Top Mobile App Development Companies UK 2022

November 1, 2022 |

Leading Mobile App Development Companies and App Developers  UK

With so many mobile app development companies in the market, it is difficult to pick the right one. As mobile applications offer immense opportunities to businesses, it is important to consider all the dimensions while developing a mobile application.

Mobile app development is not only about cost. So instead of calculating rough estimates, it will be better if you submit your app proposal to a mobile app development company to have a better sense of your project. Time and commitment are the other factors that you should consider when you hire a mobile app development company.

As the competition in the mobile app industry is high, you must hire professional mobile app developers for the best outcomes. The right tech partner will not only help you in developing a future-ready app but will also help you with deployment and post-maintenance activities.

Mobile App Development Agency UK  for Bespoke Mobile Solutions

Choosing the right development company for your next big project is a difficult task with so many options available out there. We aim to make things easier for you by offering a list of top mobile app development agencies in the UK.

As the UK is considered a “powerhouse” of the global mobile app development market, there are hundreds of app developers in the UK that guarantee to be the best.

Top App Developers UK  for Your Next Project

Top developers are here to cater to the requirement of searching for the top mobile app developers and development companies for your next dream project. We have curated a list of top mobile app developers in the UK that offers quality-assured and result-oriented mobile app solutions for businesses of all sizes and types.

List of Mobile App Development Agencies UK  and App Developers UK

If you are searching for top mobile app development companies in the UK that offer robust app development services, then look at the list we have mentioned below.

Mobile App Development Company

1 Sonin Agency 

Since 2009, Sonin has been offering products and platforms with a team of professionals that delight the needs and demands of the users.

Taking proper time to understand the requirements of clients, we care about your goals and do our best to help you in achieving those goals.

Our dedication helps us to search new opportunities that are emerging as per current needs of businesses. As a mobile-first partner, we make sure that you get the best value of your business. 

Services provided by Sonin Agency:

Our core services include Discovery,Design,Development,Product Management,Financial Services,Healthcare,Retail & Consumer,Property,Transport & Logistics.

United Kingdom Founded: 2009
$15 – $50/hr +44-01737457788 100 – 130


Netsells is a product consultancy that offers services across web and mobile app development.

We offer services to support the future needs and demands of businesses. Our services enable businesses to discover and adopt the latest technologies to stay ahead in this digital competition.

Having centers in more than 40+ countries, we have helped and delivered digital projects to businesses from every corner of the globe.  

Services provided by


United Kingdom Founded: 2007
$15 – $50/hr +44-01904266332 120 – 170
Android,design and develop

3 Rantmedia 

Started in 2003, we have been following agile and collaborative approach to deliver solutions to our clients for tackling market challenges.

We have delivered solutions to start-ups as well as multinational organisations in public, private, and voluntary sectors.

From minimal viable product to enterprise grade solutions, our work has cemented a long-lasting relationship with clients from every corner of globe.  

Services provided by Rantmedia:

Our core services include mobile apps, iPhone, Android, design and develop

United Kingdom Founded: 2003
$20 – $70/hr +44-02920399189 100 – 150
Mobile Apps

4 Fortnight 

We think that change shouldn't be slow; often we need just two weeks. We're big fans of design sprints and agile methodologies so each milestone takes just two weeks or less.

Our core development teams are working together as one well-oiled machinery. They focus on making sure they keep their teams small so each person has his/her own responsibility.  

Services provided by Fortnight:

Our core services include Mobile Apps (Swift, Kotlin, React native),Webflow,React / Gatsby,Design,Branding

United Kingdom Founded: 2010
$50 – $80/hr +44 02080501945- 100 – 150
Web Development


Hyperlink Infostructure is a leading mobile app design and IT services company based in the UK, learn more about us here. Our philosophy, projects, and workflow.

Hyperlink Infosystem is a leading mobile app developer and IT solutions provider based in the United Kingdom. We've created thousands of high-ranking mobile applications on the Google Play store and Apple App Store, and we design apps for wearable devices.  

