Templates for Employment Contracts & Offer Letters in 2023

November 30, 2022 | Blog
  Electronic document signatures have become more popular in recent years. This technology simplifies the process and gives the HR department a competitive edge. It also helps them save time, improve their efficiency, and manage remote teams better. They can sign new employment contracts and save records to the cloud using this digital format. This will also streamline on-boarding.   But, can digital signatures be legally binding? Is it possible to guarantee document security? How about the identity of those who sign the documents?   employment contracts templates  

Are Digitally Signed Employment Contracts Legal?

  The legal situation is an important aspect to be aware of when signing this type of signature. This is enforced by European Union Regulation No 910/2014, 23 July 2014. It covers electronic identification and trust services in electronic transactions within the internal market. It is also known as eIDAS, and repeals Directive 1999/93/EC.   This regulation clarifies that electronic signature free of all types - basic, advanced (with biometric or digital certification), and qualified - can be legally valid.   It also determines the legal framework for electronic signings in the European Union. It also regulates things known as trust services. These include establishing seals or time stamps for electronic documents, certificate services for website authentication, registered email delivery, and certified email.   The Electronic Communications Act in the UK made electronic signatures legal. It was passed in 2000. This Act was repealed by the eIDAS regulations. In 2020, the UK Government officially recognized that electronic signatures on contracts were legally valid and legal without further legislation.  

What Legislation Affects Digital Signatures in Employment Contracts?

  An electronic signature on employment contracts has the same legal effect as any other document in the UK or the EU. A digital signature suffices as long as the legislator doesn't require any other methods to validate the contract.   This is not just for employment contracts, but any other document used in the Human Resources department.  

Why Should You Use Electronic Signatures in HR?

  Managers of Human Resources can use eSignature app to support a variety of reasons.   Processes can be streamlined by eliminating the need to send postal correspondence.  
  • Cloud storage for secure records
  • Remote management of the signing of employment contracts or other documents.
  • Digital tracking of signature status
  • To make it easier to recruit, such as on-boarding and off-boarding.
  • To simplify and save time.

Benefits of Switching to Digital Employment Contracts

  Both employers and employees need to be protected by employment contracts.   It can help employees in ways that increase their security and protect the employer's trade secrets and rights.   As companies try to stay current with business trends, many employment contracts are becoming digital. In recent years, business solutions have heavily relied on technological innovations and digital system. It's also the same for employment contracts.   Companies are also switching to paperless processes to reduce waste, protect the environment, and remain competitive in their industries.   Find out more about the benefits of digital employment contracts.  

Shorter Turnaround Time  

  Businesses value their time and want to increase productivity. This is one of many advantages of digital employment contracts. It's easy to see the time savings that digital contracts will make over traditional ones.   You are likely familiar with the time it takes to create a standard contract if you work in human resource. The contract must be reviewed and approved by all key personnel within your company before they can sign it. You may need to contact the employer to adjust their schedule so that they can sign the contract.   It takes time to create a contract and print a copy. You also have to consider the waiting times and availability of those who will need to sign the document. This results in even more wasted time.   To obtain the contract, the employee will need to visit your office and request time to read it. Your office will have to wait for the document to be returned after it has been reviewed and then finally, with the physical signature.   Digital employment contracts can save you a lot of time. Both employees and employers can sign the contract and immediately send it to the other party. You can offer them the option of an electronic signature. They won't need to visit your office.   You may be required to verify that the contract is signed by the CEO or head of the company. Digital contracts allow you to expedite transactions and verify documents instantly. The digital contracts also allow new employees to start work immediately after they are signed.  

Streamlines The Hiring Process

  Paper-based processes are slow. Technology can help. You can use guided forms and provisioned services to increase productivity and reduce manual labor. Digital employment contracts can be drafted using templates that are easy to modify and review.   Recruitment can also seem like a race for any hiring manager or HR professional. You must do more to ensure your industry remains competitive for the best talent and that you acquire them faster. If your contracts are made in a traditional way, you may not be able succeed.   The likelihood of the person being transferred to another company increases if you have their contracts in place. Businesses can learn some tips to hire highly-skilled employees. One tip is to quickly draft the best offer.   Digital employment contracts make it easy to create a proposal. It'll take you less time and be easier. After the contract has been signed, you will have qualified candidates to fill your job vacancies.  

