How you can deal with the main parameters in check for the eCommerce platform? October 28, 2020 | Blog

E-commerce is growing every year in a rapid manner and so it has become essential for every retailer to use the perfect technology for underpinning the strategy.


But there are many platforms available for eCommerce and so you must have some basic ideas about eCommerce and its parameters before choosing the best platform for your project development.


There are many eCommerce development companies who know all about the platform and can easily guide you with choosing the perfect platform as per your requirement.


Parameters to consider before choosing an eCommerce platform


The companies will guide you in choosing the perfect platform for your project but you must also have some ideas that can help you to judge whether you are choosing the best one for yourself or not.


So when you are choosing the best platform for your project, you must keep certain points in mind. The important points for choosing the best eCommerce platform for your project are given below-


Payment and pricing


The first thing that must be kept in mind of any retailer when they are searching for an eCommerce platform is the pricing. It does not matter whether you are having a large business or you are having a small business but it is important for you to have a clear idea about what you are paying.


All the platform charges a monthly fee. No there are types of platforms and depending on their type the cost may change. The platform can be hosted or self-hosted.


You must also keep into account the processing fee that is kept associated with the platform you are choosing. Quality is a must thing which you must look at and so you must not sacrifice the quality if there is an increase in price in order to save money.


Keep in mind that there are many platforms that are not having any ability to pay with vendors of third-party and so must know how your customers are going to pay. There are many companies but the best magneto development companies will always provide the best product at an affordable price.




The plugins as well as integrations are also important factors that you must be considering when you are choosing any eCommerce platform. There are many platforms like Shopify that will help you in running your business with various tools.


The needs of your business are the important thing that must be kept in mind before choosing the plugins. So before choosing platforms you must decide the tools you will require. Some of the plugins which are essential are given below-


  • Accounting plugins for revenue, sales, taxes, and also profits.
  • Email marketing tools that will help in maintaining contact with your customers.
  • An app that will help in shipping your products.
  • A platform that will give your customer some rewards when they are using your product.


SEO friendly


It is very highly beneficial when you are keeping your rank of store high in the search results. You will always wish that the customers who are searching for the products that are similar to the products supplied by you must find your product first. In order to find a platform that is SEO friendly, you must look for certain features like


  • Ability to add a blog to your website.
  • The ability to use your own domain name.
  • The ability that will help the customers in providing reviews.




Almost 60 percent of the searches that are done are done with the help of mobile devices. So it is very important for you to look for the platform that will play a role in allowing your customers for accessing your website easily and are also able to purchase your item very easily.


Customer service


Customer service is the main factor in the case of any business. It is very important that the customer can call and clear their queries at any time of day and night. You must decide at first about the cost involved in providing support to the customers and also how many levels of support you want to provide to your customers. Shopify app development companies have basic knowledge about all this stuff.




It is very important to seek the help of the best developers as security is the main aspect of any business.  Many software in today’s world is having the security of a robust type.


It is important for you to check that your platform is having the support of HTTP/SSL for a secure as well as safe checkout for the customers who are visiting your site.


Another important point that you will have to keep in mind with security matters is that the platform that you are choosing must have PCI compliant. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry.




Every business owner is hoping that their business will grow in the upcoming days but you may not know what the future is holding for you. So it is very important for your business that when you are choosing your platform for eCommerce you want to choose the platform that is able to scale along with your business’s side.


You do not want to waste money by paying for those features and storage which you are not using at all. It is logical for every businessman to keep their hopes high and so you will also wish for keeping up the demands very high for your business to rise.


Choosing a platform that is able to scale depending on the size of your business is very important. Moreover, you must also keep in mind that this will not at all charge any kind of outrageous fees.




It is a very challenging job to start any business and the most challenging job is to make it grow with time. It is important that you decide at first what you need and then choose the platform according to your needs. Don’t choose the platform that will not fulfill your needs because of the low price. So try to hire eCommerce developers who can choose the perfect platform for your project.

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