Top Scooter Apps in 2023

January 13, 2023 | Blog
Worldwide, micro-mobility is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. E-scooters are rapidly becoming the preferred mode of transport for many worldwide users. You must have seen e-scooters driving on roads in the USA, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.   Electric scooters are now used to transport various places, such as classes, offices, and more. E-scooters will be the most popular method of daily commuting in the future for many people around the world.   This sector attracts many businesses and entrepreneurs to invest heavily because of its potential growth. It is essential to research the top scooter apps available if you want to start an electric scooter company. We have compiled a list of the top e-Scooter applications for your inspiration.   Before we get to the e-scooter app, let's review the current market position and prospects of electric scooter apps.   scooter_apps   Let's look at the most recent statistics on electric scooter-sharing start-ups.   Statista estimates that the revenue from the e-scooter sharing marketplace will reach US$1,931.00m by 2023. It is projected to grow 12.72% between 2023 and 2027 and reach US$3,117.00m in 2027.   According to a Nacto study, more than 84,000,000 people in the United States have used scooters.   Ryerson University and Arizona State University survey in 2020. They found that most people use e-scooters to transport themselves.  

Why Businesses are Investing in Scooter App Development?

  If you're looking for ways to make money but are concerned about the potential risks, e-scooter app design is the best option. You can build an app like Lime or VOI by following the correct guidelines and working on it thoroughly. You now know better how to build a reliable, scalable e-scooter application. Don't waste your time.  

Scooter Apps are Ecologically Sustainable

  We are familiar with how governments dispose of old gasoline or diesel vehicles. After a certain period, they start to emit hazardous gases. You don't need to worry about this when you create an electric scooter business.   Electric scooters can be used sustainably. They don't pollute the environment. When you open your electric scooter company, you provide people with an alternative to travel.  

Growing Popularity and Awareness

  Inventing electric scooters was done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Most people are aware of the issues of climate change. The environment is not affected by electric scooters. Many people have made the smart choice to switch to electric scooters.   There is still a lot to be done in the e-scooter industry. Why wait? If you're looking to start an electric scooter-sharing company, there are many options for your business.  

Comparatively lower Maintenance Cost

  You should invest in your business's mobile app development by hiring skilled developers. You will need to invest in initial costs for setting up your business and purchasing e-scooters. However, maintenance costs for electric scooters are generally lower than those of gasoline-powered scooters. Your one-time investment in an electric scooter will pay off over the long term.  

High Profitability

  Even if an individual rides an electric scooter for only 30 minutes daily, it will still generate income. Urban dwellers now have two-wheelers as a way of life. Anyone with a smartphone can rent an e-scooter to help them run errands.  

Preferable Mode of Transportation

  The electric scooter is fast and easy to use. Because they are easy to park, e-scooters are a popular choice. Renting an e-scooter can also help you avoid traffic jams.   They do not pollute the air and environment. They also don't emit noise pollution. These are the reasons electric scooters have become a popular choice.   Many people have given up driving their cars and are now commuting by e-scooter. Even more appealing is the idea of starting an e-scooter company.  

Top Scooter Applications in 2023

  Below is information about the best scooter rental apps and their features. Let's take a closer look.  

Bird – Electric Vehicle Sharing Company

  Bird, a dockless scooter-sharing company based in Santa Monica, California, is known for its ability to operate electric scooters in North American cities at a low cost. It charges one dollar per day plus fifteen cents per minute. This electric scooter app is a great option for electric scooter rentals and ride-sharing services. You can find the closest scooter ride and get information about the current charges. These factors make Bird the most affordable e-scooter app.   Bird has raised $415million in total funding. However, Sequoia Capital recently provided $300 million in funding. This was Bird's second round of funding in the last few months.   The company's reported $1 billion valuation in May has been lowered to $2 billion by the funding amount. The company is also the first unicorn in electric scooter-sharing.   TechCrunch's latest news shows Bird has been betting heavily on France. Bird, an e-scooter app-sharing company, plans to open its largest European office in Paris and to hire 1000 people by the middle of 2021.   According to another TechCrunch news, Bird, an innovative e-scooter sharing start-up, is set to increase its Series C funding by $300 million under the leadership of Fidelity, a cross-over investor. Bird, a scooter-sharing company, declined to comment.   However, it has raised over $400 million in venture capital funding. On June 12, 2019, it acquired Scoot (a San Francisco-based electric vehicle innovator and one of the most popular scooter apps) via a deal worth over $400 million. The deal's price is unknown. However, Scoot's last round raised $47 million. It was valued at $71 million.  