Provides Flexible Ways to Sign  

  Before a paper contract can be signed, it must first be printed. These contracts could be at risk if they are not printed before an authorized person can sign them. Digital employment contracts are different.   Soft copies of the documents will be sent, which will require eSignatures. Third-party software such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word is required to add the signer's signature. The files are digital and can be saved in a variety of formats depending on the preference of HR.   A password system, on the other hand can provide additional privacy and protection. To get user approval, you can allow embedded signing to be enabled in your website or app. It allows users to approve faster because they don't need to upload, send and sign individually via email.  

Eliminates Paper Waste 

  Particularly for certain transactions, digital employment contracts can be more ethically advantageous. Some contracts will need to be customized, such as adding clauses specific for contract employees. Imagine how much paper you will waste if you don't print the correct files or make new terms.   This is not eco-friendly and will only increase the amount of waste in the landfill. Digital contracts are a better way to sign documents and reduce waste. Employees and higher management can sign digital contracts from anywhere and anytime. The digital process can make your office paperless and have long-lasting benefits.  

Easy Access  

  You only need internet connectivity to access digital employment contracts. You can access all information even if you aren't in the office. Both employees and businesses get better support.   The HR department is often busy taking care of many tasks and concerns for the workforce and training. Sometimes, they may need to travel for face-to-face meetings or workshops.   Some employees may want to know more about the contract they have renewed. If your company still uses physical documentation, this will not be possible. You can, however, access these files anywhere with digital employment contracts.   You can also eliminate tedious filing tasks with electronic employment contracts. Cloud services and software allow you to store all your files in one location, making it much easier to find a particular document. You can also access an employee's records from anywhere.  

Sign Employment Contracts and Offer Letters with eSignly in 2023

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Industry Regulations and Compliance

  Electronic signatures can be legally binding. eSignly ensures compliance with US and EU eSignature laws at the highest level and enforces industry-specific regulations.  

Stamp Offer Letter Template Digital Signature, Faster than Ever

  eSignly offers a digital stamp offer letter template in your eSignature solution that allows you to sign agreements immediately and improves document workflows.  

Useful eSignature extensions

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Best Practices When Writing an Offer Letter or Employee Contract

  It is a good idea not to rush to this point. Contracts are there to clarify the terms and guide you in resolving disputes if one of the parties believes that the agreement was not honored.   It is also important to pay attention to details in both an offer letter or a contract. Although people don't usually enter into agreements in anticipation of litigation, it is a good idea for documentation to be well-defined and free from errors.  

Check your Local Requirements for Offer Letters

  Some states have very specific requirements regarding what information must be included in offer letters. To ensure compliance with local laws, make sure you search for requirements in your state.  

Be Precise 

  A lack of precision is perhaps the biggest mistake when drafting any type of agreement. It can range from vague language to omitting entire sections. The contract may have to be honored even if it is not completed satisfactorily if it is not clear and can reasonably be seen as having multiple interpretations.   Although it is not common for every duty to be detailed, the contract should clearly state that the work will take place for the company as well as who will assign the work.  

Avoid Confusion Between an Offer Letter and a Contract

  The main danger with an offer letter is that the text reads like a contract or does not indicate that it is one. Employers may face legal and financial risks if an employee claims that the offer letter contained promises that were not fulfilled.   Make sure you clarify that the offer letter does not constitute a contract and that the employee agrees to at-will employment. Avoid any language that could be considered a guarantee.  

Give Yourself Time to do it Right

  It is not difficult to take time to prepare an offer letter or employment agreement. This process can take several hours, or even days. Drafting a contract can be rushed if it is not completed before the verbal offer has been made. If it takes too much time to draft, your new hire might lose interest in the job or find work elsewhere while they wait for their official paperwork.   You will be able to create a better document if you give yourself enough time.  

The Key Takeaway

  A template can be created from your eSignature solution to help you make a written proposal. The template can be automatically filled with data, so you can rest assured that your boilerplate text is legal.   eSignly Template makes it simple to send your document to eSignature. It automates the process for distributing final copies and digitally stores the document with eSignly’s full suite digital and physical security.