Top UX User Experience Designer & Development Companies 2022

November 1, 2022 |

Top UX User Experience Designer & Development Companies 2022

There is no denying the fact that smart UX and beautiful web design can help your website to sell more products while retaining more users. However, most website owners are unaware of the most resourceful UX User Experience Designer or UX development companies that are available to them. If you lack the necessary resources or a proper development team, these are the solution providers to help you out most favorably. To make it easy for you, Top Developers provides access to the comprehensive list of the best UX development companies and designers for your assistance.

Leading UX Development Companies for Optimized Results

When you are working on UX design, it goes beyond just the aesthetic factor. It aims at addressing how the users feel while interacting with your content. Finding experts to help you in this domain can be a challenging task as UX is a difficult skill. This is wherein the need for an experienced UX development team comes in. If you are struggling to come across a reliable company, we aim at helping you with our comprehensive list of the best UX development companies out there.

The Best Team of UX Designers

Top Developers presents a list of the best UX User Experience Designer who is highly qualified and experienced in their respective specialties. Based on your unique requirements, you can choose the right one for your UX development project. You can even go through in-depth UX development company details and developer profiles to ensure the best option for your business.

Top UX Designers 2022

Pick from the wide list of the best UX User Experience Designers 2022 that allows you to validate your online presence with an optimized user experience. Right from the major tech hubs to the Fortune 100 enterprises, and even startups, our list encompasses it all for your assistance.


1. UX studio

We are a team of experts in UX / UI, research, and business strategy, located in the heart of Europe, working with brands all over the world. Our team strives to build digital products that people love. Our talented designers and UX researchers are ready to iterate your product or to build one for you from scratch.

Services provided by UX studio 

We deliver in the niche of UX User Experience Designer ,UI design, User research, UX expert reviews, Design thinking training, UX research and UX design training, New product concepts and business model validation, Innovation and growth consulting and Digital strategy creation.

Key Clients: Our clients include HBO, BOSCH, UN World Food Programme, UEFA, T-Mobile, SEMrush, Crowdstrike, Liligo, Wizz Air, TRIGO Group, KBC, and many more.

Budapest, Hungary Founded: 2012
$50 - $99 / hr 36205169779 10 - 49

2. Kinex Media

Kinex Media came into existence in 2008, an award-winning, technologically advanced & creatively driven digital agency that aims at providing high-quality digital services in the fields of Website design, web development, E-commerce and digital marketing. As a leading Web Design Digital Agency, our primary focus is on quality work that generates results. Our mission is to turn your ideas into reality with our unique and professional services.

Services provided by Kinex Media

Being a full-service digital agency, we have a complete package that includes strategy planning, website design, UX/UI User Experience Designer , website development, eCommerce, online marketing, strategic content planning and creation.

Key Clients:

Staples, Bad Boy, Caterpillar, Catelli, Becker Shoes, Kotak Law, Dricore and many more.

Canada Founded: 2008
$50 - $75 / hr +1 647-496-6036 40-50

3. Praxent

Digital innovation helps to keep up with the digital demands of the customers and the organization and deliver creative design thinking, research-backed UX design, customer centricity, rapid, incremental testing, user validation and, agile development to inform and accelerate your digital roadmaps.

Services provided by PRAXENT

Our areas of services are Product design and strategy, UX design, Custom software development, Mobile app development, Web app development and software modernization.

Key Clients:

NRG, Flex, Sysco Foods, Keller Williams, Amherst, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Kinder Morgan, Jack Link’s, The City of Houston, World Market, Keller Williams, and Cisco.

Austin, TX Founded: 2000
$100 - $149 / hr +1.512.553.6830 50 - 249

4. Net Solutions 

Net solutions, a digital experienced consultancy, suit your needs as your business grows. They offer several scalable services – experience design, digital commerce, product development, a digital experience platform, data analytics, and digital transformation – that best-fit business size.

It incorporates customers of all types (enterprise, digital agencies, and startups).

Their goal is to consult, design, and build clients’ business for a productive future, concentrating on UX/UI with digital transformation experience.

Their business aptitude permits them to assess your brand’s needs and develop a robust, agile strategy that amplifies benefits.

They work closely with businesses to improve proficiency and productivity.

They will likely engage customers and businesses by creating new opportunities leveraging the advanced technologies and tools with the utmost satisfaction, quality, and visibility.

