iOS App Development Trends That Will Dominate In 2020 March 7, 2020 | Blog

Android and iOS are the most used operating systems for mobile all around the world. Both have some advantages and limitations. While Android is popular for cost efficiency, iOS has gained a reputation because of the technologies used. With the arrival of iPhones per year and the benchmark, they are setting all across the world, it will be not wrong to estimate that iOS is going to rule in 2020. In smartphone application development, things have changed beyond imagination. Along with smartphones the technologies related to them have also revolutionized like never before. 2019 was a year of progress in the field of technology. It introduced customers to intelligent technologies like AI and IoT.

When it comes to iOS, it is well known that this will be a year of change of Apple too. Apple fans are expecting new technologies in hardware and software to compete with parallel brands and stand out in the market.

Current iOS App Development trends

The trend of app development is changing every few days, new technologies are coming up. Technology that is already there is being updated and remodeled. Clients demand new technology and that has induced the researches around it. iPhone app development companies have always come up with features that no one has in the market. There are many app development companies that develop applications for iPhone but a top ios app development company needs to stay ahead of the world.

Developers are learning new skills, they are experimenting and providing the best apps ever made. To be a top iPhone app developer, knowledge about all the trending and non-trending programming languages and high logical skills is a must.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has already made things easy for the world but the developers are still finding better ways to use it. If surveys are to be believed, this technology will be at $191 Billion by the year 2024. Enterprises around the world want to use this technology in some way in their applications. AI can provide limitless growth to businesses around the world by solving many issues. AI-based apps eliminate the need for a human in operations like taking notes, setting up a reminder.

Google has developed an AI assistant that can even fix a meeting for people. This AI can make calls and do the work that it’s owner ask for. Talking about the integration of machine learning with AI, this may be one of the best technical integrations. Machine learning helps the applications and Softwares to learn on their own, they are designed in such a way that they learn with time. Integrating the benefits of AI with Machine learning, developers can make applications that will change so many things.

5G Wireless technology:

The world changed with the launch of 4G technology, data rates went down, internet became common. 5G is going to be even better. It is one of the top technology trends that will benefit iPhone app development companies. It is expected that the speed of the 5G network maybe 100 times faster than the 4G network. This will play a very important role in the way iPhone app development transforms in the coming years.

Fast internet gives an opportunity to make applications that will be rich in graphics and require a high-quality internet connection. There are some technologies that will be benefitted from 5G technology, like the Augmented Reality, 3D gaming, and Data Security. High speed will improve the performance of the applications and that gives the developers an opportunity to explore.

EMM and APM:

EMM stands for Enterprise Mobile Management as well as APM stands for Application Performance Management. This can prove to be the pillars of enterprise mobile application development. APM is greatly used for the purpose of testing apps. It increases the functionality of the application.

On the other hand, EMM can be used to increase the safety of the mobile devices used by the employees. It also enables in setting up a work environment whether the employee is in office or in other remote but accessible location. These technologies are highly secure and help the employees to exchange important information with each other.

Beacon Technology:

This is one of the newest technology in the market that the developers are planning to implement in apps. An app that is beacon technology-enabled will be able to show the customer his/her preferred products including costs, quality, reviews, and other specifications. This technology uses Bluetooth Low energy signals and gives suitable notifications for the users. It is predicted to be used on physical games, mobile payments, travel, and tourism purposes and in the healthcare sector too.

On-demand apps:

This is a popular term in the landscape of technology nowadays. A lot of research work in being done on on-demand apps to make it available to the common people. The industries are going to launch more and more on-demand applications in the App Store for iPhone and macOS users. There are so many categories of on-demand apps already that include food delivery apps, taxi, and grocery apps.

Newer technology may include helicopter/chopper booking app, alcohol delivery app, domestic helper app, laundry service apps and many more. The top iPhone app developers are even planning to launch on-demand babysitting apps that may prove as a saving grace to working mothers.

AR and VR:

In the year 2019, customers experienced a shift to virtual reality and augmented reality in many apps. Not only the entertainment or gaming arena, but this technology also held its place in the business applications too. The App Store is now full of apps using AR and VR as technologies.

Many beauty brands and as well as e-commerce apps use this technology to give a 360-degree experience to the user. In 2020, it may overtake each and every sector of the market. Users may use this technology for the artificial trial of clothes, shopping, etc. In the coming times, a top ios app development company will make use of this technology more extensively.