Services provided by

Our core services include  App Development, Web Development, Blockchain Development, Latest Technologies, Hire Dedicated Resources

United Kingdom Founded: 2012
$50 – $80/hr +44 2081338639- 100 – 150
Entertainment Apps

6 Magora-systems 

With the help of our clients, we develop apps and/or software for them, and then implement them while following a collaborative strategy that aims to achieve maximum desired value and ROI.

We offer solutions that range from optimizing an already existent process to developing entirely new ones. Regardless of their shape, these solutions become clear, tangible results.  

Services provided by  Magora-systems:

App Developers, Entertainment Apps, E-Commerce & POS Apps, Apps for Marketing.

United Kingdom Founded: 2011
$10 – $60/hr +44 02071835820- 100 – 150

7 Novoda 

When Novoda was first founded we were all about engineering excellence. With an absolute focus on building the very best Android experiences for our clients. We are a fully remote-first agency, and are proud of our distributed team - working together from across the globe.

We also have a new Collaboration Hub located in London, UK. We don’t mind where our people work, as long as they’re delivering great outcomes for our clients. Our core team is 55 strong, and we pack a powerful punch.  

Services provided by Novoda:

Product, Design, Engineering, Agile

United Kingdom Founded: 2009
$10 – $60/hr +44 02073594709- 100 – 150
iOS Development Services


We started Akoom to help as many small businesses as possible take full advantages of their business and reach more profitable outcomes regardless of business size.

We're here to help our clients explore business opportunities and come up with solutions to address them. Waiting for a scheduling firm to get back to us after 4 months of waiting was frustrating, so we decided to use Akoom instead.  

Services provided by

Our core services include iOS Development Services,Android Development Services,Cross-platform Mobile Development,Bespoke Web Development,Technology Consultancy,Microservices.

United Kingdom Founded: 2006
$50 – $120/hr +44 2037453315- 80 – 120


Founded in 1979 by Mike Smith, Microsec has been designing, developing and supporting software solutions for nearly 30 years. We've used virtually every technology available today.

We've been committed to continuously evolving to stay ahead of cutting edge technology. Our focus on high standards for both products and services has helped us attract and retain top talent.  

Services provided by

Our core services include Design,Development.

United Kingdom Founded: 1979
$50 – $150/hr +44 0 2394217700- 80 – 120

1. What Is the App Development Cost in the UK?

Multiple factors affect the development cost of a mobile application.

More than 75% of mobile applications take more than 3 months for development, and around 25% of mobile applications take over 6 months for development. Due to the time and complexity of features, it is difficult to calculate the exact cost of mobile app development. In general, the development cost in the UK is between £10,000-£40,000. This cost can rise to £100,000 and into millions if the app is more complex. The way of developing, platform and design, functionality, and time and alterations during the development, all these factors affect the development cost. The more complex app you are building, the more will be the development cost. 

2. How to Choose App Developers in the UK?

If you are planning to develop a mobile application for your business, the most important thing that you need to consider is hiring professional mobile app developers that can cater to your business needs. As there are thousands of mobile app developers in the market, it is difficult to choose the one which is perfect for your business. If you have a long list of developers, the next thing that you need to consider is to shortlist the best developers for your project. Here are some factors that you must consider to filter out the best mobile app developers or development company in the UK, for your business.

  1. Company Portfolio

Before hiring a mobile app developers and development company, the first thing that you need to do is go through their portfolio. Check the details about the products that they have already developed in past and also explore the online reputation of the company.

  1. App Idea and Data Security

One of the biggest issues is the security of app ideas and data. Due to poor security measures, the app idea gets leaked out and poor replicas are launched in the market before the original app. So, make sure that the company you are hiring signs a non-disclosure agreement to keep the app idea safe.

  1. Customer Review and Feedback

The best way to filter out ace mobile app developers and development companies is to explore the rating and reviews from their past clients. This will help you to know about the behavior and pros & cons of hiring the development company.

