Top Web Designers & Web Design Companies 2022

May 1, 2022 |

Top Web Designers & Web Design Companies 2022

For executing your online business, you are required to have a well-structured and optimized website.

When it comes to creating your online presence, the role of professional web designers is of utmost importance.

Whether you wish to design a retail website or an e-commerce website, web designers are expected to understand the unique requirements of the clients and deliver a fully-functional, feature-rich website. To help you find one with ease, we have tailor-made a list of the best web design companies and web designers in 2022.

Web Design Companies Delivering Business-centric Results

Here you have a comprehensive list of best web design companies delivering service excellence. They are known for designing customized websites for web designing projects in their specialty niches.

All of these companies have a team of highly qualified and experienced & top web designers who are experienced at designing interactive, feature-rich websites for the end-users.

Based on your unique requirements, the web designers know it all how to design a great website in any given niche or industry vertical.

Leading Web Designers 2022 for Your Project

Whether you are introducing a new website or renovating the existing one, the assistance offered by a professional team of top web designers is unmatched.

In case you lack the necessary resources or proper knowledge to design a website, you can consider our suggestion of the best web design companies and developers 2022 from all around the world.

Best Web Design Companies Ultimate Excellence

Successful web design is all about the professionalism of the team od top web designers that designs it.

Top Developers has prepared a list of the top web designers firms to provide aid to the prospects in their respective quests.

So, you can pick the right web design company to be assured of a perfect web design solution to serve your purpose and requirements well.

Top Web Designers & Web Design Companies in 2022



1. eight25media

We are best web design firm in the Silicon Valley. Founded in 2011, we have gone on to work with over 750 clients.

We have worked with start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

With our strategic approach to web design we focus on technology companies to deliver a website that helps our clients to acquire the results they want such as lead generation, higher site traffic, and greater brand awareness.

Services provided by eight25media

Our service capabilities include strategic consulting, web design and development, and digital marketing and branding. We specialize in a number of content management systems such as: WordPress, Magento, Craft and Drupal.

Key Clients: Samsung, Hyundai, Avondale, Digital Shadows, Genvid Technologies, LumiGrow, Molly’s Spirits, V5 Systems, Machine Zone, NEXTracker, IP Infusion and many more.

Fremont, CA Founded: 2011
$100 - $149 / hr 408.728.9555 50 - 249

2. Storyzee

Storyzee combines marketing consulting and multimedia production to upscale your brand storytelling on the Web and social networks. Storyzee offers you the best of e-marketing services while respecting your budget.

Services provided by Storyzee :

Website Development Spread your messages and interact with your prospects and customers on the Web with a powerful website eCommerce Development Sell your products and services on the Internet with our integrated solutions that simplify eCommerce Video Production Showcase your brand and products with the best audiovisual production techniques Social Media Posts Feed your audience on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn with posts and stories that value your brand Email Marketing Engage with your prospects and clients to build long-term loyalty with email marketing Web Content Expand your coverage and strengthen your web presence with effective brand storytelling

Key Clients:Public & Private Link, Confinews, Block Expert, Trayvisor, PAD Consulting

France Founded: 2020
$150/ hr +33672415429 1 - 11
Primis Digital

3. Primis Digital

Primis Digital is a Top Web development and design company in India with a goal to help reputed companies explore their digital identity. Since 2016, Our 50+ professional web designer and developer has committed to offering all kinds of web development services. Our Certified web developers help you to follow the right process and steps to design your online website or application. We take care of all your IT needs with various expertise such as WordPress Development, web and mobile app development, QA testing, and digital marketing. Visit our website to connect with us.

Services provided by Primis Digital

WordPress Development, Software development, Web app development, Mobile app development, Web Design, Independent QA and software testing

Key Clients:  Intelico, Rentorr, Repspark, Freshminds, and FanRaise

India, USA Founded: 2016
<$25/ hr +91 2048612088 | +91 9970173822 50 -100

4. Digital Infoways

Digital Infoways is a top-ranked Web development service provider in India. We have a great team of experts and are able to offer a wide range of services in Web development and Web design. We have also expanded our global services and served more than 100+ clients. We have achieved great accolades thanks to a decade of industry experience and the top SEO professionals' skills. Digital Infoways has been providing high-quality services since 2015. We make it easier for you to reach your target audience and get potential leads with our experts and their keen efforts. We have served clients around the world with the help of our 25+ employee’s team. We have expanded our organization to Australia and Spain, in addition to our Ahmedabad business.

