Top WordPress Development Companies 2022

November 7, 2022 |

Top WordPress Development Companies 

If you’re considering developing a WordPress site, you’ll realize that plenty of WordPress development companies are available. Unfortunately, with the many choices, it isn’t easy to pick the best firm to meet your needs.

Your online presence is crucial. The one thing you do not would want to do is to search for months for someone to build it.

Are you looking for the best WordPress development firms? Find the top WordPress developers who provide expert design and development. WordPress is the reigning king of the web world because it’s the complete popular Content management system (CMS).

Because there is a huge need for WordPress website development, you will find many service providers within this area. However, only a handful of WordPress website developers are genuinely committed and go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of their clients.

WordPress agencies have grown more comprehensive in the last decade, as it is now the sole provider of more than 61.8 % of the world CMS market. In 2012, WordPress had over 56K plugins for professionals working independently or in conjunction with digital agencies.

If you’re creating a new website or looking to launch your existing one, you should choose which Web Design Company will best serve your needs.

After conducting a thorough study of various firms, Top Developers have prepared a list of the leading WordPress development companies that offer high-quality customization and maintenance.

It doesn’t matter if you need to manage a business or are a passionate person looking to launch a blog. A site can be a great way to establish your brand online. Moreover, if you have a website, it gives you a unique place on the web among all sites for social networking.

Are you in search of an industry-leading WordPress development firm? Top Developers is a website where you can locate prolific and knowledgeable WordPress developers for all of your needs in business. Choose from the most reputable WordPress development firms that offer ‘best-in-class’ solutions.

Each company made it to the list of top WordPress developers after our experts accessed their proficiency with various factors about the WordPress developing services.

Based on the study and analysis of the results, our analysts have compiled an index of the most reputable WordPress development firms to help you choose the most suitable technological partner for developing your WordPress project.

33 % of websites are created using WordPress. This figure indicates a need requiring many WordPress developers to offer.

However, a lot of competition leaves you with a wide selection and a tough decision. Which WordPress development experts should you hire?

Find the top WordPress development companies to help you with your WordPress CMS design project using the following list.


XWP logo

1. XWP

Some agencies do website designs. Some focus on the website technical stacks. XWP? We do it all. That puts us in a unique position to help make the Internet a better place. What do we mean?

We’re experts in web technology. That expertise enables us to develop world-class software for our customers’ websites and publishing platforms. And from that experience, we develop products to even further expand our customers success.

Services delivered by XWP: WordPress, React, Microservices, Web Performance, Open Source, Publishing, CMS Migrations, Conversion Performance, and Custom Editorial Workflow.

Key Clients: Google, News Corp, Automattic, Rolling Stone, Variety, Heavy, iOne Digital, Cloudinary, NOVA Entertainment.

Australia Founded: 2005
$150 - $199 / hr - 50 - 249
WDG logo

2. WDG

We are a digital strategy firm with an award-winning creative & web development team.

We focus on content strategy, UX/UI, brand refreshes, and implementing enterprise based WordPress & Drupal 9 platforms to increase brand awareness and conversions.

We offer API/SSO integration services with third-part marketing automation and CRM systems. Specialize WordPress, Drupal & third-party integrations.

Services delivered by WDG: Interface Design (UI), Website Development, User Experience (UX), Website Design, Branding Services, Email Marketing, Social Media, Information Architecture (IA), Content Marketing, SEO Strategy, drupal, wordpress, contentstrategy, digitalmarketing, digitaltransformation, contentmigration, integrations, design, and digital.

Key Clients: Barnes and Noble, Software AG, Clark Construction Group, Save the Children, American Red Cross, World Cocoa Foundation, Clark Construction Group, The Phillips Collection.

Arlington, United State Founded: 2004
$200 - $300 / hr +1 202-630-7929 10 - 49
Computan logo

3. Computan

Computan helps busy marketing teams with development and programming. Many times marketers have the big ideas needed to generate leads and sales but not the people to get those ideas implemented affordably and reliably. Hire Computan to get your development and design tasks done properly and professionally instead of chasing around unreliable freelance contractors or expensive agencies. We'll become part of your time, work in your collaboration tool and be a trusted partner you can count on long term.

Services delivered by Computan: eBusiness development, web and mobile application developers for SMBs, digital marketing, application hosting and support, digital media, mobile applications, web applications, digital strategy, HubSpot, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, Marketo, Drupal, WooCommerce, OsCommerce, Infusionsoft, OpenCart, Intranet Portal Development, Website and App Development, Website Integrations, and Custom Database Development.