3. What Are the Top Mobile App Development Languages in the UK?

Mobile applications are considered as the best option to either build a business from scratch or to increase the sales of a well-settled business in this digital age. Studies also revealed that businesses that have mobile applications have better user engagement and generate bigger revenues. To bring your next big idea into reality, all you need is a robust mobile programming language that is scalable, futuristic, and easy to learn. A good programming language not only makes the development process easy but also offers high development performance.

There are dozens of programming languages for developing mobile applications. At a minimum, if you have to proceed through only 30 programming languages to choose the one which is perfect for you, you would probably spend days just researching about them. To save you from this trouble, here is a list of some of the top programming languages.

Best programming languages for Native Android App Development:

  1. Java
  2. Kotlin

Best Programming Language for Native iOS App Development:

  1. Swift
  2. Objective-C

Best Programming Language for Cross-Platform App Development:

  1. React Native
  2. Flutter

4. How Vast Is the App Developers Market in the UK?

The demand for UK mobile app developers is increasing as more and more small as well as medium-sized businesses are inclining mobile app development services for their organizations. Having a social media account on Facebook or Instagram and a mobile-friendly website is one thing, but building a customized mobile application to offer your products and services to the customers on the go, is like tapping into a whole new market to take your business to the next level.

If you want to grab a slice of the market with your business, you need to work with the best mobile app developers in the UK. As per reports from Statista, around 51% of customers access mobile applications up to ten times in a day and 16% interact with apps up to times at night. On the other hand, comScore revealed that 70% of the consumers between the age of 18-39 use mobile devices to gather information before making a purchase. These figures show that both small and medium-sized businesses should leverage the benefits of mobile applications for their businesses.

5. What is the development cost of a mobile application in the UK?

Globally, the price tag of developing an iOS mobile application is around $28,000, $23,000 for Android, and $18,000 for a Windows Phone. The UK is considered as the techno hub of mobile app developers; thus, the cost of hiring app developers or development company in the UK is close to the global average. The average cost of developing a single platform application is around £38,000, whereas the cost for cross-platform application development is around £42,000. This is not the exact cost for developing a mobile application from scratch as various factors affect the development cost of a mobile application. The reason why the development cost in the UK is particularly high in quality. Not only the best developers from all around the world are found, but many US firms also have their offices in the UK.

6. How to Choose an App Development Company for your Project in UK?

Choosing mobile app developers or development company for your business is not like a cakewalk. From the initial stage to deployment, there are various factors that you need to consider for developing a mobile application. Picking up the correct agency will not only help you to connect with a wider audience but will also help you in achieving your business goals. So here are a few tips that can help you in choosing the right agency for your business.

Understand Your Business Requirements

Before choosing an agency, perform thorough market research to understand your business requirements. A mobile app development agency that believes in building a mobile application for your business just because you need one isn’t worth talking to. Working with such companies will lead you to the barebone mobile application that meets your minimum requirements.

Review Their Team and Previous Work

developing a mobile application is not an easy task as it requires technical expertise and specialist skill to understand the requirement of mobile app developers. So, the very first thing that you need to do is Explore the portfolio of their previous projects. Ensure that the company you’re choosing has a proven track record with that platform on which you are working.


It is impossible to calculate the exact cost of developing a mobile application as various factors affect the development cost. When it is about developing an application, cheaper is not always good. A certified mobile application development company Always offers a unique quote that contains the complete details of pricing.

Know Their Development Process

Whether you want to develop a customer or enterprise application, there are various factors that you need to consider. So, it is important to carefully focus on the approach that the development agency will follow. Ask them about the development process they follow and the reason behind this.

7. What are Different Types of Top Mobile App Developers and Development Companies?

Mobile app development is the latest trend in the market, and there are hundreds of companies that promise to deliver the best mobile app solutions for every business need. But since there are so many mobile app development companies in the market, it is hard to decide which one is best. Most of the clients take help from search engines to search for top mobile app developers. But the search engines Will present a long array Of companies. One of the best ways for potential app clients to search for the best mobile app developers and development company for their business is to find a list of App development companies that have already worked in their area of services. Businesses from multiple sectors such as startups, education, healthcare, financial, and E-Commerce are already benefiting by integrating mobile applications in their solutions. So, it would be best if you chose a mobile app developer that can offer robust mobile absolutions to generate huge ROI For your business.

