An Interview with Selvaganesh, CEO at Bautomate May 5, 2021 |

Selvaganesh -ceo


1. Tell us in brief about your company and the leadership.


Bautomate is primarily a business process automation solutions provider. Our products use artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks to help organizations automate routine as well as multilayered tasks and digitalize processes for better scaling and greater efficiency. Our products provide solutions in the realms of workflow automation, cognitive content capturing, document management and self-evolving bots.


Our leadership consists of technocrats, IT professionals with years of automation experience, AI experts, and business leaders who know the intricacies of the most complex business processes like the backs of their hands.


2. What is your company’s culture? What does Bautomate stand up for?


At Bautomate we live and breathe business automation. But it doesn’t mean we are a dry and drab technology company. We are very passionate about the overall environment that we nurture at our workplace. Our employees and colleagues are our biggest strength. Automation for us is an emancipating manifestation that allows enterprises to spread their wings beyond their current capabilities and reach out for the stars and in the process, create a culture of holistic growth.


Bautomate stands for a work culture that allows even the last person standing in the line to aspire for his or her greatest potential.


3. How do you approach a client and understand their perception of the app development process for the first time?


We provide SaaS -based solutions that allow enterprise-grade businesses to automate their business processes and automatically capture data at multiple touch points. For creating industry-specific automation solutions, our priority is to understand the dynamics of the core users who interact with our solutions and derive maximum mileage out of them.


4. What engagement models do you offer? How should a client choose?


We are quite active on LinkedIn. We publish our blog regularly to educate and raise awareness about our range of products and their individual capabilities. We also keep in touch with our current and prospective clients via email campaigns.


How should a client choose? Our clients are very intelligent. They know exactly what they need to solve their perplexing business problems. They are growth oriented. Nonetheless, more than the razzmatazz, a client must choose a solution that allows his or her organization to not only embrace the future, but also take along the past and the present.


5. What do you think are the key factors to look into the product before delivering? How do you manage or deliver the project on time?


One of the most influential key factors is value addition. Are we implementing technology just for the heck of it or do we really have a clear vision of what we aim to achieve and whether we will be able to achieve it or not. This chain of thought lies at the crux of every product -related decision that we take at Bautomate.


Timeliness is important. Very important. Not all projects can be delivered on time because there are some events that are beyond anyone’s control, but in most of the cases, we are able to stick to the timeline due to our experience, skill set and the technologies that we use to deploy automation solutions. We have so far worked on multiple deployments and we have gotten a fair idea of how much time an individual project takes. This helps us give a viable timeline estimate to our clients.


6. Any particular technology or industry you would be targeting? How do you plan to prepare your workforce for the upcoming technology upgrade? Intelligent Automation provides benefits across all industries


Our target is a broad range of industries because wherever there are processes, there is a potential for automation. Hence, instead of targeting particular industries (although, we approach industries with our solution just to make them aware of the potential), our main focus is to raise awareness about the developments happening in the field of business process automation, especially through artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Technology upgrade at Bautomate is an ongoing process. It is a part of our work culture. After the Internet, we believe that the next pivotal point is going to be AI-powered automation and something new is happening in artificial intelligence and the related tools and technology stacks almost daily. Hence, we have made it a part of our culture to continuously explore new technologies and implement them on live projects


7. You are the CEO of Bautomate for more than 4+ years now, can you please share some interesting stories, experiences, and projects that you are proud of?


It is like asking a parent who is his or her favourite child. All the products created by our company are dear to me and it has been an incredible journey working on these products and watching them become what they are right now.


Our most exciting product has been our AI-driven digital transformation and automation platform. This platform has given us a firm ground to build our other products on. You can call it our launching pad and if I need to choose which product excites me the most, it is this platform.


8. Other than technical expertise, what traits you believe are essential for any eCommerce development company to succeed in this rapidly evolving industry?


The ability to adapt and adopt. The world of e-commerce is in a constant flux. New technologies are emerging not just to manage e-commerce platforms better, but also how consumers interact with these e-commerce platforms. The mobile app that they may be using to interact with your e-commerce platform may use a completely different technological paradigm than your platform but still, the consumer should be able to purchase from you.


The ability to recognize future trends and then make strategic changes within your organization is also a great trait that ensures your lasting success. After a while, technologies are more or less the same, but it is your ability to use these technologies to create something awesome, which helps you stand out and become a leader in your field.


9. How do you estimate the role of research agencies like in bridging the gap between clients and service providers?


They definitely play a very critical role. At both ends of the spectrum – clients and service providers – bridging the gap is one of the biggest challenges. Yes, there are search engines. There are social media channels. But the problem is, and this is something that I have experienced personally as someone who would like to focus more on building productive technologies rather than worrying about getting business, there is too much noise and too less substance. Do a search on Google and you may find thousands of prospective service providers. Similarly, publish 2ooo-3000 posts on social media channels and you may get one or two clients.


Platforms like have created a niche for themselves where clients and service providers can come and find each other. It’s mostly clients who can search for service providers they can trust. You have a self-sustaining system that weeds out inferior quality service providers through user feedback and highlights service providers who have made a name for themselves.