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Mobile applications are one of the essential part of human lives. In the beginning, developers had limited platforms to create apps that could not work on different systems. With time, the mobile development market has changed so rapidly. The growing demand for mobile apps brought numerous ways that can ease the development process. Cross-platform is one such invention.




Cross-platform app development is a common approach to create apps that can run on multiple app development platforms. This technology was launched in the year 2012, and became popular among users. It supports the development of custom mobile apps that are compatible across mobile platforms. Numerous tools are used in cross-platform app development, such as Appcelerator, PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Whoop, WidgetPad, Mosync, etc.


As every technology has some advantages and disadvantages so, cross-platform app development has also its advantages and disadvantages. Here, in this article, we will share the pros and cons of cross-platform. I hope this will help every app developer before considering this type of technology:


Pros of cross-platform


  • Faster development

As we have mentioned above, cross-platform technology works on numerous platforms. With this approach, the development team works with one codebase that can handle both the significant platforms iOS and Android. They don’t need to build separate codebase for Android or iOS projects as everything is in one place. The program developed for one app gets leveraged many times.

Also, developers can reuse the code in a future project, and that’s why development is much quicker.


  • Wider audience

It is quite challenging for most of the owners to decide whether to create an Android app or an ios app. with a cross-platform solution, you can target both markets simultaneously. At the very beginning, you can attract a much wider audience.

You can also create your app for one platform and then add support for the other platform to release the product faster.


  • Cost-effective

In earlier, companies had to spend heavily on different technologies and tools to get their app developed. Thanks to cross-platform development, now they only need to invest once in getting their app developed. They no longer need to spend on developing apps for diverse platforms.

Even the app development team don’t need to learn multiple technologies. They can save both time and money. They need to do is master a few skills to get started with the development process.


  • Reusability of code components

With the cross-platform app development approach, top app developers can reuse the code numerous times in every new project. They don’t need to write unique code for every time for different platforms.



Cons of Cross-Platform App Development


  • Long wait time for new features

One of the significant drawbacks of the cross-platform approach is that the framework might not have all the features supported by the operating system. If Google or Apple adds a new element for Android or iOS, it takes time to understand the applications’ unique characteristics. In comparison to cross-platform frameworks, native apps get all the updates much faster.


  • ¬†Lower performance

Performance is indeed one of the essential features of an app. if you compare the two native apps with the cross-platform app having the same functionalities, then, you will find the native one will be slightly faster.

However, these differences in performance are usually small, especially when it comes to simple applications.


  • Integration Problems

With cross-platform technology, it is quite tough to integrate the app with local settings, preferences, and notifications. Users might also have to use a third-party cloud service for diverse storage options.


Last Words


Here, in this article, we have discussed the pros and cons of Cross-platform mobile development. As a business, you must have to consider both the pros and cons of cross-platform mobile app development. No wonders it has more advantages instead of disadvantages. And, this is what makes this framework the preferred choice of businesses globally.


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