Top iPhone App Development Companies 2023

March 1, 2023 |

Top iPhone App Development Companies

Are you looking for the best iPhone app development companies to ensure success for your next iOS project? Hiring dedicated iPhone app developers from a reliable and trustworthy app development company can help you to mark the successful journey of your next project. Most of the top app developers have years of experience as well as an industry-critical qualification in crafting top-notch iPhone applications. But there are various value propositions and technical compliance factors that make some difference in their ability to deliver quality services.

iPhone App Development Companies Driving Innovation

At Top Developers, you can come across some of the best iPhone app development companies.  Top Developers boasts the presence of a descriptive list of the best iPhone app development companies featuring highly skilled and experienced mobile app designers and developers. We aim at helping you to figure out the right iPhone app development company with similar past experience, service record, tech stack, service timeline, scale, and budget of operations – to best serve your app development projects. Depending on your unique requirements, you can check out the best-fitting service provider for your project.

Best iPhone App Developers on Record

With the ever-growing demand for high-end mobile applications out there, it is high time that you should deploy the services offered by the leading iPhone app developers out there. If you are skeptical about the same, we are bringing together the best iPhone development companies that top the market factors with their unique mix of service virtues in their specialty. All based on actual data and verified details from multiple reliable sources.

Top iOS App Developers

Pick the best solution provider for IT consulting and development for your project going by the list of Top iPhone app developers.

1. Technoduce Info Solutions

Technoduce Info Solution Pvt Ltd is a top web and mobile app development firm. Our team includes 70+ developers that specialize in creating apps for iOS and Android. Our team is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. We are proud to be among the fastest-growing companies in India. We will achieve exceptional results in the given timeframe. We value solid relationships with our clients so they can trust us and rely on us for future projects.

Services Provided by Technoduence

We engage with a massive endeavour to invent and develop best-in-class web and mobile applications supported in all major platforms like Android, iPhone, React native.

India [email protected] Founded: 2011
$15 - $25/hr +91 96293 90003 50 - 100

2. Mbicycle

Mbicycle is a team of passionate software developers who provide robust, ready-made web and mobile solutions. In 2016, we founded Mbicycle to assist startups and businesses around the world with their ideas. We have developed our skills and gained experience over the years and delivered more than 130 mobile and web apps for companies around the world. This has helped us to be a trusted provider of software services in both the USA and Europe.

Today the Mbicycle qualified developers, analysts, engineers, and managers provide a full-range support at all stages, including documentation, estimation, coding, testing, and deployment, to deliver high-end solutions tailored exactly to our client's business needs. Whether you are a brand-new startup or an established business, experts from Mbicycle are ready to help you build maintainable, scalable, and future-proof software.

Services provided by MBicycle :

Developing applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad, watchOS, AppleTV, and other) and Android (Phones, Tablets, wear OS, etc.), so as web solutions based on Java, PHP, .NET, etc.

Key Clients:

ShotTracker, Spreo, Monterosa, MedRev, SportVita, Unity Laundry Systems, EnCata.

Poland [email protected] Founded: 2011
$20 - $50/ hr +1-617-710-4489 25 – 50

3. Memorres

Memorres helps businesses with Continuous Digital Business Growth. We are dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships with our clients. This will help them to be more competitive in a changing digital world.

Services Provided by Memorres :IT Consulting, Web & Mobile Application Development, E-Commerce Solutions, IOT, Integrations and Robotic Process Automation.

Key Clients:

India [email protected] Founded: 2015
$30 - $80/ hr +91-995 015 4777 25-30

4. Fluper

This organization is well-known for its expertise in the development of Fluid Apps. It is a Rapid, Affordable Web & Mobile App Development Agency that offers specialized Consultation as well as Dedicated Guidance.
It designs dynamic IT Service Solutions that help in energizing individuals, startups, SMEs, and enterprises to transform into million-dollar companies to achieve impressive business values. Companies

Services provided by Fluper

Web App Designing, Mobile App Designing, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, E-Commerce App Development, CMS Development, ERP Apps Development, Android App Development, iPhone App Developers, PHP Development, .Net Development, Java Development.