Services provided by Digital Infoways:

Digital Marketing Services. SEO Services, PPC Google ads Services, ASO Services, SEO Reseller India,SEO consultant Social Media Marketing Services, Design and Development Services

Key Clients: Netclinch,, Jellybeancreative Dmatic Solutions, Golden Link Spark, MonkHere, Bukhari Agate, localseowork, Saulat, Instantcarwash.

India | Spain Founded: 2015
$25 - $49 / hr +91-9909054700 10 - 49

5. Bigdropinc

BigDrop Inc is a design and development firm that specializes in delivering bespoke digital solutions for brands of all sizes.

We deliver just the right effort that needs to be put into your presentation. Since the current generation revolves around the web as primary means we aid your business, serve your clients, and communicate your branded message to the World via the standards means.

Services provided by bigdropinc

Our diverse set of services include Branding, Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Support + Hosting, Web Design, Mobile and web Development,

Key Clients:

Samsung Saks Fifth Avenue Top Rank Hudson’s Bay Company Lily Camera Kids Creative Blk Water Dice and many more.

New York, NY Founded: 2012
$100 - $149 / hr 212.577.1138 50 - 249

6. Ramotion

Ramotion is focused on delivering digital product design, development, visual brand identity, and UI/UX design for Fortune 500 companies and growing Silicon Valley startups.

They deliver quality and excellence into all its design standards and helps business to reap out the benefits for the business and help them to stand ahead in this hyper-competitive market place.

Services provided by ramotion:

Interface design, Rapid prototyping and Responsive design development, Branding, Mobile apps and Front-end development, Multiplatform solutions development.

Key Clients:

Salesforce, Netflix, Advance Auto Parts, Xero, Adobe, Bitmoji, ITT, Opera, Oppo (BBK Electronics), Avast, Tile, and many more.

Everett, WA Founded: 2009
$100 - $149 / hr 10 - 49

7. SmartSites

Create a stunning website design with the help of our responsive web designers.

Over a decade of experience working with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies has given us the expertise to see your web design project through from start to finish. Attract more traffic.

Impress more customers. Generate more revenue. At SmartSites, we are an award-winning digital marketing company that has received strong ratings for our website design expertise.

We have a team of top web designers that understand your requirement & provide you excellent services.

Our relentless focus on our clients has led us to over 150 5-star reviews since our inception in 2011. Let us grow your company today!

Services provided by SmartSites : Ecommerce Development (Magento Development, WordPress with Woocommerce, Shopify Development, Bigcommerce Development)

Web Design, Website Development (Website Design, WordPress Development, Hubspot Development, Drupal Development, Custom Development, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting)

PPC Marketing (Google Adwords Management, Bing Ads Management, Facebook Ads Management, Instagram Ads Management, LinkedIn Ads Management, Twitter Ads Management)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Analysis, Technical SEO Audit, Ecommerce SEO, Mobile SEO, SEO Consulting, SEO Copywriting, Link Building, Blogging Services, Digital PR, Website Migration)

Key Clients: Porsche, Harvard University, Rakuten, Poker Stars, Mickey Truck Bodies, A-Absolute Plumbing, NJIT, The Shulman Law Group


USA Founded: 2011
(201) 870-6000 $100 - $149 / hr 100-149

8. Amazing7 Studios

Amazing7 Studios is a leading website design & development company based in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA.

Started in 2014, the company provides services such as Website Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Explainer Video, Product Package Designing and more solutions across the globe.

The company has 50+ highly qualified and experienced top web designers who transform businesses into influential brands.

Services provided by Amazing7 Studios

As a leading Design and Development company, Amazing7 Studios provides reliable web and mobile solutions across Custom Web Design and Development, UI/UX Design Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, Digital Marketing, Logo Design, Mobile App Development, Explainer Videos, T-shirt Design, Packaging Design and more trendy solutions in the budget.

Key Clients:  Angela’s Beauties, Beep Beep Auction, Charles Bass Products, CryptFunder, Daisy Curbeon, DollarSavem, Host Pipper, Kamhen, One Pocket, Planet Post, Poolside Creations, Translucent Portals, Water Galaxy and more

Florida, USA Founded: 2014
<$25/ hr +1 800-867-3168 50+

9. Aumcore

Aumcore is a leading NYC Digital Marketing Agency with experience in both B2B and B2C models. We offer 360° solutions from SEO and web design to social media and creative campaigns.

