UI/UX easy mistakes to make when developing a mobile app and how to avoid them October 30, 2020 | Blog

In order to build a successful product, design work is very important. In order to achieve success from the product, it must have important features, prevailing content, and exceptional design. So in the case of designing UI/UX is ver4y famous.


It’s nothing but interaction and the designers must keep themselves updated with the daily change of technology in order to provide their client with perfect design.


Imagination plays an important role in the case of UI/UX design and designers must have the capability of creating a design that is user-centric. If you are hiring top mobile app development agencies then for sure you will not regret the designing of your mobile app as they are reputed.


There are some of the common mistakes that can be done when designing an app with the help of UI/UX and they are given below-


Giving more attention to creativity instead of usability


If the designers are very fond of designing an app and are designing an app brilliantly but he or she forgets to make it user-friendly, then the app won’t be accepted by the users. No matter how creative the app is, everyone loves user-friendliness and without this users will abandon the app or stop using it.


Allowing trends to guide your idea


Everything is not the same as what it looks. This phrase is absolutely perfect for the designers of UI/UX. Behance and Dribble are known as major sources that provide inspiration to the designers but these platforms are not able to convert the idea into reality. There are many factors like user-experience, usability, and many others for which the platforms are unable to convert the idea into reality.


Design that is not responsive


The designer who is using this UI/UX for designing a mobile app is accustomed to the term responsive design. In the case of any website to achieve success it is important that the website is having a design that is responsive.


There are various other websites that are not at all responsive to various devices. Responsive websites help in allowing the website to respond in a seamless manner for different devices having different screens and resolutions. If you are a good UI/UX designer then you must avoid making a non-responsive design. App development companies in the USA always take care of these things before starting the project and they hire developers depending on their skills of making a responsive website.


Unintuitive navigation


Every user dreams of navigating a website which is very easy in navigating and so he or she will visit the website more often. Easy navigation is the main thing that offers user-friendliness to every user and so the users choose this app over other apps.


The navigation of the app must be having a crystal clear nature. Moreover, a perfect website or a mobile app should always satisfy the expectation of the users. When a designer is playing an important role in designing the mobile app then he or she must not ignore the navigational feature of websites while developing the user interface.


Designing with no content


As well know that “content is the king” but when the king is itself not right then the whole app will just be a piece of paper in the dustbin. A good designer must be able to understand the importance of the content that must be present on the website.


Keeping the area content in mind for the designer is very important while they are engaged in preparing the design. So they must keep Lorem Ipsum in that specific area. This will help them maintain the quality of the content that when the real content is placed, this will never spoil the design.




In the case of any website, legibility plays an important role. There are many designers who provide their clients with illegible fonts in the name of creativity and that can easily damage the whole charm of the mobile app or the website.


So before hiring any designer you will have to look at their previous work and also take the feedback from their clients. The website or the mobile app is basically for the users and if the users are not able to read the content easily then they will not like your app at all and will move to better alternatives.


It is always preferred by the designers to use check line spacing, web fonts, font size, line length while the designer is finalizing the interface. Top android app developers will always provide great attention in doing all these steps.




After the content and the font, next comes the role of the contrast of the mobile app that increases the appealing nature of the website or mobile app. There are some of the important factors that must be kept in mind of every designer and that is low contrast resembles the low usability of the mobile app. A designer must be versatile to play with the contrast of the app in order to make it the best suitable for any user.


The perfect color combination is also very important. Moreover, the contrast in alignment as well as contrast size which is for creating a hierarchy of the sizes of fonts are also very important.


Unintuitive buttons


If there are proper buttons in the proper place then the website or the mobile app becomes navigable in a very easy manner. When a button is very small in size, or very dim that it can be seen or placed in an unsuitable position is known to be a bad component for nay mobile app or website.


When the designers are placing the buttons of the call to action, they must give attention so that they don’t make any kind of mistakes while they are placing the button.




There are many Android app development companies from which you can easily choose your designer as per your requirements. As you have known all the mistakes and the way of avoiding them, you can easily check when the design for your app is going on.

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