Key Clients: head out, busuu, DODuae, feedly, Beetalk, EZER, Classting, ixigo and many more

Dubai, United Arab Emirates [email protected] Founded: 2013
< $25 / hr +971 52 670 9598 50 – 249

5. Miquido

Miquido is a leader in building web services and apps that are data-driven. Our digital products include music and video streaming, FinTech, m-commerce, FinTech, as well as other industries. Miquido, 2018 Android Certified Agency was featured by Time & Forbes and named the Top 2018 iPhone App Development Company (UK) and is a leader in delivering high-quality products.

Services provided by Miquido

Software Development, Quality Assurance, UX/UI Wireframing, and Product Design, Research and Development, Project Audits and Refinements

Key Clients: Abbey Road Studios, HelloFresh, Herbalife, Nestle, Skyscanner, TUI, Santander and others.

Kraków, Poland [email protected] Founded: 2011
$50 - $99 / hr +48 536 083 559 50 – 249

What is iPhone App Development Company?

A company that develops iPhone apps for iPads, iPhones, and iPods is known as an iPhone app development agency.

These agencies specialized in the iOS technology stack, such as:

  • Objective-C
  • C
  • C++
  • Swift

No matter the technology or complexity of the project, their job is to make sure that the final product meets the client’s expectations in terms of:

  • Apps’ overall design and feel
  • They are easy to use
  • They perform

A company that develops iPhone apps focuses its efforts on the following:

  • Native iOS Apps: These apps are designed for iOS devices only. They are designed with the latest operating system details and work much more smoothly. Swift programming language makes their development much faster and more cost-effective than Android. They are also more stable than Android because they contain more functionality and fewer bugs.
  • Hybrid applications: These apps are compatible with multiple operating systems but are often less rich in features and functionalities than the larger versions.

Apple’s product line is constantly expanding, and iOS app developers are continually asked to create products for both new iPhones and iPads and devices like Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Working with these agencies can greatly expand your business’s understanding of your priorities and offer a new perspective.

What are the Responsibilities of iOS App Development Companies?

iPhone app development companies have a detailed and well-planned plan of action for each stage.

The following are their core responsibilities at each stage:

Conceiving and Delivering the Product

This involves creating iOS apps for various Apple products and adjusting them for every new version. Transparency, careful planning, and synergy between the client and the developer are all important.

Dedicated User Experience

A company that develops iPhone apps conducts extensive market research to understand the needs and wants of customers. They can create engaging products that are easy to use.

Conducting QA Testing

They check for errors and bugs during development, before, and after release. This will increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

Technical Support

After the product has been released, there is no stopping the monitoring. The developer’s team of experts should make you feel comfortable and confident so that you can jump in when your app has problems.

How Much Does it Costs to Hire iOS App Developers?

The following two factors will impact the price of iOS app development services:

  • The location of your company (onshore or offshore)
  • The complexity of the app that you are planning to build (basic, middle, or complex).

There are secondary factors that could be added, which would include:

  • App design is sophisticated
  • App’s administrative (backend) part
  • Profile of the company (regardless of whether it’s a start-up or an industry veteran).
  • The company’s team size
  • Time required to create the app from scratch

The app-building costs can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. They could range from $2,000 up to $300,000.

Businesses will spend, on average, $50.000 to create a reliable, sturdy iOS app.

You should research the features and functionalities you need if you are on a budget.

An experienced iPhone app development company will help you identify your needs and offer suggestions for an app that functions well.

The tricky part may lie in defining the timeline required to complete the iOS app product. This may be broken down depending on how complex it is.

  • For a simple application of functionality, it takes 400-750 hours
  • Medium complexity applications: 750-1100 hours
  • Apps of high complexity take well over 1200 hours

Hourly rates for different iOS app developers vary. They can start at $10 or up to $200 an hour.

Why Business Should Hire iOS App Developers?

These are the top reasons to hire an iPhone app development company.

Keep Sensitive Information Secure

Hackers are focusing their attacks on smartphones and tablets rather than desktops and laptops due to the explosion in mobile users.

Android devices are also more vulnerable than iOS.

What is the reason for this?

While iOS is an open-source operating system, Android uses open-source code. Android users with technical knowledge can modify the code on their devices.

iOS, however, doesn’t release its source code to developers. iPhones are, therefore, less vulnerable to hacker attacks.

However, iOS is less secure than Android. This doesn’t mean that iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods, are immune to cybercriminals.

