Top Marijuana Apps Like Leafly Best Weed Apps 2023

January 13, 2023 | Blog
According to IBISWorld, marijuana has grown rapidly in America due to growing acceptance. The market for recreational and medical marijuana is worth more than $8 billion. So this is a great time to invest in weed apps on Android and iOS, such as Leafly and PotBot.   This blog is for entrepreneurs and owners of medical marijuana dispensaries. We are a top-rated company that develops cannabis delivery apps on demand. This blog will help you understand the key aspects of developing your app.   Marijuana Apps

What is a Marijuana App?

  Marijuana apps work just like any other app. They are designed to make life easier. These apps allow you to learn more about marijuana and its effects on your body. Apps also allow users to find licensed cannabis distributors.   The prices of each strain are discounted on certain apps. Additionally, the apps offer delivery services. Like food delivery apps, weed app also offers information, delivery, and location services. However, it is important to note that these delivery services only work in the United States.  

Operational and Legal Sides for Marijuana Apps

  The USA's cannabis industry is still fragmented. A single standard does not govern it. Different states follow different regulations, which means that the business relationship with the customer base is not managed well. In addition, social distance norms have been enforced by the pandemic, which has forced most people to stay indoors.   These circumstances have led to on-demand delivery companies selling like hotcakes. Cannabis app delivery companies have operated parallel to other commercial home goods, food, and space.   Every state has a different approach to cannabis regulations. Washington, Alaska, and other states have relaxed on the grey market, which allows for the delivery of cannabis gifts. Pennsylvania is also a beneficiary of these loose regulations.   They created a fast delivery system to regularize cannabis use and delivery and ensure compliance with pandemic regulations. These developments show that governing bodies are considering licensing structures. However, it is also important to make such changes because of the market demand.  

Top Marijuana Applications Like Leafly in 2023

  Before you decide to create a Leafly-like app or develop an alternative Leafly app to make a profit in this rapidly growing market, it is important to understand the app development cost. These are the top marijuana and cannabis apps on the market.  


  This is a search engine for medical marijuana. PotBotics created it. PotBotics, a New York City-based data aggregation technology company, is the creator of this app. This app provides personalized guidance to help users choose the best medical Marijuana for them.   This app is great for patients who want to use cannabis for its therapeutic benefits. The app's information and guidance are supported by the most recent research and user-generated feedback using advanced artificial intelligence technology.  
  • It is easy to use, even for beginners, because it walks users through complex marijuana buying processes.
  • It provides personalized recommendations for Marijuana. It provides specific recommendations on the best strains and cannabinoid levels and how to consume them. Each suggestion is customized to the individual's medical needs.
  • The app validates cannabis and cannabinoid-based treatments & therapies by using state-of-the-art medical equipment and devices. The app's database collects the data and provides users with tailored guidance.


  Eaze, a mobile application for medical cannabis delivery, is well-known for connecting licensed dispensaries to verified users. In addition, it is well known for offering delivery services in compliance with all applicable state and local regulations. Leafly is another website.   This weed app has many features.  
  • Check out the most recent items and lifestyle information
  • Track the location and get the product delivered to your doorstep within a specified time frame
  • Use Google Payments or any other e-wallet to pay online
  • Find the most recent news about cannabis edibles and other related information.
  • Track your orders in real time and see the estimated arrival time


  Weedmaps is the app that has been a strong competitor to Leafly. Weedmaps, established in 2008 in California, is older than Leafly. The application is actively de-stigmatizing marijuana and wants to capitalize on the pot industry to make it more accessible. The company opened a weed museum measuring approximately 30,000 square feet. It explains the history and historical significance of marijuana.  
  • Weedmaps offers features that enable users to find out about the different types of marijuana available.
  • You can also locate the closest weed dispensary using the app.
  Due to restrictions placed by different operating systems on app stores, the application does not allow users to order marijuana. However, the website allows users to select the marijuana strain they want and have it delivered to their homes. In addition, it is a very user-friendly app that provides a pleasant user experience.  