With proven strategy driven by results, Aumcore excels in helping to drive innovative direction, development, and design for impactful impressions and business growth.

We become fully immersed in our client’s business and industry, acquiring the same vision to accomplish goals together.

Services provided by Aumcore

Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Web Development and Mobile App Development.

Key Clients:  Denon, Miquando, Marantz, eviCore , Unilever

Newyork, USA Founded: 2010
$50 - $99 / hr +1 (212) 776-1414 50

10. Jordan Crown

We’ve been in business for over 10 years and we’re one of the highest-ranked web design agencies. We help you to increase your close rate, your marketing efforts and your brand loyalty with a website that’s worthy of your organization.

We delivers the best web designs that captures your users helps your earn impressive revenues.

Services provided by  Jordan Crown:

We deliver versatile solutions in the niche of Digital Strategy, Web Design, Web Development. Our designs exactly resonate with your business standards and perspective and help your clients to remain on your products for a pretty long time.

Key Clients:

Scantron, Comcast, T-Mobile, LinkedIn, Sesame Communications, CDK Global, Burnstead Homes, Imagine Children’s Museum, PeopleFirm

Everett, WA Founded: 2006
$150 - $199 / hr 425.268.2718 10 - 49


We are Web Design Services Provider in Poland. We deliver modern web design, functional products, easily editable & secure websites looking great on all devices, delivered in time and budget.

We infuse the true developmental standards and project methodology that helped many companies around the world thus allowing them to earn new clients.

Services provided by

We deliver the service in the sphere of Branding, Design, Coding, Design, and coding for the businesses and start-ups.

Key Clients:

Proof & Sons GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Ground Labs Pte Ltd (Singapore), AspenClean (Canada), Mine Tilvalg (Norway), Appointed Furniture (Co, USA), and many more.

Poznan, Poland Founded: 2016
$50 - $99 / hr +48.602.128.664 10 - 49

12. thecreativemomentum

The Creative Momentum is a full-service creative agency specializing in custom web design, web development, UI/UX, and software development.

Having worked with almost every technology language (.NET, PHP, Laravel, Angular 1.0/2.0, etc…), We delivers products that just fits in perfectly with all your business and helps you to acquire user attention via true means.

Services provided by thecreativemomentum

Our range of services include full branding, SEO, PPC, Explainer Videos, and Inbound Marketing.

Key Clients:  Humana, The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, VersionOne, Hillphoenix, Mentholatum, Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Roswell, GA Founded: 2012
$150 - $199 / hr 678.648.1445 10 - 49

13. Weberous

Weberous is a full service web agency, based in Los Angeles specializing in web design, branding, and marketing.

We infuse the true developmental standards and project methodology that helps business to reap out the benefits for the business and help them to stand ahead in this hyper-competitive market place.

Services provided by weberous:

We deliver the service in the sphere  of Web design, Marketing, design and include the right design standards that helps to capture users and businesses.

Key Clients:

xPrize, USC, Disney, HBO, Lionsgate, Melt, Namco, SPD, KIn, The little prince and many more.

Los Angeles, CA Founded: 2011
$100 - $149 / hr (213) 915-4483 10 - 49

14. Topnotchdezigns


Top-Notch Dezigns is a web design and digital marketing agency and its main focus is to boost brands online.

Our top web designers team create websites after considering all your individual needs into account, while also focusing on your customers’ requirements.

We are equipped with great experience and expertise for creating well-designed fully responsive websites.

Services provided by topnotchdezigns

Our diverse pool of services include Branding, Web deisgn, Web development, Digital amrketing, app development.

Key Clients:

Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers, Stephen Ely Architect, Rios Interiors Corp and many more.

Melville, NY Founded: 2010
$150 - $199 / hr 646.705.4548 10 - 49

15. UIUX Studio

UI UX studio is a Mohali, based award-winning Web designing company founded in 2009 which aims at diligence and earnestness they create masterpieces for the digital world.

Our top web designers team understand the user’s requirements, research and then redefine to give the user an astounding experience and also interactivity of entirely different world with an amazing response.

Their design is blended with ease of use and comfort which takes rounds of understandings to simply make it the best.

Services provided by UIUX Studio

UX Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Usability Testing, Interaction Design, UI UX Audit & Consultancy, Website Design Landing Page Design, Mobile App Design, Front-end Development, and Digital Marketing

Key Clients:  Intelico, Rentorr, Repspark, Freshminds, and FanRaise

India Founded: 2009
$15- $25/ hr 91-769 647 0333, +01724511333 20 -50