Magento B2B Features To Scale Your Business To New Heights

May 10, 2022 | Blog
The world of eCommerce is ever changing and ever-increasing, and the majority of B2B transactions are happening online. B2B eCommerce sites require a solid and secure infrastructure to ramp up sales when orders are completed digitally. Fortunately, Magento has established itself as a capable platform for B2B and B2C websites.   Because the value of an order is usually massive, each order and customer means a lot to B2B store owners. As a result, the user experience on B2B e-commerce websites is critical for achieving the ultimate goal of store owners – revenue.   magento_b2b_features The blog shows 10+ helpful approaches for improving Magento 2 B2B features for B2B eCommerce websites.  


  Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are involved in business-to-business transactions, often known as B2B. Compared to B2C eCommerce, running a B2B firm has more challenges, such as complex orders, engaging audiences, and optimizing websites for inbound marketing.   Magento is a popular choice among B2B firms looking for an easy-to-use and secure website development platform that can handle all of their needs, such as eCommerce integration and an automated wholesale gateway.  

Magento B2B Features to Scale Your Business to New Heights

Account Management and Catalog Maintenance

  Because B2B buyers are comprised of large teams or groups of people, account management is far more hectic than in the B2C business model. Company accounts are built specifically for B2B users by Magento. This feature allows visitors who are representatives of any organization to request an admin account.    They can then build their sub-accounts with adjustable permissions. This functionality is based on the company structure below, which allows numerous users and roles to share accessing capabilities. This structure is advantageous to B2B companies who sell enterprise management software.   The Catalog Permission security wall is the second layer of protection for your material. Following activation, a new "Category Permissions" section appears, allowing you to assign the appropriate access to each category.    For different websites and client groups, you can apply several permission rules to each category varying on the needs of those clients.  

Advance Quoting Features

  In big orders, price negotiations are normal. Buyers sometimes anticipate lower prices when purchasing huge volumes. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from a competent quote procedure because it saves them time.   Request for Proposal Magento 2 is a popular choice among online wholesalers for advanced quoting features. You can use the module to:  
  • Activate "Add to Quote" for each product or all products.
  • "Add to Quote" should be visible on category pages.
  • Allow just certain client groups to use this feature.
  • For each group, establish a minimum quote amount.
  • Quotes can be approved, rejected, or customized.
  Once you've advanced quoting options in this way, your clients will be able to keep track of quotes in their accounts and via emails, as well as convert quotes to orders and checkout in a matter of clicks.  

Convenient Reordering

  Customers are typically loyal to a store that makes a positive impression on their initial order in B2B. Both parties are more likely to develop and maintain long-term relationships. As a result, supporting convenient reordering in online B2B is crucial.  

What is Magento's approach to reordering?

  The Community version of Magento does not support reordering, however, the Enterprise version does through My Requisition Lists. Customers can rapidly reorder things from the lists because they are commonly ordered.  

Advanced Shipping Options

  In B2B e-commerce, delivery options must be as flexible as the needs of your customers. Some clients, for example, may request that things be delivered to multiple locations. Offering a split delivery option in this scenario will improve the customer's buying experience.  

Tips for improving Shipping features include:

  Because the basic Magento 2 B2B Features only allow for "one order, one address" shipping, it's time to upgrade to a Split Shipment module from the marketplace.   Security Features   Magento Commerce (Enterprise Edition) is a PCI Level 1 Solution certified partner of Magento Commerce Cloud. As a result, Magento Commerce Cloud merchants can use Magento's PCI Attestation of Compliance to help them with their PCI certification.   Furthermore, the Magento Commerce Cloud design provides a highly secure environment by including various security features such as:  
  • Client's browser (using HTTP for all pages on the website)
  • DDoS defense and Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Quickly
  • Firewall for Web Applications (WAF)
  • Penetration testing for virtual private clouds
  • Gateway for payments
  • Encryption of Magento applications
  • Read-only Remote File System Deployment

Navigation and Usability

  An essential factor affecting on-site optimization is navigation. Sites with a complex structure can be difficult to explore. As a result, clients may have difficulty discovering what they are looking for.   Websites for B2B are frequently more complicated and technical. So, with clear dropdowns, categories, subcategories, and granular data presented linearly and logically, provide users with the simplest method to explore your B2B website.  

Tips for improving Navigation features include:

  • Make sure your products are correctly organized and classified.
  • Breadcrumbs can be used to show visitors where they are in your store.
  • Layered Navigation for Magento 2 can help you create a smart filter.

Performance and User Experience

  Unlike B2C vendors, B2B sellers place a greater emphasis on maintaining customer loyalty than finding new ones. Businesses are difficult to locate as customers, but they generate several times more money than people. As a result, site performance is an essential component of every B2B eCommerce site.   B2B consumers typically have less time to spend perusing the internet. They will abandon their cart if you slow down their ordering procedure. You must optimize images, as well as front-end and back-end elements, to reduce loading time.    Magento Marketplace has several plugins for compressing photos as they are uploaded to your site. Magento 2 also includes various enhancements that reduce page weight and improve response times.  

Some other optimizations provided by Magento are: 

  • By employing minification, the assets required to render the page are optimized.
  • Makes the most of the browser cache for asset storage.
  • During checkout and cart actions, asynchronous processing improves response speed.

Advanced Analytics

  Because every one of their consumers is unique – even if they are ordering the same things – business-to-business websites demand more in-depth and specialized analytic solutions than B2C websites.    It's critical to have a business analytics solution that allows you to customize KPI tracking for each client by catalogs, activities, contracts, and other factors. Magento Business Intelligence is an easy way to track the health of your company.    You may acquire the most in-depth insights from over 25 B2B-focused reports in easy-to-use dashboards with the new Magento 2.4.  


  To summarize, Magento by Adobe Commerce is a dedicated platform that successfully supports the operation of a B2B eCommerce website while also making it simple to optimize the store. All you have to do now is focus on growing and enhancing your company.   Minor adjustments can occasionally provide a spectacular result. Your website will resonate with business needs for many companies and help you get valuable clients if you use the tactics listed above.