Are there any Quality Issues with the Staff Augmentation Model?

November 29, 2022 | Blog
All businesses have faced many challenges over the past years. Many companies experienced a crisis, several lockdowns, and loss in stable income, and many started investing in digital conversion to find a better way to be productive and profitable. Modern companies need custom software. But not all companies have the resources to create that software. What did they do? They selected IT Staff Augmentation Services.   Statistics show that the popularity of IT staff augmentation soared during the pandemic. It grew by $132.9 billion to $95,3 trillion in 2019. It was estimated that global outsourcing recruitment spending would reach nearly $414 billion by 2023. It's pretty impressive, isn't it?   For companies looking to increase their digital skills and create a custom project, a staff augmentation solution is an excellent option. This cooperation model is efficient and cost-effective, but there are some challenges business owners need to consider.   This blog post will discuss external staffing services. We will also dispel some advantages and cons of staff augmentation and offer practical ways to help you solve common staff augmentation problems. We'll also discuss selecting the best outsourcing partner and making the most of your collaboration.   Are There Any Quality Issues With The Staff Augmentation Model

Everything you need to know about IT Staff Augmentation

  Let's start by talking about staff augmentation. It is a remote work model in which you search for a company that offers outsourcing services and hires the necessary specialists. Any specialist you require can be employed, including a quality assurance manager, DevOps engineer, skilled software developer, or project manager. It all depends on what you need.   Even better, all recruitment and hiring processes are managed by your outsourcing provider. You can rest assured that you will always have access to the best tech talent by hiring qualified candidates.   Team augmentation allows you to quickly and effectively expand your tech horizons and hire specialists that perfectly match your project requirements and needs. The staff augmentation partner you choose will send you the CVs of their tech talent, help you to onboard the specialists, and sign any other agreements.   This cooperation model can be a win-win situation for the agency providing staff augmentation team and you. It is now easier than ever for your company to add highly skilled and experienced professionals to its staff. You can contact any IT Staff Augmentation Company whenever you require extra hands and ask for the additional staff you need.  

The Essential Steps in Staff Augmentation

  You will need to complete several steps to begin the staff augmentation process.  
  • Identify your current skill gap;
  • Consider the number of specialists that you will need and their seniority.
  • Take into account your budget and the estimated duration of the project.
  • Discuss with which technologies you think your future extended team members should be working.
  • Talk to the remote team about all details.
  • Onboarding and completing the recruitment process.
  It's as easy as that. You can save time and operational costs by taking advantage of staff augmentation. Additionally, you have complete control over your project's progress and all aspects.   There are many reasons staff augmentation is a good option for businesses. Let's take a closer glance at them.  
  • You need specialized skills. If your team lacks the technical knowledge, skills, or expertise required to build or modify your project, it's time to consider team augmentation. This will allow you to quickly gain that narrow expertise.
  • Increased capacity. If you need to scale up your development quickly, consider staff augmentation. Make sure the specialists hired are senior.
  • Looking for an economical alternative? An in-house developers team can be great, but hiring more full-time employees might not be as affordable as team augmentation.
  • A long-term partnership is required if you're building a complex project. Team augmentation will ensure that you have the extra hands to help you through the entire project. They will also generate expertise and add value.

Key Benefits of Staff Augmentation 

  • External staff augmentations services allow you to adjust the time and scale according to your project needs. This eliminates the need to worry about cumbersome hiring and the high cost of full-time employees.
  • To ensure seamless oversight, the augmented staff members will work closely with your project managers and other stakeholders. Additionally, contract resources are limited to a specific period and only work on short-term projects for your companies.
  • Enterprises can use IT staff augmentation to fill talent gaps and enhance their internal capabilities by outsourcing remote hiring. This can be used to hire externally for companies to reduce overall costs and employee-related expenses.
  • Companies can manage workload pressure more effectively. The increasing workload can be controlled by internal staff, and some can be dispersed to the augmented team.

Top 5 Staff Augmentation Challenges

  Companies from all over the globe are now investing in remote work structures and expanding their teams through outsourcing or staff augmentation. This allows them to grow their businesses while working remotely. The trend is to extend groups with overseas members.   As the post-pandemic market for staff augment was valued at USD 132.9 billion, its adoption has risen dramatically. These statistics show that staff augmentation is essential in surviving a pandemic. This excellent practice, like all things, comes with its challenges. We will discuss five of these challenges in this article.  

Poor Communication

  Communication is key to the success of any new business practice. It is crucial to communicate effectively, especially since staff augmentation involves working with an overseas team.   Solution: A communication plan that is effective can solve the communication problem associated with staff augmentation. You must have the following elements to create a solid communication plan.  
  • Communication and collaboration tools such as Zoom, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Github, and Jira. are used to communicate and manage clearly,
  • Regular reviews
  • Regular virtual socializing sessions
  • Scrum and other agile methodologies are used.

Quality Service Without Compromising

  Companies face one of the most significant challenges when investing in staff augmentation. This is because their staff is unable to meet their standards. Inadequate service can result in missed deadlines, wrong code, project delays, and other problems.   Solution: Companies should conduct a background check on all potential offshore employees. This includes looking at their work history, checking their qualifications, and assessing their skills. Organizations can ensure service quality by creating a structured and well-researched evaluation index that evaluates all potential offshore staff members.  

Transfer of Incoherent Knowledge

  Every stage of a project should include knowledge transfer. It doesn't matter if you are in the implementation or beginning phase. You need to make sure that knowledge transfer happens seamlessly. With staff augmentation, the process of knowledge transfer can become more complex. The risk of incoherent and organizational waste increases.   Solution: Organizations can ensure seamless knowledge exchange by:  
  • A well-planned, systematic strategy for knowledge transfer
  • It is important to clearly define which information must be transferred at what stages
  • Ensure that all technical documentation is clear and complete
  • The division of knowledge transfer responsibilities at different stages in the process
  • Regular Q&A sessions
  • Organize all meetings necessary and ensure that all information is verified promptly

Uncertain and Conflicting Expectations

  Companies often have conflicting or unclear expectations when investing in staff augmentation. This is because the primary and augmented staff have different ideas about what the final product should look like. This can cause delays, additional costs, and unwelcome conflicts.   Solution: Companies can use them to avoid unclear and conflicting expectations.  
  • Clear communication strategies are a must.
  • All business goals, ideas, and requirements should be clarified in well-structured documents for the augmented staff
  • Regular review sessions are necessary to ensure that the project is moving in the right direction.

Security Threats

  Security threats are a serious concern because staff augmentation involves hiring a third party to assist with internal procedures. It is vital that clients and their projects are protected and kept private.   Solution: Organizations must conduct regular security audits to address security risks and threats. To maintain confidentiality, they must follow all procedures for signing an NDA after hiring an augmented team.  

Selecting the Suitable Staff Augmentation Model

  Many organizations employ a variety of providers depending on their needs. Knowing what you want to accomplish when you consider staff augmentation is essential. If you're looking for a machine learning expert (a high-demand skill), prioritizing costs will not be feasible. You won't hire people based on their skill level if 100 people are needed to perform a task that is easy to train.  

Staff Augmentation - A Cross-functional Strategy

  Organizations can use staff augmentation to improve agility and adapt to changing business needs. It is being used across all industries. It is used more frequently for roles such as R&D, Operations, Finance, HR, and many other functions. It is essential to consider the importance of the IT staff augmentation team in enterprises now and in the future when considering moves by industry giants such as Google, which acquired Kaggle, a network of freelance/contract data scientists, in 2017.