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Product Design & Development: How to Design a New Product In


The world is now more dynamic than it was a decade ago, and so is the world of product design. Honestly, it is hard to keep up with the changing trends. Every day a new challenge stands in front of us, and it is hard to predict the outcome of it without in-depth knowledge. The only thing that would help you out in the volatile world of trends it to keep a close eye on them, start analyzing how that will change your industry, and use that knowledge to gain the upper hand in the competition.


What are Trends, and How Do They Impact Your Standing in the Market?


To start with, let’s start by understanding how trends affect the design architect of any product. If we go by general definition, a trend is anything that is widely popular at a certain point of time. Now here we have to pay attention to the time constraint. Any trend that is popular today would go obsolete any time in the future, but when? It can be as small as a day to as long as a decade(s). The hashtags that are trending at #1 today might just not see any traction tomorrow. Similarly, trends in technology also work. They too are time-bounded, and as soon as there is a replacement, it goes off the chart.


Another problem in front of many product designers is to suit the wants of online customers. Nowhere before in the world, product designers have to think about the ease of access to the product in previous decades. But that has breeded e-commerce that allowed customers to buy products at the comforts of their home.


Similarly, trends made top web development companies adopt technologies such as BigData, AI, ML, IoT, and more. One of the significant trends that you cannot miss is the growing liking towards automation. The word “Automation” in itself has created a major hype in the year 2021. Every industry is looking out for ways to automate its workflow. It helps them reduce operational costs. But is the implementation of technology going to be that easy? In-depth knowledge is going to help you understand the need of the hour and the future of any technology.

What Product Designing Changes you Need to Accustom in the Year 2021?

Product design is the process of imagining, thinking, and creating a product that can solve the customer’s problem. Therefore, you need to think about how the people in 2021 are interacting with the products and seeing the trends.
Since the product design is an understanding of the market, the customer will interact with the product. All these new trends are now pushing the business to change the way of designing products. Here are a few of the trends that you need to adapt to create a relevant product in 2021. So, be ready to reinvent yourself.


Creating Business Aware Teams


designer and research


Designing in itself has grown into a separate industry. Moreover, there different designing fields that collaborate during product development. Some of the fields now make more impact than the others in today’s world, such as UX design.
So, companies need to hire people with different specialization to handle the different aspects of product development.


Companies take care of many things in today’s world during product development, such as website development, web design, and UX design. In today’s world, you can even divide the work and outsource it to different designing companies, which saves you from paying salary to the in-hose time you need to hire for carrying out the work. For example, if you do not have a web design team, you can now hire a top web design company that can do the work for you.


Whether you go with hiring people or outsourcing the work, you must consider building a good team to work on a product development project. The key is to find a suitable person or company to carry out the different jobs a role that goes into product development.


You can notice a lot of changes that companies are making for hiring the designer for product development. Companies now value the importance of product design, and the key is to hire the best team or company that do the designing job for you. However, you need to hire people who truly understand the impact of their work on the business. Moreover, to make your products accustomed to these new emerging trends, you need to hire a team that can do the job.


Inclusive to All Kind of People


The product design must incorporate all kinds of people with easy access to the products. Most of the time, businesses make the mistake of not thinking about certain people when developing a product. For example, disabled people often feel left out of society as not all the business considers their needs and their way of engaging with a product. The Disable people can be unnoticed, as they are a huge section of our society. Many independent surveys prove that the number of disable people can be as high up to 26%, which is a large audience that you should not miss.


Becoming inclusive is the future of the design industry. Not only becoming inclusive gives you more reach but also you get good publicity for doing integrating culture and people with your product. However, things are not going to be easy as said. Coming up with an inclusive design that is beneficial for all will be a tough challenge for all the businesses.

If you Got a Digital Product, Run a Usability Test on a Prototype


If you got a digital product, run a usability test on a prototype


Knowing how your product works before launching it can help you make the necessary improvisation. Moreover, usability testing becomes more crucial if you got the digital product in your hands.


Usability testing is not a new concept in the world of product designing. Businesses are using it for a long time, including providing a prototype to the customer or running the prototype on the testing tool. The prototype testing provides insight on the product design, such as- feedbacks from the consumer before launching the actual product.


To rum, the usability test on the prototype is prominent in the space of digital products. However, running a usability test on the prototypes is not cheap. You need to use the testing tools like Maze that are expensive, and consume a lot of your time. Since it took a lot of the company’s resources to run a usability testing on the prototype; most of the company completely evades the testing.


