How to Save Money by Creating a Simple App for Your Biz February 2, 2021 | Blog

How to Save Money by Creating a Simple App for Your Biz

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The world has turned mobile. It has come to a time whereby smartphones are in our reach or even with us at all times, be it daytime or at night. The greatest question is, what is everybody doing on their phones? Well, the simple answer is that they are simply using apps.


Importance of apps in the current world

The potential usage of mobile apps is seemingly irresistible. These apps range from simple business apps to communication apps, fitness apps, religious apps, eCommerce apps, or even employee communication apps.

The need for one to develop an app can be for an existing business or even when starting a new business from scratch.


How Much Should You Spend on the App?

Mobile apps in any business or field present a sure way to reach your customers or audience. This is because these apps are hosted in phones the target audience uses in their day to day life. The budget you shall spend on your app development is determined by the developing company you choose to build your preferred app.


Some of the well-known companies can charge any amount from $500,000 to 1,000,000 to help you build the app of your dreams. Such would be a brilliant idea if you are already a well-established brand with plenty of money lying and ready to take the risk, but such a budget would be totally out of the question for most of us.

Before you go ahead and outsource your app-building, you should always bear in mind that app development or building is very affordable! It would be best if you never let the big companies scare you off and deem your dream of having an ideal app for your business. With proper research, you can still get the right skill from developers who can charge you a cost of even less than $50,000 and still get a reliable app.


Discussed below are the key features to help you save big when learning how to make a simple app for your business.


Keep it as Simple as You Can

Mobile app development may seem quite impossible for a small business on a tight budget, but that is not true. The cost of developing an app is purely based on the specifications you give to the developer building the app for you, and this gives you all the reasons to make the app as simple as you can. You can cut down the cost by doing the following:

• Always focus on one or two key features that provide the most value to your business and customers.
• Ensure that you have a simple and streamlined UI.
• Ditch the push notification option in your app.


It is not advisable to try and copy another existing app. Just in case you do, your customers won’t show much interest, for they might have the original app. You must focus on that specific and unique aspect of your business that customers would want to have.


Additionally, using a cleaner and user-friendly user interface is all your customers want. App users would be turned off by a full UI or features or has a cluttered homepage. Adding features on the User Interface or even the homepage calls in for additional expenses, making your app development expensive.


Are you aware that it’s a provable fact that ditching one feature could help you save close to 30% of your budget? Yes, this is true. The more features an app has, the more expenses it has. Some of the features could even call for additional maintenance costs that could majorly affect the initial cost and jack up your entire budget. You should always ditch the push notification feature not unless it’s necessary for your venture. Push notifications increase app costs by 20-30% as it calls for ongoing maintenance.

Choose a General or Responsive App Design

When coming up with an app, you should bear in mind the different specifications of different smartphones. Choosing a responsive design is key for it saves you the cost of coming up with different apps to suit different handsets from different manufacturers.


Any well-skilled mobile app developer should be in a position to come up with a responsive app design, but most shall try to convince you to come up with separate designs that shall drain your pocket while favoring them.




Following the above tips allows you to both have an app for your biz and save some money for other business needs. Cutting the initial cost of developing a simple app for your business is beneficial to you and your business as you can use the extra cut cost to make your business grow.

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