  Lime, an international company, offers the "ultimate escooter service." Logging onto the app will quickly track your location and point you in the right direction to the nearest docking station.   Lime's website states that its electric scooters can be purchased in London and Milton Keynes. Mancunians will also be able to use them in Salford City Region as the city has partnered up with Lime and the Department of Transport.   After London and Milton Keynes, Lime's Salford pilot trial is the third in the UK. The company is also more established in Europe than in the UK, with docking stations in 14 German cities.   Each Lime scooter costs 15p per minute and unlocks for PS1. To confirm that a ride has ended, users need to park the scooter at designated locations and take a photograph.   Lime partners with Uber to make it easy to locate scooters in your area using the Uber app.   Within a year, Lime received $335 million in funding from Uber & GV. These funds were used to expand operations, create new technologies and products for customers, and improve infrastructure and teams.   Lime began offering its services in Madrid, Spain (the capital) and Sydney (a suburb in Australia) by constantly raising funds to offer better competition to its rivals.   Lime raised $523 million through an oversubscribed round in November 2021. A small portion of the funds will be used to decarbonize the supply chain and provide highly sustainable scooters for users.  

Ride Your Way

  Spin was founded in 2016 by Derrick Ko and Euwyn Poon. Investors like Grishin Robotics and CRCM Ventures have also supported the company.   TechCrunch reports that the company raised $125 million via a blockchain-based security token offer (STO). Axios first wrote this, and TechCrunch also found out. It is currently one of the most popular electric scooter service providers.   Spin's stationless bike-sharing program was brought to South San Francisco last year. However, in January, the company revealed its stationless electric bikes. According to sources, it is now focusing exclusively on electric scooters. Another latest news report says that the Ford Motor Company acquired the company late last year. This spring, it may join Lime and Bird if East Lansing City Council creates regulations.   East Lansing City riders can use the Spin app to access the electric scooter service. This allows them to locate nearby scooters or books, and they can also request a ride.  

Goat – Dockless Scooter Hire

  GOAT, Austin's dockless escooter company, has been granted official permits by the city's transportation department to launch its pilot program. According to the spokesperson, the company will continue to partner with local municipalities to launch electric scooter services across the country.   The electric scooter-sharing system operator has not raised venture capital and has deployed only around 20 scooters in Austin. However, it does have a permit to transport up to 500. This start-up is not unlike its competitors, who have already sold 500 scooters on the streets.   The GOAT app also gives you instant access to dockless electric scooters in cities or on campus.  


  It is a well-known European ride-sharing company that provides services throughout Europe. Users can ride their electric bikes in traffic and arrive at their destination on time. This is for a fraction of the cost of car-sharing.   You can locate an electric scooter or bike and use the app to get from one place to another. Dott offers a range of attractive and comfortable vehicles that are both climate-friendly and convenient. Moreover, Dott provides service 24*7. It is, therefore, on our list of top electric scooter apps.   Dott's core mission is to provide clean rides for all. It offers affordable, accessible rides that reduce congestion and pollution. You can set an example for future generations by adopting electric cars.  
  • To locate a vehicle near you, use a map.
  • To unlock your vehicle, scan the QR code, and you're good to go.
  • You can choose a discount or a pass to save money on your ride.


  It's a unique shared-electric vehicle company that began its operations in San Francisco in 2012. Under a program started by SFMTA, the company could operate in San Francisco.   Scoot's new electric vehicle fleet is perfect for last-mile rides. Scoot scooters can be used for any purpose, including a date, weekend ride, or early morning ride. Scoot electric scooters can be taken anywhere and dropped wherever you want in the city.   Scoot also offers professional services for electric vehicles.   Scoot riders in San Francisco primarily aim to reduce carbon emissions and traffic that continuously impacts cities. Scoot riders from San Francisco claim to have prevented millions of pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.  
  • Find electric scooters in your area.
  • Use the QR code in the app to unlock the scooter
  • Pay using the preferred payment method


  Circ, a Berlin-based app-based scooter company, was founded in 2018. The company offers custom-built eScooter in seven countries. Circ allows you to use shared e-scooters throughout Europe. Circ helps you get to your destination quickly, whether you are going to class, work, or need fresh air.   There is no traffic or pollution, just you and the road. This simple, responsible mode of transportation will take care of all your needs. Circ works with universities, cities, and other organizations to develop an environmentally-friendly transportation option that can complement existing public transportation networks while reducing our dependence on automobiles.   The fleet of personal electric vehicles powered by electricity helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution, making cities more liveable.  

