Top Magento Developers And Development Companies In the USA 2021

June 1, 2021 |

Top Magento Development Companies  In 2021

The online world becomes a big marketplace with multiple opportunities for all types of businesses. All business organizations and brands are entering the online market with some unique, creative, attractive, and appealing sources. Everyone wants to grab users’ attention and bring maximum traffic to the website by which they can generate numerous leads and increase business sales quickly.

It can be possible with an impressive eCommerce website or platform only. When it comes to developing an eCommerce platform, Magento appears as the best option. Magento provides the best solutions and mediums by which anyone can create a great eCommerce platform without any kind of problem.

Magento is available with multiple features, addons, plugins, and an open-source platform that allows businesses to create and personalize the website. Accessing all Magento features to have an impressive website is not easy for everyone. It requires technical knowledge. It is the biggest reason why the interested ones have to hire one of the best Magento developers or companies.

An experienced professional can help design and develop a suitable website based on market trends, audience requirements, interests, products, and services. The followings are some key options for choosing the top Magento development companies.

Best Magento Development Companies


1. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility has the best development and marketing strategies to serve clients with some effective results. We never ignore our client’s desires or expectations. We always take care of the clients’ interests and requirements and build a work plan accordingly. Our experts consider proper research and analytics of market, audience, and competitors to come up with the best possible solutions.

Services provided by Ignite Visibility:

Website design and development, digital marketing, PPC, SEO, eCommerce development, integrated marketing, Amazon marketing, eCommerce marketing

Key Clients:

Wedding Wire, DoorDash, Fix Auto, Tony Robbins, 5 Hour Energy, The General, Cox,…

San Diego, California USA 50- 99
Founded: 2012 $100 - $149/hr 619.752.1955
Lounge Lizard_logo 1

2. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizards is one of the oldest companies in the industry. We work for multiple industries’ leading brands globally. Our main motive is to provide the best results to the clients by which they can get a high return on investments and get success quickly. We have the best design and development ideas for providing uniqueness and building a good brand. Our marketing professionals have the best strategies to bring lots of traffic along with high lead generation and conversion probabilities.

Services provided by Lounge Lizard:

Shopify, Magento, eCommerce design and development, WordPress development, SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, WooCommerce development, etc

Key Clients:

Canon, NYU, Reuters, ISUZU, FESTO, AERCO, Honeywell, Broadway League, Agility, Renaissance Capital, KORG, LOOP-LOC, MOMA, TONY Awards, A&E Television,…

New York City, USA 50- 99
Founded: 1998 $150/hr +18884440110

3. CSSChopper

CSSChopper is listed in the list of top development service providers because of some major reasons. We have years of experience in development services. Our professionals are highly skilled, experienced, and always keep themselves updated as per the current marketing trends.

Services provided by CSSChopper:

Ruby on Rails, Shopify, Magento, PHP development, software development, Drupal, website development, eCommerce development, and website development are some major solutions or services provided by the CSSChopper. We believe in keeping the clients’ needs satisfied by offering all types of development solutions.

Key Clients:

Brandon Murray, Andrew Hudson, Bree Argetsinger, Thomas Schamberger, Robert Bernaerts

New York City, USA 100 - 249
Founded: 2009 $25/hr +19177759550

4. Titan Growth

With the development of a good eCommerce platform, businesses have to focus on marketing as well. Titan Growth assists companies and online businesses in dealing with both requirements in one place. We have well-trained, experienced, and certified professionals for all these things. Our professionals easily understand the client’s requirements, do research, and work accordingly.

Services provided by Titan Growth:

Titan Growth has expertise in different types of digital solutions, such as – eCommerce development, eCommerce marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, video production, marketing analytics & big data, social media marketing, etc.

Key Clients:

Ace, software AG, Aman Resorts, Mizuno, Collette, National Geographic, Blackbaud

San Diego, CA USA 50 - 99
Founded: 2004 $100 - $149 / hr +18006587511
Absolute Web_logo

5. Absolute Web

Absolute Web is an eCommerce development company based in Los Angles, California, and Miami, Florida. We have good partnership terms with some leading eCommerce platforms worldwide, like BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify Plus. We help companies provide effective, creative, appealing, and the best eCommerce website to achieve their online business goals with ease.

Services provided by Absolute Web:

Absolute Web is known for multiple services, such as – BigCommerce website design, digital marketing, website design, top magento eCommerce development, Magento development, Shopify, social media marketing, etc.

