VueJs Vs ReactJs: Which Framework to Choose in 2022?

August 10, 2022 | Blog
VueJs Vs ReactJs is a popular debate topic among developers. Both of these web development frameworks are great and popular. These two are the best JavaScript Framework, and thousands of developers prefer them over others. React developers and Vue developers keep updating themselves in order to provide the best web app using the frameworks.   JavaScript is a popular language, and every day new frameworks and tools keep coming up that uses it. With so many frameworks available in the market, it is hard to pay attention to the ones that are worthy. That is why, in this blog, we will be talking about the two best JavaScript frameworks- VueJs Vs ReactJs.     VueJs-VS-ReactJs  

Before We Compare VueJs VS ReactJs, Let’s Find Out What They Are?

ReactJS – What is it?

The ReactJS framework was created by Facebook’s developers. React developers use the framework to build easy and creative user interfaces. It is popular due to these reasons:  

It’s not an MVC framework

ReactJs is not an MVC framework but is still quite popular. Why? Because ReactJS has a JavaScript library that developers can use for creating attractive user interface components. Also, these components are reusable. Developers instead of using HTML for creating reusable components, use ReactJS.  

Easy to learn, write and use

Once you get the hang of this framework, you can use React to write JavaScript code and develop app anywhere.  

Big companies that use ReactJS for coding

Some of the best web development companies are using ReactJS. These include Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, Yahoo, New York Times, Microsoft and Airbnb.  

Pros of ReactJS Library

  • It is highly flexible and responsive
  • It is easy to migrate between different versions of ReactJS
  • It is a 100% open source and developers all around the globe contribute to updating it regularly.
  • Its syntax is easy to understand and learn for developers who know HTML coding. It is the most important point that makes it better as compared to Vue.js.

Cons of ReactJS Library

  • The React developers suffer due to the lack of proper documentation.
  • The learnability scale of ReactJS is high. It means that developers will need an ample amount of time to understand its environment.

Vue.JS – What is it?

Vue development framework is an open- source and the most popular JavaScript Framework. Using Vue.Js you can develop single page apps.    

Why it is popular?

It works as a web app development framework too. Developers can use Vue to create web apps. Moreover, it simplifies the process of web app development.  

Ability to render

Another reason for its popularity is its ability to render again without taking any action.  

Reusable components development

Using this JavaScript Framework you can develop small, reusable and, robust components. It is a composable framework, which allows adding of any components as required.  

Big Companies Using Vue

Xiaomi, Alibaba, GitLab, Grammarly, and Adobe are some of the companies that use Vue.  

Pros of Vue.js

  • Vue.js is aids developers in creating reusable templates quickly.
  • Developers can use this framework for creating a single web page and complex web apps.
  • While working withVue.js, you have the option to switch between other frameworks. It is because they have some similarity, the frameworks you can switch to are AngularJS and ReactJS. The design and architecture of all three are bit the same and hence switching is smooth.
  • The framework has proper documentation which makes it easier for developers to learn.

Cons of Vue.js

  • The big projects developed using this often face integration issues. The issues seem a lot bigger when there is no possible solution offered by Vue.
  • Mandarin is the languages in which most of the documents and guide for using Vue.Js are available. It makes understanding it hard for developers.
  • The market share of the Vue development framework is less than Angular and React.
  • Use some statistics like this that includes the only Vue and React

Vue.js VS React: Which to choose?

  Similarities between the two JavaScript frameworks are:
  • They both work with root libraries.
  • They both have component based structures
  • They use the virtual DOM model.
Here are the points for comparison between the two:  

Rerendering and Optimization

For Vue.js VS React, you can’t use speed for comparing. For performance, you can use the feature of rendering.   React’s triggers the rendering of all the components that are in use when its state is modified. Extra properties and tools are required to stop the rendering of subcomponents.   In Vue, the optimization of rendering feature is there. The system monitors the dependencies during the rendering process and works according to it.   Here Vue wins, and this feature makes it preferable by developers all over.  


React uses JSX to write components using the power of JavaScript. While Vue uses an HTML template to develop UI components.   HTML is known to many beginners and most professional developers. Thus, templates based on HTML are familiar to them. It makes it easy for them to understand and learn it.  

Building Tools

Both the JavaScript framework has good building tools and the environment. They require little or no configuration to create apps which runs smoothly. React uses Create React App (CRA) and in Vue uses the Vue-cli as building tools. These bootstrap tools provide a flexible development environment.  

Cross-Platform App Development: Who’s the Winner?

  Cross-platform app development is a necessity these days. Both frameworks are working hard to provide the best cross-platform app development. React use React Native to develop cross-platform native rendered apps. While Vue uses Weex for the same. Weex is still developing and aims to target iOS and Android app development.  

React or Vue

If you are still not sure, here are some points that will help you decide which to choose.  

Choose React when:

  • You need professional help as React has a larger community and experts who will help you. They have advanced solutions and resources.
  • Handling a large scale project.
  • You want to create an app using JavaScript.

Choose Vue when:

  • You want simple syntax and proper documentation.
  • When you want your app development to be faster and flexible.


Both the JavaScript frameworks are great when it comes to completing a project on time. Deciding between Vue.js VS React.js is hard, but it all comes down the needs of your project. Since both the frameworks have little difference, the final decision rest on your work requirements. The only piece of advice for developing new mobile apps. And use Vue.Js for integrating JavaScript into an existing app.