Skip Scooters App

  Boosted Board launched Skip in 2017 as an electric scooter-sharing company based in San Francisco. Boosted Board founded it in 2017. It provides scooter-sharing services in several American cities.   This company makes durable scooters. It provides instruction classes and integrates larger batteries. Before rolling the scooters, it also tests them in cities. Crunchbase reports that the company has raised $131million through six funding rounds.   Skip is a top-rated scooter app because it can locate scooters nearby.  
  • This app allows users to find nearby electric scooters.
  • This will enable you to reserve your ride in advance. They don't have to rush at the end.
  • The Skip app generates a QR code that unlocks the scooter and allows users to start their ride.
  • The scooter can be left on the sidewalk, and the user can stop riding by locking the lock or putting it on the dock.
  • You can pay for your ride using the most popular payment methods.


  This international brand of eScooter was co-founded by Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter. It can be found in all major UK cities.   Bolt's scooters are some of the most lightweight on the market. They weigh only 17kg and can travel 25 kilometers on one charge.   Bolt's app, the only one in Europe, offers ride-hailing and ebikes through a single brand. It stands out from its competitors because it offers a wide range of mobility options. All you need to access these options is one app.   The company is proud of its diligence and meticulousness. Before the official trial in London began, Millbrook, an independent vehicle testing agency, performed additional testing.   The unlock fee and the minute rate calculate an e-scooter ride cost. According to the website, Bolt scooters can be rented for 20p per hour for the first 10 minutes and then drop to 12p for each additional 10 minutes. A PS1 unlock fee is also charged.  


  The wind is another international brand of e-scooters. For Brits, however, Wind scooters can only be found in the above locations.   Nottingham residents and workers can rent an e-scooter from Wind for as low as €30 per month or up to €15,000 per year. The app also allows you to rent a daily scooter for as little as €30 per month. An e-scooter is available for 12p per minute.   Derby has 50 e-scooters that can be rented for monthly or long-term rentals. Derby's trial started in November 2020 and will continue through November 2021.   Wind and the council have taken a targeted approach to reducing theft and vandalism risk after an early ebike trial was abandoned with another provider in early 2020. The technology on the e-scooters means that they can only be used in certain areas. To ensure that the scooters are used properly, the operator can track them.   Key workers can sign up for long-term rentals at a reduced price. They can also take the e-scooter home for their exclusive use instead of leaving it in a restricted area.   Wind's greatest selling point is the inclusion of a helmet and hand sanitizer on some of their e-scooters. This is a great addition, especially given the current climate.   Wind's e-scooters cost PS1 to unlock and then 12p per hour. The price of the final scooter is determined by when it has been opened and then locked again via the app. To avoid overcharging, ensure you get on the app immediately after you are done.  


  Zwings, an e-scooter business, is keen to alleviate individuals' fears about e-scooters. It works closely with local communities and riders to provide education and safety through the app.   The Somerset e-scooter company collaborates closely with the police to ensure safety for both users and non-users. All scooters misused or used outside the designated "scoot" areas will be automatically turned off. Zwings can do this remotely in less than a minute.   The company continues to support the local community and meet the increasing demand for e-scooters. They have increased the number of parking spaces to make it easier to access scooters for residents and dispose of them after they are used.   Students at Keele University can rent Zwings electric scooters on campus in the trial led by Staffordshire County Council and the Department of Transport.   Renting a Zwings e-scooter costs $1 to unlock and then 15p per minute.  


  Voi, a Swedish company, operates throughout Europe. There are bases in the UK at the mentioned locations. More bases are on the way. The Department of Transport has given 21 licenses to the company to allow it to operate in cities and towns across the country.   The e-scooters can be dockless, so users can take them wherever they want. Voi scooters are designed to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Europe.   The company has introduced a new incentive to encourage safe riding. To prove that they are wearing a helmet, users can take a "helmet selfie" and earn loyalty points which can be converted into discounted rides later.   Voi's eScooter are available for €1 to unlock and 20p per minute. Unlimited daily and monthly passes are also available. A daily pass costs €9.99, and for a month, it costs €39.00.  

Must-Have Features for Escooter App Design

  The features added to the e-scooter application will affect the cost of development. These features are essential for a high-end, on-demand electric bicycle. This makes it highly user-friendly.  

Registration and On-boarding

  After logging in, registered users have immediate access to the app. The onboarding instructional feature allows your users to learn more about how the electric scooter works.   Integration Maps   Google Maps can be used to find if there are electric scooters or bikes within the local area. This function will allow users to find the fastest and most efficient route to reach their destination.  

Scanner for QR Codes

  You should add a QR code scanner to your electronic scooter app for the convenience of your customers. People can make their journeys as safe and enjoyable as possible by scanning QR codes. You can unlock or lock the electric scooter by scanning a QR Code.   Lime scans SDKs for iOS and Android when it comes to mobile devices.  

