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You have a revolutionary idea that could change people and create a profound impact on the lives of users. You are done with all the planning and have got a business plan with detailed analysis and market validation. However, things are not as easy. When it comes to a mobile application, bringing your idea to life is the real challenge. It is a daunting task to hire a mobile app developer who could transform your idea into an app.

The process of identifying iOS or Android developers can be even more difficult due to the cut-throat competition, as businesses across diverse industries undergo a digital transformation. Remote mobile app developers provide enterprises with the much-needed flexibility to overcome technical challenges. Every company has access to a large pool of talent, comprising a skilled developer. It is crucial to hire a developer based on the nature of the project and the expertise required.

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The tumultuous experience of COVID-19 has put the focus back on remote developers as well as new working models to ensure business continuity and greater flexibility. Often blemished with misconceptions, the remote developer or dedicated offshore developer model proved to be a strategic move to ensure service delivery and minimum disruption to the operations. Dedicated or remote developers helped large enterprises, as well as startups, attain business goals.

If you are seeking to hire an iPhone developer or Android app specialist, this blog will help you navigate the process which is often riddled with confusion and complexity. Our blog is aimed at essential steps to consider to hire a mobile app developer. It will highlight the crucial aspects of development, as well as consideration of different elements that will play a critical role.

Steps to build your mobile app:

  • Check and finetune your idea and validate your objectives and goals
  • Define the looks and app flow for navigation
  • Hire an iOS developer or Android developer
  • Kickstart your development lifecycle
  • Publish in App Store or Google Playstore

Hiring a Freelancer

In several cases, hiring a freelancer requires managing the project and guiding the developer. Over the entire mobile app development process, several issues are likely to arise and decisions that have to be made. Hiring a mobile app developer does not mean that the developer has a magic wand. You will have to guide the developer on designing, testing and other aspects of mobile app development.

Hiring a freelancer might require constant communication. It requires checking to confirm any freelancer is meeting project deadlines and milestones based on the nature of the app. You might not have the time to mentor or supervise freelancers if you’re already managing a growing business and want to focus on business development or client acquisition.

Mobile App Development Company

If Option 1 sounded a bit complex, then this option might work well, partnering with mobile app development companies can be a solution. There are several advantages, such as development companies have a team of developers for different technologies, as well as UI/UX specialists. They free you from the worries of Mobile App Developer and getting hands-on with project management.

While slightly expensive compared to the freelancer route, you can reduce the risk of your project going off track. There are small app development agencies as well as large companies across the globe, offering expert Mobile App Developer for hire.


Tips to Hire a Mobile App Developer

You have your app idea. But what next? Whether you opt to hire a freelancer or partner with a mobile app development company, here are some tips to help you identify Mobile App Developer for your project.


Create a Developer Persona based on Project Requirements

It is important to understand your project requirements to identify the right talent. Whether your app project is a short-term project requiring troubleshooting or maintenance or a long-term project with a consistent workflow.

If you are looking to hire ios or Android developers for short-term projects or roles, it is important to provide all details such as technical specifications. This might prove to be an excellent time to vet developers based on technical screening questions or questions related to their availability.

It is equally essential to provide reasons to persuade developers to work with your organization. After all, it is a highly competitive world, and alluring top talent can be a challenge. Remember, Mobile App Developer with an understanding of your business goals and company mission can help you build innovative apps.


Gauge Soft Skills

Undoubtedly, technical skills should be on top of the priority list. However, soft skills can play a crucial role in the long run. In fact, communication skills can play the role of a key differentiator among candidates with a similar technical background in terms of experience and education. Distributed team members often require communication and time management skills.

Soft skills can play an essential role in project collaboration involving multiple members. Communication can help salvage the situation during project escalations. Immediately upon hiring remote developers, set expectations right, and clarify goals right from the word go. This will help nurture and grow a healthy working relationship with distributed development teams working from offshore locations. Never ignore soft skills during the phase of interviews.

Technical Background for Mobile App Developer 

Hire Android App Developer

  • Background in Android programming languages ​​such as Kotlin, Java
  • Experience in open-source libraries and environment
  • Experience of Android NDK models and architecture – MVP, MVVM
  • Background managing and working with the latest version of Android OS and API
  • Google Play App store submission guidelines
  • Android app testing and troubleshooting
  • Create an Android app for the fragmented ecosystem


iOS App Developer

  • Background in ​​iOS programming languages such as Swift, Objective-C
  • Expertise in IDE, REST / JSON / XML standards; MVP, MVVM architecture models
  • iOS applications published on Apple Store guidelines
  • Good app testing and debugging skills
  • Knowledge of business goals and the user experience is plus 

Proactive approach & Self Starters

Self-starters are the key element for success. Remote developers require a proactive approach and the zeal to complete tasks with minimum supervision. During the interview, it is vital to inquire about the candidate’s ability related to work management, time management, as well as the ability to handle challenges and take initiative.


Remember selecting a skilled android or iPhone app developer with technical expertise and business acumen can help you take a leap ahead in the highly competitive app development world.


Author bio:

Albert Smith is a digital marketing manager with Hidden Brains, a leading enterprise web & mobile app development company specializing in mobile & web applications, IoT, cloud, and big data services. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups, and large enterprises build their brand.

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