8. What’s the Importance of Location Options for Mobile App Development Companies?

As per reports, A large ratio of users abandons the mobile apps after first use. Most of the users spend their digital time on their favorite top five social media apps. So mobile app companies are now focusing on developing applications with better user experience to prevent abandonment. Moreover, developers are using the built-in functionality of mobile devices to offer a personalized user experience to customers. Geolocation enables the developers To know about the real-world physical location of different individuals and devices. Mobile app developers follow Geolocation to identify the perfect Longitudinal and latitudinal devices connected with the Internet. Geolocation also allows them to make their app stand out from the crowd and deliver a richer user experience.

9. What are the Best Tips for Working with a Top Mobile App Developer?

As mobile app developers and development companies offer various ways to save time and money, most mobile applications improve the workflow. But what are the most important things to consider while working mobile app developer?

Know the Current Reality

It is important don’t know about the internal processes step by step and from there Identify the problems. What parts could use improvement? Managing contractors

time? Too many forms? to provide a good baseline of current reality to the app developer, you should consider how all these processes are being carried out.

Communicate What the Company Wants To Accomplish

Most companies get involved in a conversation with an app developer but limited the information and big expectations. Without having a clear idea of what the contractor wants from the mobile application, frustration is inevitable for both parties. Companies are interested in procuring a robust mobile application that can help to improve the profits of their business.

Reality Check on the Budget

Once the companies know about the endless opportunities that the mobile application offers, it is easy to get a little excited. It is important to have a clear image of the budget to be prepared to spend more. Follow market research to know about the current budget of the technology in which you are investing. It will be even better if you know the future scope of the technology you are investing in.

10. What is the Average Time & Cost for the Mobile App Development Project?

If you plan to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS, Ben, you need to spend around $100,000. The best way to talk about the cost of developing a mobile application is by dividing it into terms of complexity.

  • A basic mobile application, and by basic, we mean an MVP app, for one platform will cost around $25,000 two $50,000. The development will take around 4 to 9 weeks, assuming that you have two developers per platform.
  • A medium complexity mobile application with a few complex features such as some custom UI elements and animations, localization of two languages, and 6-15 Screens will cost around $50,000 two $100,000. the development time of medium complexity apps is around two to three months.
  • Complex applications with many complex features such as fully custom UI and advanced animations, a Large-scale user base, and more than 15 screens will cost more than $100,000. These types of applications require more than three months for development.

11. What are the Main Challenges Faced in Finding Reliable Mobile App Developers and Development Company?

As smartphones are increasing widely among the users, most development companies are investing more money to leverage the benefits of mobile app development for their business. In the last couple of years, millions of mobile applications have been submitted to Android and Apple App stores. Here are some biggest challenges in finding a reliable mobile app development company.

Defining the Competitive Market

As the competition in the market is so aggressive, Thousands of mobile applications are following innovative approaches to stand out from the crowd. To connect with a wider audience in the market in a shorter period is quite tricky. It is important to understand which new idea will help the businesses connect with customers’ highest values for a longer time.

Managing the Resources

Maybe you have a fantastic app idea, but it will be wasted if you are not trying to convert it into marketable capital. the cost of developing an app always depends on the features and functionality of the application. to monetize the end of the finance of budget is a challenging problem for some entrepreneurs and developers. If you do not figure out the complete strategy for investing in your app idea, you will end up taking a loan or joint venture of your product with someone to raise funds.

Choosing Development Technology

Choosing a correct, constructive, suitable development technology for your application is a deciding factor for the developers. This helps you clear your mind, whether you want a native, cross platform, or a hybrid app. If you choose an outdated technology, it will result in more expenditure, poor app performance, and bad user experience.

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