Key Clients:

IATA, MigVapor, Capezio, MITA, MIA Shoes, Moon Audio, Fit Body Boot Camp, Jenny Yoo, Toll Brothers, Synchrony Bank, Glo Skin Beauty, Swire, Oribe, etc

Miami, Florida USA 50 - 99
Founded: 1999 $125/hr +13059372526

6 SmartSites

Increase site traffic & grow your revenue with the help of our certified top Magento developers.

You can deliver a better Magento shopper experience to your target audience and lower the chances of them exiting your site without buying anything.

Get a search engine friendly Magento website that attracts the right clicks. At SmartSites, we are an award-winning digital marketing company that has received strong ratings for our Magento development expertise.

Our relentless focus on our clients has led us to over 150 5-star reviews since our inception in 2011. Let us grow your company today!

Services provided by SmartSites:

Ecommerce Development (Magento Development, WordPress with Woocommerce, Shopify Development, Bigcommerce Development)

Web Design, Website Development (Website Design, WordPress Development, Hubspot Development, Drupal Development, Custom Development, Website Maintenance, Website Hosting)

PPC Marketing (Google Adwords Management, Bing Ads Management, Facebook Ads Management, Instagram Ads Management, LinkedIn Ads Management, Twitter Ads Management)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Analysis, Technical SEO Audit, Ecommerce SEO, Mobile SEO, SEO Consulting, SEO Copywriting, Link Building, Blogging Services, Digital PR, Website Migration)

Key Clients:

Porsche, Harvard University, Rakuten, Poker Stars, Mickey Truck Bodies, A-Absolute Plumbing, NJIT, The Shulman Law Group

USA 100- 149
Founded: 2011 $100 - $149/hr (201) 870-6000

7. Applicature Inc.

Applicature is a perfect agency to choose from while dealing with an online business’s requirements. We have all types of experts with years of experience to fulfill all needs, such as – business consultation, eCommerce development, business strategists, blockchain technology development, etc. With assistance from our experienced professionals, online companies boost their business and reach quickly.

Services provided by Applicature Inc:

Applicature Inc. has the best website and top magento eCommerce development solutions, along with cybersecurity, blockchain development, content marketing, business consulting, fintech software development, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

Key Clients:

Solve.Care, ReMoneta, Slogn, Developeo, Howdoo, DreamTeam, Darico, ClinTex, Orocypt

San Francisco, California USA 50 - 99
Founded: 2011 $200/hr +12098132474

8. Clay

Clay is a well-known name in the online world. We have worked for multiple international brands and market leaders. Our services allow the clients to get one of the best online sources to represent their services and uniqueness in the industry.

Services provided by Clay:

Clay has complete technical and digital solutions, such as – website design, mobile app design, user experience, software development, application development, top magento eCommerce development, and much more.

Key Clients:

Coca-Cola, Cisco, UPS, Sony, Uber, Stripe, Credit Karma, Corsair, T-Mobile, Zenefits, Slack,…

San Francisco, California USA 50 - 99
Founded: 2009 $175/hr +14157966262

9. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys is Commerce, California-based mobile app and web development agency. We are serving the digital requirements of clients for a long period. Our professionals have experience and expertise in providing user experience and user-friendly interface-based solutions. We don’t work only based on the clients’ intel. Our professionals put proper time and effort into market research and analytics as well. We conduct deep research regarding multiple factors, such as – market analysis, competitor analysis, audience research, etc. Based on the research reports and outputs, we build a work plan and strategy.

Services provided by Dev Technosys:

Dev Technosys has experts to provide top-notch solutions to different types of requirements. Our services are: website design, top magento eCommerce development, mobile app development, PHP development, internet of things, software development, etc.

Key Clients:

Whirlpool, Johnson and Johnson, Nike, Handy, Jardines, Pifizer,…

Commerce, California USA 100 - 249
Founded: 2010 $20/hr +14153325493

10. RNO1

RNO1 supports the companies by providing the best development, marketing, and advertisement solutions. Our solutions are not only related to the digital world. We believe in providing proper guidance that can help our clients succeed in achieving online objectives quickly and build a big audience base in no time. We put effort not only to generate leads but also believe in boosting conversion rates.

Services provided by RNO1:

Website design, web development, user experience, content marketing, augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile app development, top magento eCommerce development, graphic design, and advertising agency services.

