Top Blockchain Developers & Development Companies 2022

November 1, 2022 |

Top Blockchain Developers & Development Companies 2022

Are you looking for cost-effective top blockchain developers that cater to all your custom needs?

Then, you are in the right place to demand for blockchain developers.

This comprehensive and well-researched guide will enhance your knowledge about the top blockchain developers for hire and the leading top blockchain developers that would make your crypto ventures secure and comfortable.

The smart contracts blockchain companies can assist you in efficiently managing the ledger records and digitally storing on-the-spot transactions. Moreover, the best blockchain companies beget a pool of experienced types of blockchain developers that have a diverse clientele across multiple domains. If you are looking for high dividend returns, you can always go for ICO consulting companies that can help you in successful fundraising.

Then there are cryptocurrency exchange development companies that can help you in keeping a track of all cryptocurrency transactions, thereby ensuring the best value exchange on a decentralized basis, irrespective of the investment size.

A cryptocurrency exchange development companies not only assist in the end-to-end delivery but also propels you towards the digital revolution. If you are looking for a tech-enabled, enterprise-friendly Blockchain solution that can revamp your company’s existing structure, ai blockchain companies can be your perfect choice. These companies can further enhance your machine learning capabilities while driving data-driven insights to generate values. A blockchain software developer promises a digital ledger that is energy-efficient, secured, and tailored as per the user’s requirements.,

Have a glance at the inclusive list below to choose the best find blockchain developers that befits your needs.



1. Galaxy Weblinks

Galaxy Weblinks was established in 1998 as a mobile app and web development company. With over 1000+ projects delivered to over 200+ clients, We offer technical support with 24-hour access to our clients.

Our most important and first job is to help clients understand the entire technology landscape. We then design, implement and support solutions that meet their requirements and budgets.

Services provided by Galaxy Weblinks :Blockchain developers Custom Web Design & Development, Enterprise Software Development, UX/UI & Product development, Mobile Apps Development, QA automation & testing, Business analysis & consulting.

Key Clients: Sony, Tivo, Staples, NetGear, WSJ, Dowjones, Ptc University

USA Founded: 1998
$25 - $49 / hr +1-888-666-4316 250 – 500

2. Cubix

Welcome to Cubix! It is awesome to see you on our profile. Cubix is a world-class mobile app, game and enterprise software development company fueled with an extensive experience of over a decade. We are proficient in personalized development and integration of business intelligence analytics, mobile solutions, complex enterprise level solutions and advanced web, etc. Our clientele includes Fortune 500 companies as well as individuals, organizations, and startups.

Our team is focused on mastering and improving the industry progression. IoT, Machine Learning, E-learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, SaaS and Virtual Reality apps and solutions are our forte. Our passionate software development team is always on the learning curve and by keeping themselves updated with the current industry insights, it is on the verge to become one of the best software development teams globally. To know more about our stunning work, check our portfolio and client testimonials on our website.

Services provided by Cubix:

Blockchain developers, Mobile Product Strategy, Native iOS and Android App Development, React Native Cross-Platform App Development, Mobile 2D and 3D Game Development, Augmented and Virtual Reality, blockchain developers, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Web and SAAS platform Development, E-Learning Solutions, UI and Front-End Development, Testing and Quality Assurance

Key Clients:

Paypal, Tissot, Estee Lauder, Politico, Walmart, Sapient, and Canon

USA, UAE Founded: 2008
$50 - $ 99 / hr +1-866-978-2220 101- 250
Seaflux logo

3. Seaflux

Seaflux aspires to be a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. We are an alliance of software architects, designers, developers, testers, and implementers. Seaflux, a global technology company, helps enterprises in building their visionary products and solutions. We claim that we are a one-stop solution when it comes to enterprise digital needs. We have experience in enabling clients in more than 20 countries to steer their digital innovation. Visit to see how Seaflux can help your enterprise in its journey of adopting new technologies.

Services provided by Seaflux :

AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain developers,Enterprise Mobility,Data Science, Internet of Things

India, USA Founded: 2021
$25-49/hr +91 9875152007 11-49

4. LeewayHertz

A leading mobile app development company and among the top most developers who deliver commercial apps for the iPhone Platforms. LeewayHertz consists of HIDE certified design experts and broad expertise developers for developing high quality enterprise solutions. They have delivered over 300 apps for enterprise and consumer app space both. Award winning professionals are capable enough to deliver beautiful, highly intuitive user experience and interfaces Mobile consultants understand all the requirements of the enterprises carefully and they are capable enough to achieve the mobile objectives.

Services provided by LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz provides end-to-end app development services for all major platforms with well experienced team for iPhone, iPad and Android from concept creation, UX and UI design, creative design, development, testing to deployment.