Key Clients:Palmer Ad Agency, openkey, Remarkable Sales and Marketing, Hero Certified Burgers.

$25 - $49 / hr 905-984-8388 50 - 249
PopArt Studio logo

4. PopArt Studio

PopArt Studio is a professional, global, full service digital agency which offers interactive storytelling websites development with rich user experiences.

We are proud to cooperate with over 100 digital agencies with whom we ease the process of development, design, and digital marketing creating custom-made websites tailored to your customers' need.

Services delivered by PopArt Studio: Web design, Web development, Graphic design, Internet marketing, Branding, SEO optimization, Google AdWords, Logo design, Programming, WordPress, Laravel, Front-end development, and Back-end development.

Key Clients:PepsiCo, Schneider Electric SE, Lear Corporation, Nike Inc, IBM, Decathlon Group, Opel Automobile GmbH, Henkel Schwarzkopf Professional CEE, Lidl, Daikin Industries, Codecentric AG, Linde plc, Porcelanosa Group.

United States, New Zealand Founded: 2010
$25 - $49 / hr +1 312 8182050 50 - 249
Osom Studio logo

5. Osom Studio

Our strength lies in that we understand our Client's challenges of running a tech company matched with the ability to engineer a stable and robust WordPress-based websites. No matter how niche and hard-to-explain your product is, we'll hop on your wagon and help you put your message across.

We'll build your website from the grounds up or maintain & develop the existing one on a monthly subscription basis.

Our agency has been awarded 8 Honorable Mentions from, 23 recognitions from and a CSS Winner website of a day design award.

Services delivered by Osom Studio: WordPress, WooCommerce, web development, and web design.

Key Clients:IKEA, Capgemini, Vivitek, OECD, Millenium Bank, 3DConnexion, Vienna Insurance Group, Kodak Alaris, De Heus,, Delta Electronics, Agora, Royal Carrabean.

Poland Founded: 2011
$50 - $99 / hr +48 42 288 06 51 10 - 49

What does a WordPress Development Agency Do?

A WordPress agency typically begins development by looking at the client’s needs, including ecommerce SEO, design, management and branding. Then, the agency will manage the digital strategy and WordPress development with its team comprised of WordPress developers and digital marketing experts.

WordPress is among the well-known Content Management System and is extensively used for publishing blogs and creating a stunning web-based business site. Most website designers depend on this CMS platform for the simple and quick development of websites. It has a wide range of themes, plugins, templates, and sites that can change anytime per the needs.

WordPress development companies employ teams of developers dedicated to the creation and maintenance of websites. When you hire an agency, you can let the technical expertise to experts and give yourself more time to write content, improve traffic and locate customers.

WordPress has been widely acknowledged for its CMS for quite a while (CMS). WordPress is the dominant player in an essential portion of the world’s market for web development. According to research, WordPress manages around 15,886,000 websites on the internet. This is why the amount of WordPress businesses that are developing has increased substantially around the globe.

What Is The Cost WordPress Development Companies Charge For Their Services?

If you’re planning to launch your own online business, you might have thought about the creation of websites. You must have thought about the website’s cost. If you’re not cautious about the price of building an online presence, it could turn out to be a major snafu. In this blog, we’ll analyze the cost needed for building an effective WordPress website:

Step 1: Select the name you want to use for your site.

Step 2: You’ll be required to purchase the domain name and hosting service. This can get from a website like Bluehost as well as Go Daddy. This is a helpful tool for generating domain names that will simplify the process.

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with the WordPress user interface. This is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Make your website accessible to the public
  • Making a website’s title and tagline
  • Disabling or allowing comments

Step 4: The subsequent step is choosing your site’s WordPress theme or layout. This is crucial when choosing the price to build the WordPress website. Then, install it and modify the site to suit your needs.

Step 5: Understand what kind of plugins you’d like for your website to increase the functionality of your website. There are many plugins to try out. You can also seek advice from a WordPress plugin developer to help you with this.

Step 6: Build the primary web pages like About Contact, Privacy Policy, Contact FAQs, Blog and more.

Step 7: Adjust web navigation following the design of your website and the content.

What Questions Should You Ask WordPress Developers before You Hire One?

WordPress is one of the well-known CMS that small and mid-sized companies use. Including website design, search engine optimization, and routine maintenance, using an effective WordPress can significantly contribute to attaining its marketing objectives.