Hacking an iOS device is not easy, but it is possible. Mobile applications are one of the most common ways malware can spread.

This is a reminder that iOS apps must be extremely secure.

A professional iPhone app development company can help ensure that your app is secure and protect your data from external threats.

Enhance Customer Experience

MoEngage reports that 56% of users remove applications within seven days of installing them.

Some of the main reasons are:

  • Apps don’t live up to users’ expectations
  • Security is a concern for users
  • Apps take up a lot of space and are slow to load.
  • Users are receiving too many push notifications
  • Apps consume too much data

iPhone apps are not based on the usual Android app design.

  • Hardware made from stainless steel
  • Flawless software functions

Users who download apps from Apple’s App Store can rest assured that the apps will work smoothly.

The same research shows Apple devices have an average user retention rate (92.9%) higher than any other device.

iOS app developers are skilled in developing fast, fully functional apps. However, they can also assist you with increasing engagement and retention.

  • Using push notifications properly
  • Retargeted advertising
  • In-app messages
  • Machine learning to make recommendations
  • More

Get More App Revenue

With a market share of 72.92%, Android devices have taken over, but iPhone applications offer a better return on investment (ROI).

The App Store generated $32.8 billion worldwide in the first half of 2020. Source:

  • In-app purchases
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  • Premium games and apps

Google Play Store apps generated $17.3 billion, nearly twice the revenue iOS apps earned.

These numbers show that iOS app owners can make more than Android.

To have a higher income and a better ROI, organizations must:

  • Invest in professional development
  • Engaging user experience
  • Use the most recent trends and technologies

This is what the top iPhone app development companies in our list specialize in.

You can benefit from their market knowledge and technical skills to create a cutting-edge app for your business.

Tips to Choose the Best iOS App Developers

When deciding on the best iOS app developer, keep these things in mind:

  • They should be able to keep your brand identity intact with their product
  • They are so open to working with you on every aspect of your product
  • How they delegate tasks and how specialized their teams are to tackle the task
  • You can see how passionate they are about your app idea

These steps will make your search for the best iPhone app developers easier and more stress-free.

Choose Between a Native and a Hybrid App

You may need to make an app that works on any OS other than Apple’s iOS. You should think twice about creating a hybrid app. Although it may seem obvious that you can reach twice as many people with a hybrid app, there are possible ramifications to doing so.

Get to Know their Industry Expertise

Portfolios are the best way to see the past work of an iPhone mobile app development company. These portfolios will allow you to see the type of projects that the potential agencies have done in the past. Partner agencies that have worked with clients in your industry are better equipped to understand your audience, competition, market trends, and challenges. This will result in faster project delivery.

Verify their Credibility

Client reviews in the form review will let you know how trustworthy and credible each agency is. You will be able to see the key information, such as how flexible they are with pricing and their company culture. This will allow you to envision your future partnership.

Get Post-Launch Support

Apps must be maintained and updated regularly after they have been released to avoid any bugs or issues. Solid post-launch support is crucial to the longevity of your product. It will ensure a smooth user experience and a high level of satisfaction. Make sure only to hire iPhone app developers willing to work with you for a long-term partnership.

Questions to Ask iOS Developers before Hiring

Here are some questions to ask your chosen iOS app developer about their process, values, and habits.

  1. Do you recall working on a similar project?
  2. Are you able to work with clients? Do you have a portfolio that can be adapted to our needs and ideas?
  3. What level of experience does your team have in this type of work?
  4. Do you know of a project manager who will ensure the project stays on track?
  5. What is an emergency plan for a situation where something unexpected happens?
  6. How flexible are you and your team in adjusting to any changes or new ideas that might come from us?
  7. What can we expect from a post-release analysis?
  8. How can you decide the price of your app?
  9. What role will our team play in the app’s development?
  10. How often will we communicate with each other?

What Kind of Services Are Offered by iPhone App Development Companies?

iPhone app development companies can help turn your app idea into a product your target users will use. A company that designs iPhone apps works with iOS developers and designers. They collaborate to develop the app and to test it with users.

These are some technical skills that an iPhone app development company can offer.

  • Xamarin (#C)
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Appcelerator
  • React Native (JS).
  • UIKit
  • Xcode
  • AppCode
  • Flutter (Dart).

What Types of Applications iOS Developers Can Develop?