However, despite being a costly endeavor Prototype Usability testing is crucial for the digital product. Running the test on the product can provide important insight into your product, which you can later into the product design. Few of things that you can extract out of running these test on you’re the prototype are:


  • Qualitative and Quantitative feedbacks
  • Success/Fail metrics
  • Heat map data
  • Task Completion time


Gathering such useful insights can be crucial for your business and improve product design. Therefore, you can use the prototype testing as a tool to improve your product design furthermore.

Automating the Product Designing Process

No jobs are going to be lost due to code automation. Moreover, job loss is an absurd claim that always surfaces in people’s minds whenever they come across “Automation”. The truth is the modern jobs are changing at a fast pace. The job roles are now more complex and need technology to make things a bit easier.


Product Design

An example of AR, a tablet overlays digital data on a physical airplane


Automation can help a lot of the job roles that need technology to take care of tasks that are monotonous or boring. Automating such task not only help the companies to become productive but is also good for the employees.
Here are the benefits of automating a certain aspect of your product design can bring to your company or business.


  • High Productivity
  • Less Stressed Worker
  • Greater efficiency


Therefore, automating the coding part will lessen the time and efforts that go into the product designing, as design–to-code part of product design consumes a lot of time.

Design Systems

Design systems refer to the visual and behind the scene components of the product. The design system can consist of the following components:


  • A pattern library
  • CSS framework
  • Collection of Visual asset
  • UI kit
  • Style guide
  • Pattern library
  • Brand guide


The design system is what bridges the gap between different designing team during the product designing. By following the design system, the designing teams can maintain consistency in product designing. Moreover, it helps to cut down the cost that goes into product designing. Therefore, using a design is the best way to lower the design debt.


DesignOps is a cool buzzword that is surfacing in the world of product designing. However, cool it may sound designops refers to the design operation. Many businesses establish designOps before starting a product-designing project, helping your designing team manage the workflow. Working on the DesignOps can help you to conduct the work when you have a large team at your disposal. Often in a large team, the conducting work becomes inefficient because of the hindrance that can emerge during product designing. For example, the collaboration between different departments becomes difficult due to the lack of communication that leads to loss of time and effort.


Think about the Environment


Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environment. So, now the product designer has another problem: to cater to the need of an environmentally aware society. The customer wants to enjoy the guilt-free feeling after using any product. The “environment-friendly” trend is not going to go anywhere soon. According to the data, about 48% of US consumers like to change their consumption way to protect the environment. These data’s impact is projected in 2018, where purchases of sustainable goods reach $128.5 billion. Energy efficiency is a big focus.


Therefore, the product designer must take in the consumer’s growing need to cause less impact on the environment.


Multi-functional Product


Customers like to purchase multi-functional products. You can see how mobile phones have changed from a device that people use for talking with people to a device that now has a camera, calculator, GPS and other apps for performing different tasks.
Merging different functions into a single product is a nice way of attracting customers. The reason is simple; people like to use things that simplify their workload or streamline their lives. In cooperating multi-functionality into your product design help, you take advantage of this trend.

Data Security

For a digital product, it has become crucial to secure customer data. While product designing, you must make sure your product is free from all the data theft risks. Consumers today are anxious with the use of digital software, due to all the news about data theft and selling. People are aware of how their data can be used on them. Therefore, most people today like to only associate with the digital product that gives surety of data protection. As a product designer, customers data protection must be your priority, as fear among the user can lead them away from using your product.

Customization options

A product designer’s job is to think about the problem that their product is going to solve for the end-user. A product designer must provide their customer with a few customization options. Leaving room for the customization can make your product more effective in the eyes of the user. Anyways, customers always like the products they can customize depending on their needs and the work they want to accomplish. Moreover, customizations add to the convenience your products bring to the lives of the users.

UX and SEO are Not Just Words


UX and SEO are not just words


Ease of accessibility of the products is crucial to your business in today’s day and age. You can notice how the internet affects the life of people in the last decade. The way people interact with the products has changed. You need a website, hire top web designers and use quality content to attract online customers.


In the world of the internet, your website’s rank has become equally important for a product. The SEO can help you optimize your website and help it come in top searches, which is crucial for selling your products.


Another component that helps you stay in the top search and generate organic traffic is authentic content and UX. UX main focus in on how the customers interact with the products or a business. The UX design job is to work on every possible thing to improve the customer experience regarding the use of your products or service.


At the start, UX designer is not considered so important by the business, and many mixes the UX and SEO. However, with growing awareness and the sheer benefit UX designers give to the business, the UX design has established itself as a separate field from SEO. You can find the best companies for UX designers that separately hire UX for carrying out UX writings, and generate traffic.

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