Payment System

  A payment-integrated system allows users to pay securely for their e-scooters. All payment methods are accepted, including Stripe and PayPal.  

Tracking Device using GPS

  Real-time location data can be used to track electric scooters. This functionality makes it easier to track scooters and collect damaged ones.  

Advanced Locks

  To unlock scooters using QR codes, add an IoT-enabled lock system. To make the scooters work, microcontrollers should be integrated.  


  This functionality makes it possible to track rides. Only by collecting ride statistics can you evaluate the effectiveness of customer rides.  


  Clients can reserve an electric scooter by including a booking system. It is also essential that users are allowed to book an electric scooter for their family members, friends, and distant cousins.  

Integration of Social Media

  Integration of social media accounts is one of the best ways to engage users and users bases. This functionality allows individuals to share details and emotions about their journeys with family and friends.  

Push Notifications

  Push notifications are an asset for every app. Push notifications are a great way to notify your customers about sales and promotions.  

Factors Affecting the Development Cost of Scooter Apps

  After evaluating all major components that impact the cost of eScooter application development, we have reached a point where we can offer you the value to help you.   Here are some additional factors that can impact the mobile app development cost.  

Backend Development

  On-demand app developers have two choices when designing an application backend: Monolithic and Microservices. The project's size and scalability requirements ultimately determine which option to choose. If both are high, microservices will be the best option. Otherwise, monolithic will be.   Microservices can be used to increase the eScooter app developer expenses instantly.  

Development Platform

  A simple formula can be used to determine the cost of developing an electric scooter app like Bird. The same rule applies when it comes down to the cost of development. The cost of IoT projects is prohibitively expensive. If you add multiple platforms to the mix, your overall eScooter app developer cost will only rise.  


  Costs for developing an app vary depending on the complexity and number of features you wish to include. It would be cheaper to create an MVP with basic features than to develop a fully-featured app. Users can give feedback, and you can add more features later.  


  We have already stated that the location of your partner app development company significantly impacts the price of electric scooter app creation. The cost of an eScooter mobile app development company based in eastern countries will be lower than that in western countries.   You can expect to pay approximately $35,000 for the entire escooter app development based on the $30 hourly rate of the app developer (taking into global account averages).  

Time Required for Development of Scooter Apps

  The features added to the e-scooter application will impact the cost of development.  


  Registration is required to manage your profile in the e-scooter rental app. This allows for better analytics to track who rented the electric scooter. It took 40 to 60 hours to complete the design, backend, and front.  

Barcode Scanning

  Riders can use the app to unlock their ebikes by scanning their barcodes. Design, front, and backend are the three components that go into adding the barcode feature. It takes between 50 and 80 hours to create barcode scanning.  

Vendor Registration

  Third-party sellers can register their bikes and profiles through the app. It takes approximately 65 hours to add such a feature to the electric scooter app. This page is essential for the e-scooter application.  

Shopping Carts Functionality

  The e-bike app has a shopping cart that users can use. They can then purchase accessories according to their requirements. From designing the cart to add it to the backend and front end, it takes over 90 hours.  

Subscription & Rental Services

  Online rental portals need a feature that allows users to get a subscription. The subscription model will enable them to book rides and pay for them. This feature type requires 80-90 hours of design and front and backend work.  

Push Notifications

  Push remainders allow customers to receive updates about payment and bike booking. This feature requires that you spend 75 to 90 hours designing and developing the app.  

Payment Gateway Channel

  It is the most fundamental feature that every e-bike rental app should have. This is necessary to make sure that payments are received on time. It takes around 40 hours to design and develop a payment gateway channel. This involves creating both front and back-end processes.  

Ride Analysis

Riders need statistics about average speed, current speed, and calories burned. It takes approximately 15 hours to develop ride analysis features. 15 hours.  

Parking Slot Location

  E-bike riders need to know where their bikes can be parked. It takes approximately 55 hours to develop the feature that allows one to track available parking spaces.  


  The e-scooter app should be open to feedback. Users can share their experiences with developers. This feature is added to the e-bike application approximately. 20 hours.   It will take approximately 1 to 2 months to add all the features listed above to your e-bike application. You may need to make other modifications, which increases the timeframe.  

The Key Takeaway

  You must have seen the above e-scooter apps to understand that electric scooter start-ups are growing in popularity. Venture capitalists invest in these start-ups all the time. This indicates that this industry still has a lot of potential for entrepreneurs and start-ups to partner with app development companies to set their foot in this industry.   As you know, electric scooter-sharing start-ups are expanding rapidly, just like the ride-hailing industry. Many investors are interested in electric scooter start-ups and are investing large sums of money. There is still much room for entrepreneurs and start-ups who want to get into the electric scooter market to create a rental app.