Have you ever had an excellent idea for a mobile app, but worry about what would happen if your idea was stolen by a competitor? October 18, 2020 | Blog

mobile app, but worry about what would happen if your idea was stolen by a competitor?



It has been a long time since the development of the first mobile app. There are still some of the ways that are the idea and prospects for trying a new app will always excite the users. This is the reason for which there are millions of apps in the App store. Not only the apps, but the download of these apps are also increasing with respect to time. App development companies in USA provide good quality apps to their clients.


So it can be said from the above situation that the industry of the mobile app is becoming very much potential. Because of the increase in potentiality of the app industry, all the star-ups, as well as companies for app development, wishes for tapping in. All dream of making a unique app with the best features and functionality.


The important point which is to be kept in mind is that if you are an entrepreneur in the field of mobile apps, then you will have to come up with unique ideas and also protect it from getting it stolen. A mobile app can be stolen by anyone if he or she gets an idea about the app and that can be anyone from consultants of business to developers who are involved in the projects.


Follow these measures and protect your app from being stolen


Projecting the idea of the app as well as protecting them from the hands of your competitor is very important. So there are certain measure which you must take in order to protect your app from being stolen and they are given below-


Sharing information selectively


The best way following which you can protect your app is to share ideas very selectively. It is very important with whom you are sharing the idea of your upcoming app. However, some cases are there where you have to share certain information about your apps like pitching to clients, sharing details related to technology to your developer, etc. So apart from these, you do not need to share any extra thing with any extra person who is not related to the development of the app.


The less you share your idea with a person, the chances of being stolen also reduce. This may seem to be basic but still many people get excited and start telling people about their plan.


Be careful in choosing a professional relationship


It is very important that you find reputed companies or developers for developing your app. You are bound to hire outside help unless you are having the capacity for creating a new app. Screening of all the third-parties is very important before you begin the process of choosing your developer for developing the app. Reviewing the websites about the developers and talking to their previous clients is very important.


The chances of theft are reduce3d when you are working with professions that are built on integrity. Top mobile app development agencies will always maintain your secrecy.


A non-disclosure agreement is important


When you are revealing your ideas to others you can keep the idea of the mobile app protected. This can be done by using NDA. NDA is used for ensuring that all the ideas which you are sharing remain confidential between both the clients and the developers.


This will help your idea to stay protected instead of getting shared or reused by the people who are already involved in your project development.  NDA offers protection from potential clients or investors, associates, outsourced contractors, consultants, etc. NDA stands for Non-disclosure Agreement. However, this not an absolute guarantee that your idea will be safe. So it is important to hire credible companies.


A non-compete agreement is important


A non-compete agreement is also very important which is used for avoiding people to share the secrets of your projects with your competitors. It basically involves signing a contract with your developers that won’t allow your developers to work for your rival companies while they are working for you.


The above thing means that the developers who are working for your project will be out for work for a certain amount of time and won’t be able to work with the client according to their choice. It is hard to find such a developer but by adjusting compensation you can find one. Top iPhone app developers will follow this agreement but with a certain amount of extra charge.


Copyrighting your app


A well-known term is copyright which is used for establishing protection for intellectual property. However, it is important to keep in mind about one disadvantage that is copyrighting idea is not possible. UI and the elements of code for developing your app can be copyrighted but still, this is valid until and unless someone copies your whole app without any change. Copyrighting app costs very less and will provide protection against those who copy directly.




Trademarking will help you in restricting your competitors from using your icons, logos, symbols, and also words that are associated with your service or app. Trademarking the names for all services and features of your app is also possible. This will help you in disallowing your competitors from taking the route that you have already taken. Trademarking will also offer protection against legal lawsuits and issues.


Applying for a patent


Paten will help you in protecting your app’s functionality. However, that functionality that you want for a patent must be non-obvious and new.


The process is lengthy that involves the application and also a process of a thorough examination. So it is important to start it as early as possible. The patent will also help you in protecting against the variation of rivals developing your app and also against independent development.




There are many Android as well as iPhone app development companies who are reputed and follow all these procedures to keep you assured that the app you want for your company remains secret. However, they might charge extra but you have to be wise enough to choose the perfect company that meets your demand.

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