Subscriptions: $1 Monthly Charge
  • Maintenance of minimum balance not required


  The "Even" app differs from the predefined ones. An $8 monthly subscription fee is required to receive an advance paycheck. The subscription fee is slightly higher than usual, and only a few people can borrow money from the app. You must partner with employers that have signed up for the platform to be eligible for the same.  


  • Payday advance
  • Advance paychecks are exempt from interest
  • Partnering with more than 18,000 banks


  People who love the idea of an "all-in-one" digital solutions have another option: Empower. The definition of "all" is not the same as in Empower. It doesn't offer banking apps or an advance paycheck of $250. You can get an advance paycheck of $250, do the monthly budgeting, set spending limits, deposit your paycheck early, and receive 10% cash back on eligible purchases. To be eligible for advance paychecks, you must pay an $8 monthly subscription fee and make regular deposits to your Empower Checking Account.  


  • Cash advance interest-free
  • Trial period free
  • Easy budgeting


  The "Branch" option for overdrafts from your regular bank account can be a great alternative. It provides access to more than 40,000 ATMs in America and a debit card. Instant advances can be obtained for a fee between $2.99 and $4.999. The same transfer may be made for free if you're willing to wait 2-3 business days.   Branch makes it challenging to get cash. Only if you are employed by an employer and have your salary in a bank account as proof can you be eligible for the advance paycheck. You might only be eligible if you work remotely.  


  • $150 Per Day - Easy Cash Advance
  • Transfer instantly for a minimal fee
  • CIBIL (for Indian Audience).

Axos Bank

  It is a way to borrow money and a complete bank solution. The app allows you to get an advance paycheck and offers high-yield savings and checking accounts. Axos Bank allows you to access personal finance management, investment options, and loans. A payday advance is also a different concept. The app allows you to access your paycheck two days before you receive a cash advance.  


  • Early access to your paycheck
  • Every transaction receives a cashback of 1%
  • There are no monthly fees or charges


  DailyPay, like other apps, allows you to access your yet-to-be-paid salary for the month. The transaction will cost 2.99. The account will credit your salary and automatically deduct the loan amount from the payday. DailyPay offers services only to employees of their partnered employers, just like Even.  


  • 256-bit level encryption
  • No interest and a low monthly fee
  • Transfer instantaneously from your next paycheck


  Whether your employer has partnered with the app, you still qualify for the advance paycheck. PayActive offers free access to financial counseling, saving tools, and prescription discounts. To get the advance money, employees who work with partnered employers can have their earnings and working hours checked.  


  • Early access to your paycheck
  • Financial counseling and saving tools are available for free
  • Uber, Subway, and Pizza Hut are a few examples of partner employers like Hilton, Murphy USA, Walmart, and others.


  The advance paycheck can be received via Chime, which is more convenient and accessible than borrowing money. Instead of borrowing money, you can access your salary up to two days before it is due. The app does not have a maintenance fee, a minimum balance, or a transaction fee.   The cash can be obtained from approximately 38,000 ATMs in the US. However, withdrawal fees may apply if you use an ATM not part of the network.  


  • Services provided at no cost
  • Overdrawn up to 200
  • Access to salaries earlier

The Key Takeaway

  The fintech sector is expanding incredibly, making banking services easily accessible to customers. If you want to set-up a business, this is the high time. Partner with a mobile app development company, and start developing an app right now. Dave and other apps make it easy to get a loan. However, this was a time-consuming, costly, and complicated process. Users can get an advance paycheck through the platform to pay for unanticipated expenses. The money can be borrowed at no interest. However, the platform charges a small subscription fee to operate the business.   Dave is one of many applications that can help people in financial distress. It is a broad market, and all applications are leading the way. We would love to see you develop a Dave-like application.