However, before collaborating with any company, it’s vital to inquire about their work experience, references, portfolios and terms, quotes, and other inquiries. Thus, without the need for further discussion, here are some common questions you should ask before selecting the services of a WordPress developer.

What Are The Minimum Requirements For Your Site?

Before you hire WordPress developers, consider the features you’ll have on your site. For example, are you creating content that needs embedded videos? Do you require pop-ups and opt-in form forms? A list of all your website’s requirements will help you decide the level of Knowledge you require when you hire a WordPress developer.

What are web standards used?

Improvements, new technology, and languages for coding and programming are growing daily.

A great WordPress Developer should be able and knowledgeable of the most advanced technology, coding, and programming languages, such as XHTML, HTML, CSS, ECMA, XML, etc. This ensures that a reputable WordPress developer will develop and design straightforward, neatly developed, sophisticated technology, programming languages, and WordPress themes or sites.

Do You Provide Continuous Support and Maintenance?

Another crucial question you should ask one of the WordPress developers you plan to work with is about the maintenance and support services they provide. If you hire an independent contractor, they’ll offer continuous support and maintenance at a cost. The price usually is the amount of time they devote to the project.

But, they do not have a set price for ongoing maintenance and support. In most cases, these costs are included in the overall budget they provide to the client. Thus, the regular support and maintenance of the project is an expected part.

Do You Want to Build My Website Using the Responsive feature?

This is among the most important questions you can discuss with your WordPress developer. It is vital to ensure that your site is mobile-responsive to make use of traffic through the mobile device.

Many users are turning to mobile devices to conduct basic searches and other tasks.

Although most WordPress templates are mobile-friendly, this doesn’t mean your site will be as well. Therefore, be sure to inquire.

How to Select the Most Effective WordPress Agency for Your Brand?

The website you have created is often the first thing your customers will see and the image of your business. The quality of your website directly affects the growth of your business. It could help or derail the development of your website.

If you want to revamp your WordPress site or develop an entirely new one, finding the perfect WordPress agency is crucial. Therefore, selecting the best agency that meets your needs is essential. Unfortunately, the wrong choice could affect the popularity of your website.

Find relevant expertise

If you are working on a broad project, like an online business brochure, it is unlikely that you require any knowledge unless you have experience working with WordPress development.

But, if your venture is more specific, you’ll likely need to locate a WordPress development firm that has expertise in the area of your project.

Deeply Explore their Portfolio

The portfolio of a company’s past work is the most important list of things to do. It is essential to look over the company’s past work to assess how they provide their WordPress development services more clearly.

In addition, it can assist you in determining their methods or give you an understanding of whether they’re appropriate for your project or not. Further, it will give you a better understanding of the projects they’ve completed previously.

Test the technical Knowledge

Before working with the web developer of the selected WordPress Agency, you need to verify their technical abilities. A well-known company has many groups of designers. This is why you must determine the right team to take care of your tasks.

Verify that the team members have Knowledge of the most recent developments in the field of development. You can pose many questions for team members from the WordPress Team of Website Builder. Also, find out the most recent features for WordPress, HTML, and other aspects related to WordPress website development.

Price and Value

Cost is always a significant problem when hiring the services of a WordPress Development Company. However, if you begin cutting costs to save a few dollars, you may regret it in the future.

So, how are you going to decide on your project’s price? First, it’s essential to analyze what you’ve spent and compare it to what you’ve spent on brand marketing through advertisements, other media and radio. You’re thinking about the coming years, and you’re wondering if it will work or not.

Consider the size of your team.

There are plenty of options regarding how big WordPress development firms are. On the one hand, some WordPress freelancers do everything on their own or perhaps assign a few tasks to subcontractors as required. On the other hand, you’ll find WordPress agencies like Human Made.

These large agencies offer their own set of customized enhancements and work with large organizations like Disney, Microsoft, BBC, and others. The company size will determine who you’re working with and the amount of attention you’ll receive.

What Does It Cost to Create a Website using WordPress?

WordPress is a web-based design tool that is open source, meaning that it’s completely free in many ways. But, this doesn’t describe the cost of running a WordPress website since some items still need to be purchased.

WordPress development roadmaps will start with the seedling of an idea and develop it into the kind of website you’d like. Then, if you have an existing site, you can focus on improving the user experience and everything else essential to ensure development and enhance it.

WordPress website pricing is different because every company’s needs for design and development are distinct. As a result, the initial cost for a WordPress website is anywhere from $75 to $115,000. In addition, the ongoing maintenance costs for WordPress websites vary between $75 and $15,000 per year.

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