United States Founded: 2007
$100 - $149 / hr +1-877-801-8115 250-999

5. Solulab

Solulab is a Digital & Technological solution provider with the upper hand in blockchain, AI, IoT, mobile app and web development. We are recognized as number one global enterprise blockchain development company. We have a prominent team of developers & designers having extensive experience in their respective fields which are led by alumni of Ex-Vice President of Goldman Sachs and Principal solution Architect of Citrix who have more than 20 years of experience in development. Our UI/UX team is qualified to come out with pixel perfection in each projects.

The company was originated in 2014 and till this date we have 50+ prominent clients and completed more than 90 high-end projects with a success ratio of over 95%. Our clientele has spread over more than 12 countries which is spreading vastly in a short span. We are not just another offshore development agency but we are reliable technical partner for entrepreneur to small and mid size companies

Services provided by Solulab

Blockchain development, ICO Advisory, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Custom Web Development, IoT Integration and Development, AI / AR / VR development, Big Data Analytics, ERP/CRM Customization, UI/UX Designing, MVP Development

Key Clients:

Cambridge Assessment English, Citrix, Georgia Tech, Mercedes - Benz, Goldman Sachs & Walt Disney

Los Angeles, New York, India & UAE Founded: 2014
$29 - $45 / hr +91 94270 26888 51 – 200
Consagous Technologies

6. Consagous Technologies

Consagous Technologies is known for a holistic approach to designing, developing, and delivering end to end web & mobile solutions. These services are driven by creativity and innovation along with excellence. With the development of over 100 apps till date to its credit, our experienced team makes a project of any magnanimity a smooth delivery and due to this, we can provide in-house solutions throughout every step of the mobile application development process, right from conception to design to bug testing to final polishing. We strive to comprehend our clients’ requirements to pitch, develop and design the best-suited solution — one that works. Our aim is not to push the budget. We only want the client to pay for what he needs which is why we work extensively on requirement analysis first. We provide best suited bespoke solutions for all your automation needs. We build an app or software according to the requirements given, and then implement it while sticking to our collaboratively developed strategy, which seeks to maximize desired value and ROI, as well as provide our client with the full set of instruments.

Services provided by Consagous

We develop and securely integrate solutions across a broad range of technologies like Android, iPhone App Development, web design & development, AI, blockchain developers, IoT, Machine Learning.NET – Microsoft, Flex, DotNetNuke, Silverlight, SharePoint, PHP – Symfony2, Laravel, Codeigniter, MYSQL, Oracle, LAMP, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and X-Cart Ecommerce Development.

Key Clients:

Loyakk, Purposs, Otboo, Money Manager, Dr. Citas, Cheap Eats, Sikha365, AskCisero, Qlinqo, Money Manager, Sahaj Yatra, Bonga Pay

USA, India, Australia Founded: 2008
$20 / hr +1-512-488-3568 51- 100
Innowise logo

7. Innowise Group

Innowise Group is a custom software development company based in Warsaw, Poland, with additional offices in Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Italy, Georgia, and the USA. With more than 1000 specialists on board and 600 projects completed, we use cutting-edge technologies to transform our client's businesses. We are experts in the design and development of tech solutions that will help your company enhance its processes and increase customer satisfaction thanks to our 15+ years of experience and extensive expertise. We create custom software that is made to fit your unique requirements in terms of timeline, budget, and use case. We handle every step of the development process, from product concept and development to testing, deployment, and support. In addition to building custom software, we also excel in UX/UI design, IT strategy consulting, and staff augmentation.

Services provided by Innowise Group:

Custom software development, Mobile app development, Web development, IT consulting

Key Clients:

Hundreds of companies, including Fortune 5000 firms, have relied on us for custom software solutions to advance their technology objectives. We have implemented more than 600 projects for customers from 30+ countries.

USA, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Georgia Founded: 2007
$50 - $99 / hr +49 681 988 999 59 1000+
Webllisto logo

8. Webllisto LLC

Webllisto is a pioneer software development company specializing in the Blockchain arena. We discover talents and render Blockchain Development services that outshine your business from an ocean of competitors.

We have been established in the IT field since 2016 with a successful project completion agenda. Our Expert Blockchain Developers are trained, certified and entrusted as the company’s fortified pillar. We render a plethora of software development services ranging from Blockchain software development to cutting-edge Metaverse development services. We are the best-in-class custom Blockchain Development solution provider company encompassing a raft of decentralized applications in the Blockchain space.

Webllisto dignifies its presence in California, THE USA with additive offices in Indore and Lucknow, India. We select some of the finest technical talents to structure your project, serving funded startups and multimillion-dollar companies across the globe.