High There

  High is the most cannabis-related social media network. The site was created to be cannabis-related, Facebook or Instagram. It is full of budding users, experts, and enthusiasts who share cannabis videos, images, and advice. It's well worth the effort for the connections.  
  • By sharing photos, advice, stories, and other information, you can connect with almost a million cannabis enthusiasts, growers, fans, and cultivators.
  • You can share your cannabis-related content directly to your feed. This allows others to comment, like, follow, and comment on your content, as well as positive feedback and recommendations.
  • This app is essential if you want to be part of an expanding online cannabis community.


  It is well-known that this app meets all requirements for retail cannabis users. The app allows dispensaries and retail cannabis shops to advertise on the platform. Retail Marijuana shops can create brand awareness among their target customers using this platform.   It allows users to search nearby dispensary centers and products. Users can create a Duby to let others pass it, try it out or find weed strains right from their phones.  


  Vana, also known as Weedmaps or Leafly's little brother, is a popular cannabis app. The company was once known as Muncheez but changed its name in 2020. It offers cannabis education, locators for cannabis/CBD stores, and detailed guidance about cannabis brands across the United States. If the larger cannabis apps don't do enough for you, this app is worth downloading and trying.  
  • It is simple and easy to navigate. This is a great tool for beginners.
  • Cannabis + CBD store locator. Find locations and menus in your area.
  • Information, news, and education about cannabis. Legislation, legalization, research, etc.
  • Coupons and discounts to help you save money on your next cannabis product, strain, or brand.
  • Regular newsletters with the most recent cannabis deals in your region.


  This app is a great example of a cannabis app different from many others on the market. The app is often described as a THC Testing & Cannabis Grow Assistant. It allows you to test your cannabis and receive advice on how to grow it.  
  • The app is simple to use and straightforward. Users can take three photos of Cannabis flowers, then upload them on the app. The app then provides a detailed and accurate analysis of the THC levels.
  • HiGrade stores all of the results for future reference. It is now easier to identify which cannabis flower is the best for a user. HiGrade app offers Marijuana Growing Assistance specific to the plants being grown. This helps users achieve their best results with minimal guesswork.
  • HiGrade Scope is a way to get the best out of Hi-Grade. This additional phone camera attachment allows users to take high-resolution pictures of cannabis flowers. It will allow for better and more precise testing.

High Tide

  High Tide provides high-quality cannabis products at a premium price. High Tide makes it easy to order cannabis products securely rather than looking for illegal weed apps. They offer the best customer service in the industry with their friendly and professional approach.   California fully licenses high Tide to supply cannabis for medical and recreational use. High Tide products have been lab tested for purity and potency. The company offers rewards and discounts to make cannabis delivery easy and fun.   High Tide's top features are:  
  • Tracking orders in real-time
  • Only pay for your order when you receive delivery
  • You can order products from our website or mobile app.
  • When buying a product, you can choose to use it for recreational or medical purposes.


  Nature's Dream Inc created Cannacopia to fulfill a vision. After asking the user what they want, the application will provide strains that match their needs. This year's update to the app will launch. It will allow users to search for weed according to how they want it consumed.  
  • The application also makes great efforts to inform users about the different types of marijuana strains.
  • It also discusses technical aspects such as dosage and usage methods and how they affect the experience.
  • Many blogs provide information on marijuana use and other weed-related issues. These include the cost of marijuana, how it differs from legal weed, and many more.
  Although the application is still relatively new, it is a strong competitor to Weedmaps and Leafly. This app is unique because of its user-friendly interface, user experience, and the effort that was put into making sure users are taken care of.  

Greenery Map

  Greenery Map is one of the most innovative and intelligent marijuana apps on the market. Dan Ishani founded the application. It has a personal story. Dan's family member was diagnosed with colitis. After doing some research, he discovered the potential health benefits of marijuana. Unfortunately, the fact that there is not much information on marijuana and its medical effects means that many people don't have the information they need.   The Greenery Map was born. The application is unique in recognizing medical symptoms, needs, and consumption modes. After that, they recommend the strain that will best help you. The company is committed to ensuring the well-being and health of all its users.   This emotional application can be used by people who want that assurance. Greenery Map will eventually compete with Leafly.  

Are Weed Delivery Apps Legal in Europe, Asia, and the USA?