It is important to have a clear roadmap before you partner with an iPhone app development company. When creating your roadmap, it is important to know what kind of app you plan to launch in your target market. Let’s look at two main types of iOS apps an iOS app design company could build.

Hybrid Apps

An iOS mobile development company creates hybrid apps compatible with different smartphone models and brands. These apps can be adjusted for different iOS versions. iOS app developers keep these hybrid apps dependent on the internet to sync and scale according to the device. Hybrid apps are also easier to sync because most hybrid apps store their data in cloud services. Hybrid apps have one disadvantage: Compared to native apps, iOS app developers place less emphasis on integrating too much functionality into hybrid apps. Hybrid apps can’t support the best loading times and performance expectations because they depend on servers.

Native iOS Apps

Native apps are preferred by the best iOS app developers when more features are the focus. Native apps run faster and can work without the need for the internet. A company that develops native iOS apps for iPhones makes them compatible with different versions of the operating systems to ensure smooth deployment across all iOS platforms.

What are the Factors Affecting the Cost of iOS App Development

Many factors influence the cost of hiring iPhone app development companies. These include the developers’ experience, the company’s size, and the number of employees. Market reputation is another. There are many ways to determine the exact cost of hiring an iPhone software development company to develop your iOS app. You need to know a few things to determine the exact cost of hiring iOS developer agencies.

  • The time it takes to develop an app
  • The hourly cost for the iPhone app development company that you are partnering with
  • Additional fees such as taxes, licensing, and additional fees, among others, may be added.

Add the hours to your project and multiply it by the estimated cost of an iPhone app development company. Add any additional costs to your final cost after multiplying.

It is important to know the factors that will impact the costs of your iOS app developer partnership before you sign up. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

Location of Development Company

It is a key factor in determining the cost of hiring a company. The above image shows the average location-wise app development costs for iPhone developers in India. This contrasts with other regions like Australia, Europe, North America, and the United States. You can also partner with an iPhone app development company outside your country to get the best quality at affordable prices.

Company’s Experience

How long your favorite iOS mobile development company has been in business will impact its cost. iOS app development companies with more experience will be more expensive than those who have just started to build a name for themselves. A new iPhone development company will offer lower prices to help it attract more clients and maintain good client relationships over the long-term. iPhone application development companies can expand their client base by acquiring more clients.

Expertise with Technologies

Currently, an iPhone software company focuses on core iOS app technologies and viral technologies. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchains, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and other technologies are all being discussed. Potential healthcare, financial services, and education clients will use these leading technologies to increase their app’s ROI. The expertise of iOS developers can significantly impact the cost of hiring an iPhone app development company.

The Benefits of iOS App Development for Businesses

iPhone apps are high-quality and generate revenue. Start-ups and established brands invest in iPhone app development to meet business needs and get a quick return.

Let’s look at the benefits of iPhone app development services and how iPad apps can increase business growth.

Better App Revenue

iPhone apps are more profitable than Android apps. This is a significant benefit of iOS App Development.

To maximize the revenue generation potential, it is important to be aware of any mistakes and other information that could affect your iOS app development process. To get a better idea of all the information you need, refer to our mobile app design guide, which was compiled from the experience of our experts.

Security of Enterprise Data

Android apps pose a serious risk of allowing hackers to access sensitive business data stored in the apps. On the other hand, iPhone apps are more secure than Android when compared to Android in terms of security.

  • Integrated data handling systems
  • Data duplication prevention measures
  • Data encryption measures to protect against security breaches

iPhone users have protection against malware and hacking, which is another advantage of the iPhone over Android.

High-Quality Standards

iPhone app development for businesses is not complete until apps have been built to meet the strict standards of Apple’s Play Store. Users can expect flawless performance and an amazing experience downloading an iPhone application. Apple’s heritage and trust have helped to build a loyal customer base for iPhone apps.

Android app developers use open-source libraries to develop their apps and don’t follow a standard development process. This results in apps that offer a good user experience on some devices and a less-than-satisfactory experience on others. All iPhone users enjoy the same amazing UX on all devices.

Android app development costs are much more expensive than iPhone development because it takes longer to develop apps. Companies are forced to outsource Android projects to low-quality vendors who can deliver substandard products. Apple plays store carefully vets every app before it is published and released to the marketplace.

