Interview with Ranjana Thanvi – CEO & Founder, Memorres Digital Private Limited

March 11, 2021 |

Interview with Ranjana Thanvi – CEO & Founder, Memorres Digital Private Limited

1. Tell us in Brief About Your Company and the Leadership.

  Memorres was founded in 2015 with a vision of being the "Best People's Company" in the world. Our mission was to help people, businesses, and the environment via technology and consulting. Till date, we have consulted, strategised, designed, built and maintained solutions for approx 147 startups, mid-sized companies and enterprises in several verticals including HealthCare, Fitness and Wellness, Fashion, News and Media, On-Demand Businesses, Education, Environment Protection. Memorres client partners are based in Finland, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Singapore and India.   The company was started by Ranjana Thanvi. She started her career as a Software developer working in RFID and Asset management solutions. It helped her to gain technical and architectural knowledge. Later she became COO in a digital agency which gave her exposure to domain, operations, and functions. Becoming an entrepreneur was a choice, as for her, it was not just about business, profit, loss, and risks. It was more about people, emotions, attitude, challenges, failures, knock-downs, raising-up, and life. She is driven by her love and passion towards digitization, her team's untiring zeal, and her acknowledging client partners. Her focus is to grow and empower people to become leaders.  

2. What is your company’s culture? What does Memorres digital stand up for?

  Driven by the vision of our company, we are open, diverse, inclusive and value oriented.  Our employee growth is not determined by titles, rather it is determined by their health, happiness, knowledge and growth. We believe in empathy, appreciation and sharing.   Memorres stand for a group of people working towards one mission.  

3. How do you approach a client and understand their perception of the app development process for the first time?

  The approach we follow is understanding the business and its customers first, learning the past and current pain points of the client. Once we understand "Why the application is needed", "Who is the target audience of the application", "What is the long term vision and expectation from the application", we start with our process. Customer journey is created and shared with clients, along with visual wireframes, functional flow and solution architecture. Since visuals help clients and team to be more clear on the perception and we align easily at both ends.  

4. What engagement models do you offer? How should a client choose?


We offer the following engagement models:


For Enterprises and Mid-Sized Companies, we offer

  A) Managed IT Services - If the client does not have an internal IT team, while their infrastructure needs to be up, running, and scalable with multiple projects, cloud/local environments, ongoing updates to the solution, we offer our Managed IT services wherein the accountability of the IT infrastructure and associated solutions is ours. We offer 24X7 support in this case.   B) Dedicated Team Allocation - If companies are looking for dedicated team members with specific experience and skill set, we allocate it for them. Our team works as a client internal team in the pre-defined time zones.   C) R&D Sprints -We offer you a two (2) week sprint for companies who are looking for an understanding of which technology would meet your business requirement. We do Research & Development to find an answer. We take the requirement from the client, we go for it for two weeks. At the end, we give you a report with the findings of that sprint + the source codes for development done.  

For Digital/Marketing Agencies:

We work with Marketing Agencies to support them in different types of projects be it Strategy and Analysis, Prototyping, Design, Website Development, Mobile Applications, Custom Solutions, IT Consulting. Our multi-disciplinary teams work at a speed to abide by marketing agencies' delivery models. Our role is to minimize the project management and in-house technical team for these Agencies we partner up with, helping them to reduce operational costs and also focus more on Sales and Marketing, while we manage the deliveries.  

For StartUps:

  Since startups are looking to solve a problem that is quick to go to market, yet easily scalable as per pre-defined business plan and strategy, we offer services that are a must for an early-stage company. It includes:  
  • Market Segmentation
  • Go to Market Planning
  • Project Roadmap
  • Revenue Projection and Pitch Deck creation
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Prototyping
  • MVP
  • Full-Scale Solution
  • International Expansion
  • Maintenance

5. What do you think are the key factors to look into the product before delivering? How do you manage or deliver the project on time?


The key factors to look into the products before delivering are:

  A) All features of the products must be well-functional.   B) User experience plays a critical role in a product's success. Hence the product should be well developed and tested on a User Experience basis.   C) Data is important - It is important that data/event/behavior is captured properly for analysis, segmentation, visualization, and reporting.  

6. Any particular technology or industry you would be targeting? How do you plan to prepare your workforce for the upcoming technology upgrade?

  We are focusing on Kafka and Salesforce this year which are applicable to almost all industries. To prepare our workforce, we have defined a separate dedicated team for learning, hands-on, and certification on aforesaid tech/domain.  

7. You are the CEO of Memorres Digital for more than 5 years now, can you please share some interesting stories, experiences, and projects that you are proud of?

  Sure! Being the founder and CEO of Memorres for more than 5 years now, there have been many such experiences, stories and projects that I am extremely proud of. I would surely like to share a few of them:   A) We did complete digital transformation for a B2B fitness and wellness center. From analysis to planning and solution design, from development to delivery and maintenance of this major end-to-end solution, on every stage, we were closely working with clients and its trainers for progress validations. We launched the project onsite in Finland with all the lovely ladies at the client-side, of course with champagne corks popped out. It was a proud moment for all us to see the product in action and being used by live users in front of us.   B) I was invited to an Australian University to share my journey from a Software Developer to an Entrepreneur working Globally. The attendees were students and teachers from various geographies, subjects, and backgrounds. After the session was over, a lot of students and teachers from the batch came to me and mentioned how inspiring and engaging the session was.  

8. Other than technical expertise, what traits you believe are essential for any healthcare development company to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry?

  The most important traits, apart from technical expertise, are building a professional network on human grounds, since it's more about H2H (human to human) than B2B or B2C. I also believe being highly proactive and transparent in communication makes you go a long way.  

9. How do you estimate the role of research agencies like in bridging the gap between clients and service providers?

  If companies like can connect the clients with service providers on a match making basis with personalized algorithms, it would be very beneficial. Currently, the struggle for small companies is real to find the right type of clients and it is difficult for clients to find the right type of vendors especially when it is remote. With this approach, a lot of companies can connect in the right manner.