  It is not yet the norm in the U.S. fragmented cannabis market. Moreover, because of state regulations, consumer-business relationships are strained.   Social distancing is encouraged everywhere due to the coronavirus pandemic. People are now required to remain at home. The delivery of cannabis has been a major topic in the cannabis industry.   Parallel to other commercial spaces, such as food and home goods, cannabis delivery is also taking place. Cannabis delivery is now a preferred domain.   These regulations allow for cannabis delivery. Delivery of marijuana is possible through a retail license or a specific delivery license:  
  • Arizona,
  • Arkansas,
  • California,
  • Colorado,
  • Maine,
  • Maryland,
  • Massachusetts,
  • Michigan,
  • Nevada,
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Oregon,
  • Rhode Island
  • Thailand
  • Vermont
  Massachusetts is an example. The city is on the verge of passing its new delivery regulations.   Some states, like Washington and Alaska, have allowed gray-market approaches. A loose regulatory language allows for the delivery of cannabis "gifts." For example, in Pennsylvania, a quick delivery system was established. This was done to allow for the inevitable backstepping of the pandemic.   Each state has a different approach. There is a clear desire to create a licensing system. It is important to consider all market demands.  

How Much Will it Cost to Develop an App Like Leafly?

  It isn't easy to estimate the cost of a multi-dimensional feature-rich app because there are so many variables. Each feature adds dimension to the development process and costs.   App development costs are also affected by the experience of mobile app development companies you hire, app functionality, technological stack, and other factors.   Your app should be easy to use. The consumer is the most important part of this process. Software addiction will increase your company's sales. Let's say they have easy access to your platform. The consumer will choose what they want and add it to their shopping basket. Your consumer will be satisfied after a successful purchase. You have made a sale.   According to several mobile app development companies, a cannabis delivery app can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000. However, with consulting professionals, it is possible to estimate the exact cost of a mobile app.   Each app development company has its price structure, so that final estimates will be highly dependent upon the following factors. Therefore, before you proceed, it is important to understand the impact of each element on the cost of cannabis delivery app design.  

Business Models for Marijuana Apps

  There are three types of business models.  

Delivery Partnership

  Your job in this business model is that of a delivery partner. Therefore, it is important to be in harmony with dispensaries. This will allow seamless delivery when the client makes a request. For each transaction, you can charge a commission.  

Executive Outlet Model

  Attracting clients is easy with the executive outlet model. This model can help a shop attract new customers. Your platform will display any request made by a client through the store's app. You can also offer delivery specialists. This will give you an advantage over your competitors.  

Aggregator Model

  You are the main point of contact between clients and dispensaries. Your task is to grab one spot for each player. Users can search the dispensaries catalog in an aggregator model application. They can also submit an in-app inquiry. This request will be reflected in the dashboard of the dispensary.  

How to Create an App Similar to Leafly?

  You can develop a successful cannabis delivery app by following these five steps. These are the steps you can follow to build your project. It's safe to say that setting up a marijuana delivery service is easy.   Analyze your Market and the Legalities   You should check to see if your market allows you to trade cannabis. Legalized Marijuana looks bright for the future. However, there are many restrictions on the use of this plant. You should therefore be aware of all legal aspects. This means obtaining all necessary permits and licenses from the administration.   You should also research the needs of your target market. For example, trying and fend off flies online is not a good idea.  

Strategy on the Business & Revenue Plan

  There are many options for your business plan. There are three business models: the delivery executive, the retail outlet, or the aggregator framework. The one that best suits your business is up to you. Of course, you can also create the most profitable revenue plan yourself.  

Raising Capital

Outstanding resources and tools are essential to building a great business empire. Everything, from operations to technology pillars. In the early stages of your ideation, pitching to investors is a good idea. Once your prototype (working model) is complete, you can connect with interested investors and firms to raise funds. To do this, you must have a detailed revenue and business plan. You will also need a very impressive prototype.  