Apps to Meet all Your Business Needs

Mobile apps are a benefit to businesses of all sizes and scales. Developing an iPhone app for business comes with the expectation that consumers will expect responsiveness and mobility from businesses. Mobile apps are the ideal way to connect with consumers wherever they may be.

All business requirements can be met by iPhone apps, whether they are custom-built or pre-made. Although iPhone app development costs are higher than other options, they prove to be more profitable for businesses because of their guaranteed market reach and higher-paying clients.

Established Customer Base

Apple’s USP is its established user base. This is also one of the greatest benefits of iOS app development. Apple is a leader in technology and application development. Apple’s clients are loyal to its quality and performance, even though 75% of Android app users are Android users. It is believed that once an iOS user has tried it, they will not be satisfied with any other OS. Android apps must compete with many other apps in this market.

Exemplary User Experience

iPhone apps delight users thanks to their excellent user experience, which is fully supported by Apple’s iOS. iPhone apps for business are extremely efficient because of their total cohesion with hardware and software. Moreover, users are more satisfied with their app’s entire lifecycle if they have access to quality customer support and maintenance. This is yet another reason to choose iOS app development.

Tech-Ready Audience

iPhone users are tech-savvy and open to innovation. Businesses have many opportunities to create innovative applications that disrupt markets. Market leaders can be achieved by choosing iPhone business apps.

Low Fragmentation, Ease of Testing

Apple usually develops only one update to its OS each year. Apple devices are also less common than Android-based ones. Android apps must be thoroughly tested to function on all versions of Android OS. iPhone for business only needs to meet the testing criteria of the most recent iOS versions. This significantly reduces testing time and ensures a fast time to market for iOS applications.

The Android market is extremely fragmented. Only 10.4% of Android users use the latest OS version. In contrast, the majority of Android users still use three-year-old versions. This poses a serious problem for businesses. This means they must spend money to develop apps that work with all versions of Android OS. All this means that app development is more expensive.

Apple’s market share is strong. Nearly 89.8% of iPhone users use iOS 12, the most recent version of OS. This is a substantial user base that any business can reach. This makes them want to work with a well-respected iOS app development company.

Additionally, iOS has a low fragmentation rate, making it easier to create scalable apps. The new features allow for the continuous scaling of existing apps.

High Market penetration

Apple is a well-known brand in developed countries like the UK and USA. iOS apps are a great way for businesses to expand and penetrate these markets. Apple’s quality and legacy are strong enough to ensure success for your iOS apps. Google’s app legacy is a joke. Android apps must contend with the millions of new apps available on the market. It’s unclear whether an app will generate enough revenue to cover initial investment or make a profit, even if top-rated companies developed it.

Less Time for Development

iOS apps take 28% longer to create than Android apps with the same specs. Android apps must be tested on at least 20 devices with different resolutions, screen sizes, OS versions, and screen sizes. Naturally,

Android apps take longer development cycles, and their payment depends on where they are located. For example, charges for android app development in Texas might differ from those in California or Texas.

iPhone for business guarantees market visibility, profitability, and customer loyalty. The mobile app development process is very profitable for businesses due to its low development time, production costs, and affordable maintenance. Businesses can rely on Apple’s history to secure a prominent position in the app market. You can’t ask for more!

A Simple and Enjoyable Interface

iPhone for business is well-known for its stunning UI/UX, which enhances app user engagement. You can get more people to download your iOS app by choosing iOS app development. iOS app users already love the simple and pleasant interface. These features can make an app more appealing to users and increase sales. iOS apps for businesses are also scalable and can grow with your business. It leads to a better ROI.

Takeaways On iPhone App Development Companies

The top iOS app developers have demonstrated their expertise in providing digital solutions for clients around the globe through quality projects and innovative technological tools. Every iPhone app design company listed above is highly deserving because of its excellence in creating apps with top-of-the-line features. has compiled this report on iOS app developers.’s analysts regularly publish such reports with highly-researched, informative content. It only features top mobile app development companies in various industries like Healthcare, E-commerce, and Flutter.

Please contact our experts if you have any questions about creating a company profile and being eligible for the lists mentioned above. For more information and updates, subscribe to to receive new and informative updates about upcoming annual reports on iOS development agencies.

Companies specializing in iPhone app development help businesses such as yours come up with great ideas and create cutting-edge products that drive engagement and sales.

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