Key Clients:

Clients: product labs, pet paradise, predict spring, Wand, EHA, Spring labs, Opus9, Ericsson & Cox Media Group, Loliware, Airbnb,…

San Francisco, California USA 50 - 99
Founded: 2010 $20/hr +165026897833


WPRiders has popularity among clients with plugin development requirements. We have a good track record of developing numerous plugins for global brands and keep the clients satisfied without any error. Our team of developers is created with the recruitment of experienced, skilled, and certified professionals. We work by forming a perfect plan that allows the clients to understand everything and track the project progress with ease.

Services provided by WPRiders:

Software development, offshore software development, WordPress website design & development, top magento eCommerce development, website design, website development, eCommerce web design, and PHP development.

Key Clients:

Askademic, BuildFire, DaoPay,, Versace Tiles,…

Romania 49
Founded: 2008 $120/hr +40723314924

12.Agency Partner Interactive

Agency Partner Interactive is an award-winning development agency that provides trusted and quality services. Our work for small businesses brings us lots of exposure and provides a great spot in the market. We dealt with thousands of projects and served the clients as per their requirements. We have a successful track record with thousands of satisfied and happy clients. Agency Partner Interactive also provides digital marketing services to promote the client’s business in the online market effectively.

Services provided by Agency Partner Interactive:

Agency Partner Interactives provides different types of services, such as – Shopify, Magento development, website development, WordPress website design, eCommerce web design, real estate design, legal web design, eCommerce development, website design, etc.

Key Clients:

John Deere, Dalla Museum of Illusion, Hughes Tank company, OneForAll Fitness, Gator Waders, CTR Aero, etc

Plano, Texas 50-99
Founded: 2010 $35/hr +1214295585


Wandr is one of the best eCommerce development companies. We have a big team of professionals who can easily design and develop an eCommerce website or application according to international standards. It is the biggest reason that’s why we work for some leading brands and franchises worldwide. Our team of professionals also has product strategists to boost clients’ sales quickly.

Services provided by Wandr:

Product design, business consulting, website design, eCommerce development, mobile app development, WordPress website design, software development, and Magento development are some major services offered by Wandr.

Key Clients:

Anyplace, IBM, Geico, K-Laser, WWF, Dollar Shave Club, Partnerly, StoryFire, etc.

Los Angeles, California 49
Founded: 2016 $150/hr +13236907705
kodius_logo png


Kodius is a well-known development agency. We have expertise in web development, software development, mobile app development, designing solutions, and team augmentation. Our main objective is to keep the clients satisfied by providing top-notch results that can easily improvise their business and provide the best solutions. We are focused on perfection by maintaining a proper performance balance.

Services provided by Kodius :

Kodius provide responsive website design, website design, mobile app development, ruby on rails, website development, eCommerce development, Magento development, software development, AWS, user experience, and many other services.

Key Clients:, Worcon, FlexCareers, Babic & Cibaric, Aktivni Gradani,…

Croatia 49
Founded: 2016 $35/hr +385911507682


SiliconMint is a leading digital firm with different types of IT services. Our team of IT specialists and experts has experienced professionals. With the help of these experienced, highly-skilled, and knowledgeable experts, we provide IT consultancy services.

Services provided by SiliconMint :

Software development, .Net development, Salesforce consultants, eCommerce development, Magento development, offshore software development.

Key Clients:

BCG, Motif, Greenwave, Hightail, PointOne, LTSE, NYSE, Yahoo Japan, Verizon, Wargaming,…

San Francisco, California 50 - 99
Founded: 2012 $57/hr +14155793282

What Does A Magento Development Agency Do?

Research And Discovery

A good top Magento development companies always works by putting research and discovery at the very first step. It helps provide a strong base by which the professionals can build a perfect eCommerce development plan and come up with the best website.


Having the best strategy is the most important thing. The strategy helps in preventing confusion with ease and provides the right direction for eCommerce development. The best Magento development company has skillful and knowledgeable professionals or analyzing multiple things and build a beneficial strategy for clients.


When it comes to an eCommerce website, then hosting plays the biggest role. Ecommerce platforms take more space as compared to normal websites. The right company’s selection always facilitates the interested ones by getting proper guidance and making correct decisions regarding web hosting plan selections.

Testing Before Launch

Testing is another important and crucial thing. The professional Magento developers never launch or hand over the website without running proper testing and inspection operations. It helps them identify the problems or errors in the eCommerce websites. In case they find something wrong, the professionals will develop a perfect solution and keep the source error-free.

Management And Maintenance

The right Magento development company’s selection can help manage and maintain eCommerce websites or applications efficiently after development.

All these things are based on multiple factors of top Magento development companies. It can help compare different companies and pick the suitable one.