They serve a customer-driven approach with effective team collaboration within the organization as well as with the clients sitting a thousand miles away for effective results. They firmly believe in the axiom of growing with their customers.

Services Provided by Net Solutions : – Digital Commerce Services, Product Development Services, Digital Experience Platform, User Experience Design, Data Analytics Services, Digital Transformation Services

Key Clients: Microsoft, Xerox, IMG, Yahoo, Harvard Business Review, Unilever, Ingram Micro, Bausch and Lomb, Lafarge, Dupont, Euro Car Parts, Mothercare, Flipkart, and Velti.

USA, Canada Founded: 2000
$25 - $49/ hr +1 (305) 767-3821 50 -249

5. Creative Navy

We’re the UK’s leading UX/UI agency and a team of scientists and senior that delivers evidence-based design: We create UX/UI that is empirical and reliable and focuses on delivering UX design flows from a stable team of senior designers who bring cognitive depth and meticulous methodology into product teams.

Services provided by Creative Navy

Our services include Product strategy, User research, User research, User Experience Designer ,Interaction design, Prototyping and user testing, Brand identity, Mobile app development and Web development

Key Clients:

Jaguar, Philips, Discovery Channel, Bosch, University of Sidney and many more.

London, United Kingdom Founded: 2010
$50 - $99 / hr 44 7966 528365 10 - 49

What is a UX agency?

Like all services, UX design firms are specialized organizations that provide particular skills to their customers. Rather than hiring an employee who specializes in UX design, businesses often hire a firm instead. These firms specialize in providing UX design services. They may also provide strategy consulting, usability testing, and research. AUX designer works with their client to create a product that provides value to the customer.


How much does it cost to hire user experience designer?

You need to know how much a user experience designer charge before you hire one. Otherwise, you might end up paying too much for someone who isn’t good at his job.

Here are some rough estimates for an experienced user experience designer.

  • A junior User experience  designer is someone who may need some guidance. They are looking to grow with your company. Still, they might not have all the skills. Junior designers are an affordable option for budgets catering to start-ups. You can expect to pay hourly rates between $60 – $85 per hour.
  • An intermediate-level user experience designer is someone who has several months of experience and requires less mentoring. They typically charge hourly rates between $100-$125 per hour.
  • A senior user experience designer role requires someone who has experience translating visions into reality. If you’re starting, you can get away with hiring an entry-level junior UX developer. Still, once you start growing, you’ll need someone to help you scale up quickly. Senior UX designers usually charge between $100 – $200 per hour.


How to hire professional user experience designer  in 2022?

Working with an awesome user experience designer who aligns with your business’ values is important. Ask yourself: How do I want people to feel after using this feature? Where do I want them to go next? What do they need right now?

You can hire a professional user experience designer in several different ways.

  • If you want a job at an awesome start-up, ask for references from previous employers. They’ll likely be pre-screened, so they won’t waste their time giving you bad advice. And if you’re really lucky, they might even give you a referral!
  • Recruitment agencies – Recruiters can identify talented people and know the market well. They can help you find top UX designers for companies, but they cost upfront fees to hire them.
  • Crowdsourcing sites – these platforms allow smaller companies to hire affordable talent easily.


What is the main difference between a UI & UX designer?

Primarily, UI means the buttons, toggles and screens users see when interacting with a website or mobile application. UX is how users interact with a product, including their feelings about the experience.

UX designers should understand users’ needs and wants, and it’s more about designing products that work. UI designers must be creative in creating a design that works. They also must consider how people interact with products, not just what they see.


Why it is important to hire professional user experience designer?

Hire a UX professional if you want your users to feel good about their interactions with your website. A UX professional can help you design an intuitive interface that makes sense to people. They might also suggest ways to make your site easier to navigate, so visitors spend less time getting lost.


When do you need to hire a UX/UI designer?

When starting product development, some business managers look at a design exclusively from the UI perspective. They focus much on the appearance of an interface — buttons, colors, icons, and styling while leaving the product’s usability partially or completely overlooked. This approach often results in a product that users don’t understand how to use. Why?

A user experience designer aims to create a pleasant experience for users. A good UX design reflects the simplicity and intuitiveness of the user experience. An aesthetically appealing interface doesn’t mean much if users are confused when entering an application. Therefore, you should hire a UX/UI developer who can help you build a simple and intuitive user experience.

A User Interface Designer creates a “User Journey” for a product or service by thinking through the user’s steps to get from point A to point B.

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