Services provided by Webllisto :

Mobile App Development [iOS and Android], Blockchain Software Development, AR Game Development, Coin Development, Crypto Wallet Development, Cryptocurrency consulting, Cryptocurrency exchange Development, Crypto Asset Management, DeFi Development, DeFi Wallet Development, Dapps Development, ICO Development, Smart contract Development, Smart contract Audit, NFT Development, NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Game Development, Play-to earn NFT Game, Metaverse Development, Web Development, Solana Blockchain Development, Digital Marketing.

India, USA Founded: 2016
$25-$49 /hr (408) 381-4147 100+

9. MetaDiac

MetaDiac is the leading blockchain development company. We have been racing our company efficiently in this province for more than 3 years. We have been victoriously gratifying the demands of clients by providing them with successful projects. Our experts rectify the blunders committed by other blockchain developers. We have a handful of blockchain mastery developers to work on diverse client projects that aim for profitable startups. We provide several client-side benefits to specify like 360-degree customization, quality project outlet, affordable cost, fast app launching, 24/7 business team support, and so forth.

We have developed 40+ projects across the globe. Under the current demands raised by crypto enthusiasts in a risk-free environment. Kindly connect to our experts for further ins and outs. Let's discuss your idea in our network with top blockchain experts who will help you build, scale up and unlock your high ROI for your blockchain journey.

Services provided by MetaDiac:

Blockchain Development Services, DeFi Platform, All types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Crypto wallet application development, Ethereum, BSC, Tron standard tokens, and Custom coin Creation, Custom Blockchain Web and Mobile App Development, NFT Development.

India Founded: 2019
$25-$50 /hr +917904355337 10-100

A Powerful Of Blockchain And Mobile Apps in 2022

Blockchain is currently a key technology impacting a wide spectrum of industries. Thanks to its unique features, for instance, peer-to-peer payment architecture, decentralized system, distributed digital ledger system, and keyless security infrastructure the mobile app industry is taking full advantage of this innovation. Blockchain software developers now have the capacity to create and develop mobile apps that are shielded against data leaks, security threats, and fraud.

Any blockchain app development company equipped to leverage this tech to build apps for various industry sectors. The resulting apps increase not only efficiency but also productivity and eliminate third-party middlemen.

Data transparency and protection

The key characteristic of Blockchain technology is to provide you with a secure, transparent, public digital ledger system. Other parties would be able to observe changes and modifications made when they were made and by whom they were made. This can be done without disclosing any personal information. You gain the possibility of full transparency in your transactions.

From the viewpoint of security, blockchain comes equipped with a sequence of interconnected blocks and every block comprises transaction data and a timestamp for the previous block in the chain. So, the impenetrable nature of blockchain ensures that individuals inside or outside of the network who don’t have a decryption key will not be able to tamper with your transaction data in any manner.

Smart Contracts applications

A blockchain-based smart contract is a top application of this technology. When using a smart contract, in case you and another party come to an agreement, the TnC along with other specifications of the contract are immutable. This means that neither of the parties involved can alter or change the contents of the contract in any way. Several businesses use smart contract mobile applications to ensure the reliability of transactions.

Secure mobile payments

A sophisticated and decentralized peer-to-peer network is responsible for the fact that blockchain allows swift, secure and contactless mobile payments. What’s more, access to a high volume of devices or nodes ensures the there will be no downtime or outages. This is because the likelihood of all the nodes crashing at the same time is negligible.

Protection of Mobile App Infrastructure

Blockchain-based Keyless Security Infrastructure (KSI) is equipped to store data as a cryptographic hash. For verification purposes, a hashing algorithm is used. Owing to this, any tampering with the data will be noticed in real-time because the original hash object can be verified from the other blocks in the chain. This empowers a blockchain app development company to offer the highest level of protection for a mobile app’s infrastructure.

In-app purchases

Currently, in-app purchases are being made using credit cards or other payment methods. With blockchain, you can use app coins as payment rather than entering your credit/debit card details. Additionally, you can earn app coins through a point system built into the app. Your app will reward you for making a purchase as well as for continued use of the app.

Lower-cost solutions

Rather than paying money to middlemen, like banks, you can have the guarantee a blockchain app development companies will build you a completely secure app that completes transactions not only fast but very smoothly. With the third-party middlemen out of the picture, there will be lower transaction costs for businesses and users alike.

For those in sectors like banking, insurance, healthcare, securities, stock market investments, gaming, real estate, e-commerce, and so on Blockchain-powered apps are proving immensely advantageous. The incomparable efficiency, transparency, and security that Blockchain offers is the main reason why businesses from all sectors are adopting it widely.

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