Software Development Outsourcing to Argentina Guide 2022

September 15, 2022 | Blog
Currently, Argentina is a significant participant in the world of software development outsourcing. It is a hot technology hub with hundreds of IT companies. According to the latest Netherlands Enterprise Agency report, around 3800 companies are working within the Argentinian software industry, including international brands and an increasing number of local companies.   Indeed, the Argentina IT industry might not be the most booming in the world. Still, it has the potential to provide many benefits to businesses looking for high-quality software development outsourcing services. It's no surprise that businesses all over the globe are not scared to outsource mobile app development as well as web app development from a remote country.   If you decide to outsource to Argentina, you can count on excellent services, fair rates, and top-quality customer service. Additionally, outsourcing companies operating in Argentina are staffed with excellent developers with amazing technical expertise.   software development outsourcing  

What is Software Development Outsourcing?

  As you're probably aware, outsourcing is delegating the responsibility for software development to an individual team of software developers or an outside company. There are various benefits, but the most significant is that it lets you access a pool of competent software developers with years of experience and knowledge that might not be in your company.   Furthermore, software development outsourcing  can save companies a substantial amount of time and money. It also frees workers to focus on other tasks associated with the primary business. In addition, when you use an in-house software developer or software team, you can be sure that the most up-to-date technology solutions are accessible for your project. In addition, for many companies outsourcing teams can be a helpful extension of the company, often viewed more as an IT supplier than a supplier.  

Top Software Outsourcing Models for Businesses

  The business model of software outsourcing is the method you use to collaborate with a supplier, and this is a glimpse of the three most popular models of outsourcing software:  

Project-Based Model

  You contract an outsourcing company for software to complete the work already set out and clearly defined.  

Out Staffing Model

  Sometimes software development outsourcing will require the hiring of some additional experts. You are free to employ individuals or staff to handle that work area.  

Dedicated Team Model

  You recruit a team and determine the project's scope as a team effort. In contrast to the project-based model, dedicated teams are more active in your project.  

Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing Companies from Argentina

  Outsourcing is a fantastic alternative for companies looking to reach their goals in digital transformation while reducing risk and maintaining the cost-effectiveness of their approach. Increasing numbers of U.S. businesses are beginning to consider these benefits.   In the following paragraphs, we've highlighted the other advantages of outsourcing to Argentina based company.  

Better Results and Greater Efficiency

  Another exciting benefit you can enjoy by hiring an outsourcing technology company is the production of superior outcomes. Suppose you contract this IT service to an organization specialized in this field. In that case, you'll have an entire team focused on completing your project using agile methods to complete the project in a shorter amount of time.   But, this isn't a problem for well-organized IT outsourcing companies. Because they have multiple clients, they can have a larger staff and are capable of investing in staff who have different backgrounds and specialties.  

Cultural Similarities

  One thing is that working with those with whom you share a common culture is much easier. Take a look, and you'll find that most people with unsatisfactory software development outsourcing experiences had different cultural backgrounds.   A cultural difference could cause conflicting ideas about ethical work. This can be detrimental to efficiency and productivity.  

Increases Scalability

  Sometimes you think you require additional resources at the beginning of project development, or you're required to incorporate the latest features into an application. This is a common occurrence regardless of the software you build. Doing everything in-house can cost you lots of cash.  

Tips to Consider for Software Development Outsourcing From Argentina

  Argentina is making an impressive step into the international market. Despite having an illustrious history of conflict and turmoil, major cities such as Buenos Aires and Cordoba have developed. They have become economic centers for the nation. They have the tools and infrastructure required to create software that crosses international boundaries. Additionally, Argentina has spent significant money on education over the years.  

Choose the Outsourcing Provider Wisely

  Your software's quality relies on the performance of the outsourcing company you choose to work with. A reputable Argentina software development outsourcing firm can create excellent software to boost your company's efficiency. However, employing an enterprise that has an unpopular reputation could hinder your company's operations.   How can you choose the top software outsourcing company for your business? When you're looking for software outsourcing service providers, reviewing their clients' reviews and testimonials isn't always enough. You should look into the previous projects they have worked on.   Their work is proof of their expertise and quality. It also demonstrates their technical abilities.  

Define Goals

  It's crucial to record the goals you wish the outsourcing project to achieve. But keep in mind that they must be balanced, realistic and doable.   Although the objectives of every software development outsourcing project may differ, having clear expectations at the beginning will have a significant influence on development and growth. It is also essential to measure the effectiveness of outsourcing.   For example, let's say the project you outsourced needs additional resources in the course. Then, you can analyze whether it aligns with your goals and decisions.  

Dig into the Delivery Plan

  A reputable software development outsourcing companies can walk you through the steps they follow in coming up with their delivery plans. Look up company websites and case studies. Be sure that the delivery ethos for any possible partners is similar to yours. Ask challenging questions regarding the length of service, staff turnover, and how they handle project delays. Ask many questions to ensure they have a solid delivery strategy; don't allow them to tell you that they use SCRUM, as you're entitled to more than that.  

Onboard and Feedback

  Just as you make time to welcome developers making an effort to join a partner can bring immense value to your partnership. The partner becomes part of the company. Therefore, it is essential to instruct your partner in the right way and adhere to the same policies of openness that we suggest to internal programmers. A solid partner should offer constant feedback and allow you to be involved with regular feedback and demo sessions. This will help you ensure that your partner is on the right track.  

Cost of Outsourcing Software Developers from Argentina

The cost of living in Argentina is considerably lower than in the US. According to research, the cost of living (CoL) for one person within Buenos Aires is about $647 US dollars per month. In the end, Argentine software developers do not have to pay the same amount as those working in major US cities such as New York or San Francisco as they have CoLs that range from $1700 or $3293.   For example, the average software development outsourcing prices in Argentina are:
  • Junior developers: $931,069 AR, equivalent to $9315.35 annually.
  • Mid-career developers: $1290,731 AR equivalent to $12,913.76 for the year.
  • The senior developer: $1,654,782 in ARS which is $16,556.09 per year
  To give you an idea, the median salary for software developers within the US is $72,725 annually for an entry-level developer. You can employ up to four Argentine senior developers at the exact amount you would pay for just one US developer.

The Key Takeaway

  Argentina offers the skills you require if you're searching for skilled, reliable Software developers. Although there are some hurdles to be aware of, they're offset by the numerous advantages of having Argentine experts. When you work with the correct talent procurement service, you can simultaneously bring Argentine software developers a part of your organization, as you could hire them within the US.   If you are hiring an Argentinian software developer or development team, look at the prospective hire's references and their experiences in similar projects and observe the team in action. Be aware of what you're getting for your money.