App Development

  App development is a must for any business. This is a key component of your business plan.  
  • Before you meet with a professional, make sure to document your ideas. Tell them about the expected results.
  • Brainstorming is key before you wireframe and finalize the prototype.
  • For all possible uses, test the prototype. You must take into account all possible outcomes. It is possible to get reviews from business partners and consultants. This is a crucial step to take to avoid future iterations.
  • You can build a social presence on social media platforms to engage more people. This would serve as a teaser for the application's launch. It is possible to collect customer insights and integrate them. It is possible to do this in the development phase.
  • Post-app development, the testing phase is an important part. This phase is also where the testing or development team is involved. Each use case is thoroughly tested to eliminate bugs and lags.
  • After you have launched, continue to improve the user experience and analyze metrics. You can go through the feedback to make important updates and improvements to your app.

Managing App

After your app is launched, you can begin to manage your app. You can also use different analytical tools to improve your app's performance. These updates can be implemented in the future.  

Productivity Boost (Updates)

  Productivity is a key aspect of managing such a project. Therefore, every pillar in your structure must be strong, from the ordering function to delivery.  
  • No hassle GPS Tracking
  • Instant notifications
  • Transactions in a matter of minutes
  • Refunds
  All features must be easy to use and not clunky.   To keep up with the evolving on-demand economy, you can acquire new tools and resources to help your service evolve.  

Features to Include in Your Marijuana App Development

  Your development skills allow you to add many advanced features to your Cannabis delivery app. However, you must include some essential features for user interaction and proper functioning. These features are briefly discussed.  

Features in the User App

  • Track your order live
  • Status of your order
  • Registration/Login
  • You can reach your goals effortlessly
  • Search for a doctor
  • Prescription upload
  • Selection of stores
  • View the profile of a pharmacy
  • Smart search
  • Information about usage
  • Sorting/filtering of items
  • Cart
  • Upload your identity proof
  • Instructions for special orders
  • Schedule delivery
  • Options for payment
  • History of orders
  • Re-order
  • Ratings and reviews (for driver and store)

Features for the Dispensary Panel

  • Upload Strains (with photos)
  • Stock availability
  • Driver location
  • Contact the driver
  • Download User ID
  • Download Driver ID
  • In-app customer contact
  • Specific requests can be ordered
  • Earnings
  • History of orders
  • Rewarding customers with discounts
  • Invoice generation

Driver App

  • Registration/Login
  • Upload documents
  • Profile verification status
  • Status of availability
  • Instant notifications
  • Upload your invoice
  • Navigation to store or user
  • In-app calling/texting
  • Security: Phone number masking
  • History of orders
  • Earnings
  • Status of delivery

Features in the Admin App

  • Driver management
  • Management of dispensaries
  • Profile verification
  • Users, dispensaries, and drivers can view complete order history
  • Support channelling
  • Manual order allocation
  • Push notifications for emergencies
  • Contacts for every user, restaurant, and driver
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Marketing tools
  • Performance monitoring
  • Revenue Management
  • Listing management

User Authentication

  Each user will need to provide basic information about themselves and then enter login credentials that will be added to your database. These credentials are useful for logging in to the app.  

Search Bar

  Advanced search options must be available within the app interface to facilitate product search. For example, this feature allows users to search for the closest marijuana dealer or preferred cannabis type.  

Payment Options

  Flexible payment options are important to modern on-demand customers. Make sure you include all necessary payment gateways in your app.  

Tracking Delivery in Real-Time

  After users have placed orders and made necessary payments, they should be able to see their delivery location at any given moment. This can be achieved by integrating GPS functionality and real-time maps into your app interface.  

Feedback and Reviews

  A review portal is essential for any business that wants to grow. A portal must be available for users to leave reviews on the services and products offered by your cannabis delivery app. To build a strong customer relationship, you can take the time to answer their questions and provide feedback. Reviews and ratings are essential in growing and maintaining your customer base. As a result, your potential customers will refer to them.  


  Give your users an email address, so they know who to contact if they have any issues with the app. This could help solve any questions that your app doesn't address. In addition, your app's customers will be happier if they have a contact person.  

The Key Takeaway

  Cannabis is still stigmatized and often ignored by the general public. However, as the days go by, more efforts are being made to improve the reputation of this herb. Marijuana is not as dangerous as it seems and has many medicinal benefits.   These apps are crucial in ensuring the safety of both the sellers and users and ensuring that the entire process is legal. They also reduce the risk of people using harmful, chemically-stimulated cannabis products. These apps are the torchbearers for a cannabis-friendly future.