IT Staff Augmentation Vs Other Models in 2022

March 1, 2023 | Blog
Your employees might not have the skills to create a custom application. It is important to carefully consider this when choosing the right model for team extension. You might think that you can tap into outside resources to fill the skills gaps or speed up development, but hiring is never an easy task. The success of any app project depends on choosing the right support model.   There is no one-size-fits-all solution for IT staff augmentations and other services. It's not about which one you prefer but understanding the meanings of each term, when they should be used, and what the main considerations are before you implement any of these models at work.   IT-Staff_augmentation_services   A solid IT strategy is essential for any mobile app development company. An effective IT strategy is essential for any development company. Without it, you will not be able to build an IT infrastructure that can support your business and hire more people than necessary. Digital transformation was quickly adopted by the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the onset of the global pandemic. The enterprise must meet all expectations. Before implementing any of the popular models, it is important that you understand them.  

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

  Your company can use IT staff augmentation services to help it scale up or down according to its current needs. IT Staff augmentation is a temporary alternative to hiring IT staff. It allows you to hire skilled specialists for projects as they arise. IT  staff augmentation model gives you instant access to the most skilled tech talent available.   Rootstrap is a successful partner of tech giants such as Spotify, Google, and Disney, scaling their products and processes. Established companies and start-ups can increase productivity and save money with IT staff augmentation.  

Increase Output & Reduce Costs

  The cost of hiring new employees can dramatically increase overheads. This includes the cost of additional office space, hardware, software, and any other expenses related to on-site staff. Remote IT staff augmentation allows you to collaborate with talent worldwide to get better results for a lower price.   You can save money by outsourcing IT staff augmentation functions to other countries, even if your products are of lower quality. Furthermore, outsourcing your workload can increase productivity as your employees will spend less time multitasking, and their best work will be done.  

Control and Lower Risk Staff

  IT staff augmentation allows you to have complete control over your project's outcome and monitor every aspect. The team's project manager will assign work to prioritize and ensure a high-quality final product. You lose control of the development process by outsourcing it to third-party suppliers. However, you can keep the entire team in-house and manage the project with IT staff augmentation. This reduces the risk of substandard results.  

To Access Skills for One-Off Projects

  A stellar local development team might be available to you, one that can deliver software within the stipulated timeframes. Sometimes, however, your company might need specialized skills that might not be available to your current team. On-demand staffing is a way to bring in skilled developers to your existing team and help you complete the project.  

Efficient Staff Management

  A company must rely on the IT service provider's workflow and processes when outsourcing an IT project. The company may decide the project's scope, but it cannot control the activities, operations, and deliverables. This increases the risk of quality issues.   Compared with outsourcing, IT staff augmentation gives you more control over your IT team and the workflow. It gives companies more control and allows them to monitor the entire development process and take immediate action if any problems arise. It allows for quick identification and resolution of problems, which results in a more efficient project.  


These are some of the drawbacks that are associated with IT staff augmentation services.

Learning the Context

It can take some time for an outsourced employee to adjust to a new workplace. Sometimes they will need to adapt their work habits and soft skills to be more productive in a new environment. It is important to hire a developer outside. It is important to ensure that integration goes smoothly and that you don't lose too much time.

Quality Risks

Any cooperation model has this drawback. IT Staff augmentation is not an exception. It is easy to find reliable partners. You can reduce the chance of poor-quality services by signing a fixed contract with the company you choose. Participate in the hiring process to ensure you feel secure.

Gaps in Communication

It can be difficult for new members to connect with your team if you have an in-house staff. This is especially true if your in-house team works in an office and the professionals you hire work online. This problem can be resolved quickly once everyone is comfortable working online. Ask your partner in outstaffing for guidance on how to incorporate new members into your team.

Types of IT Staff Augmentation

There are two types of this hiring model: long-term collaboration and short-term.
  • Short-term Services: Used during periods of high demand for developers or when in-house experts are sick or on vacation
  • Long-term Services: Better suited for longer projects. They are often used to fill in a skill gap or cut operational costs.
Further, we can divide IT staff augmentation into these three categories:
  • Commodity: when there are no reliable workers for a particular task, but they don't need to have specific skills.
  • Skill-based: when you need certain skills but not their level
  • Highly Skilled: When you need advanced skills and their level.

What are Managed Services?

Project outsourcing companies take care of every aspect of the project's development, from structuring a team of developers to managing all processes. The outsourcing company doesn't require you to be a tech expert or work with your remote development team. Customers often don't know who is working on their project and what the developers are doing. They also don't know which decisions will be made during the project.  

Time and Expense Savings

  Managed services allow you to hire a team of skilled and experienced professionals with the necessary technology and resources to complete your project. You can save time, money, and effort and get the results. The price of their services is fixed and varies depending on the amount of work done.  


  The vendor determines the outcome of the project. The provider monitors all aspects of the project and makes sure that resources and tools are readily available. The MS organization evaluates all risks and creates a plan that will work for the project.  

Guaranteed Result

  A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract that defines the scope and duration of managed IT services. To get paid and increase the value of their work, managed service providers will do everything they can to keep promises.  

Access to Talents

  MSPs can offer a wider range of skills and knowledge than software staff augmentation companies, which may allow them to respond to changing client needs.

What are Own R&D Center Services?

  You can open your R&D center in a country with a better business climate and a wider pool of tech talent if you are looking to hire at least 40 people. You will need to research the legal system and learn about the culture before opening your R&D center.

Dedicated In-House Staff

  You can also hire dedicated staff to help you with development tasks.   Your company can retain greater control over its workflow and adhere to high-quality standards by bringing in dedicated technical experts to your company. In-house staff can be negotiated with for their salary structure and align their schedules to your own.   One of the benefits of hiring dedicated staff members is that they would work for you long-term and learn about your company, its values, and policies. The downside is that you might need to offer additional training depending on their skills and experience.


You can also look abroad for talent to help you with your software development. This will allow you to benefit from lower production costs and less budget spending. Offshoring has another advantage: your company is exposed to foreign markets, which can help increase your market share.   Outsourcing your development requirements allows your company to concentrate on its core business objectives while outsourced developers take care of the delegated tasks.   However, it is important to go the extra mile to make offshoring work happen.  

The Key Takeaway

The type of project you are trying to help will play a major role in determining the best development support model for you.   Ask yourself these questions before you make your decision:
  • What is your scope of development?
  • What level of oversight is necessary for the development process to be successful?
  • Do you just need to tweak your web app/software a little?
  • Do you want to hire technical experts at extremely lucrative rates?
  • Are you looking for ongoing support with a pre-built web application?
  You should carefully think about hiring someone to help you with your IT and software development needs.