How to Optimize UX Design for your eCommerce Store

March 1, 2023 | Blog
The way your users will feel and what they see when they enter your website is of massive importance. It can mean the difference between getting swamped in sales and demo requests on the one hand and having only a couple of digital tumbleweeds bouncing about what was supposed to be your website’s vibrant traffic on the other.    Now, enhancing user experience typically means improving the website visually, but also adding content that’s useful.  To make this work in your favor in the best possible way, however, you need to strike a fine balance between the newly added content and keeping your messages and CTAs where they need to be to propel your business forward.    UX Design   In this article, we’re going to recommend to you some tips on how you can optimize the UX design of your eCommerce store so that you attract more customers, get more purchases or orders, and ultimately have more revenue.   Without further ado, here’s the deal.   

Make good use of visual cues

  A good UX design starts with the good use of visual cues. If you have a website with plenty of vivid visuals that are all over the place, chances are - orienting yourself around the pages on your site won't come that easily to a first-time visitor. That said, rather than explaining every single option by using words in a large font, there's a better option.   You can explain your visuals to your visitors - by using more visuals!   The key to visual cues is that they should be subtle before anything. A visual cue shouldn't be so large or so overwhelmingly conspicuous that it draws a visitor's attention from the content itself. Some examples of go-to visual cues that many business owners resort to would include arrows, brightly-colored banners, visual encapsulation, and eye direction.   There's one important thing to take into consideration, however. This practice can easily get overdone, with some pretty distasteful results. (We've all seen those spammy lottery websites that are pretty much entirely made out of 'You've won the price! Big money yours!!1!')   So, to prevent over-spicing your website and thus ruining your UX design with distracting banners and all manner of other overly-visually stimulating content, make sure to practice moderation.    Also, a great rule of thumb you can follow when it comes to adding layers of visuals to your website’s landing and other pages is to be consistent with your brand logo. For example, if your brand is well-known for the color purple, you can add shades of purple on the About Us page and other subsections.    This way, users will easily memorize your website and likely come back to it sooner rather than later.   

Use visual contrast, illustration, and vivid imagery

  What better way to highlight your brand's strong sides than posting some high-resolution, contrast-rich photos or images that will captivate your audience's attention? The thing is, you needn't go out of your way to run the risk of jumping the shark and again risking a total overkill.   Now, there's always a possibility that the product or service you sell is not that visually stimulating (although nowadays everything can be photographed to make it look cool). What you can do in this case is resort to illustrations.   Illustrations can truly be a fantastic way to improve your UX design and enrich your website's interface visually. First off - everyone likes illustrations, cartoons, and drawings - regardless of the context. Secondarily, a well-made drawing or a series of drawings can tell a story about your brand the way words can't.   Last but not least, filling your website with drawings, although at times an expensive solution (in case you don't have an onboard graphics team), can develop your brand as few other things can. A great example of this would be the Red Bull's series of cartoons where various people and anthropomorphic animals gain wings.   A little creativity and personality-infused visuals goes a long way - as long as the brand imagery that you have is well-connected to your brand.  

Employ video format

  If great visuals don't do the trick, (and they will, to a certain extent, at the very least) adding a video or two to your landing page certainly will. Now, if visuals are a fantastic way to represent your brand and enhance user experience, then the video can take your website to a whole new level in this respect.   Of course, there are different ways you can make good use of the video format - you can go with an image sequence + voiceover narration, for example. (This can be a great low-budget option, for example.)   On the other hand, you can also try out filming landscapes, young people having fun, cats playing keyboards - whatever you deem fun and engaging enough for your audience! One of the most expensive solutions, however, might even be the best, unsurprisingly. Making an animated video can truly put your website on the online radar, so to speak.   As we said above, everyone likes a well-put-together animated video - whether they are adults or kids. What's more, if you have an eStore where you sell some pretty tough-to-explain products or services - there's no limit to what you can do with animation, as opposed to a regular video with actors, for example.  

Use high-tech solutions such as voice and chatbots

  In case your eStore visitors still can't orient themselves around your website, there's always a perfectly suitable solution that you can resort to. Using voice bots, for example, can be a great way to facilitate the search function, as looking something up by simply telling the website what you want can be a great asset for the user.   Another robotic helping hand that will improve your UX design would be the chatbot. Chatbots are relatively easy to set up and they don't take away too many of your resources, so you don't have to worry about your website speed suffering as a result.   A chatbot has two main functions.    First off, it plays the role of an usher that helps a newly-arrived guest at your website.  Secondarily, however, it gives your guests valuable pieces of info that they would otherwise probably have trouble procuring, so to speak. This is a fun, interactive way to help your website visitors orient themselves around your eStore and get a sense of how things work on your online premises.  

Rapid product or service delivery 

  UX design is not about the amount of funny and expensive visuals. They will not make up for the fact that the ware you sent is perpetually late, and that affects the user experience and customer satisfaction greatly.   To enhance your user's experience in the best possible way, ensure your shipment and delivery systems are running smoothly and that they are easy to understand when placing an order. A well-made landing page can be of massive help, especially if it contains a well-lit CTA button, so to speak.    Therefore, it more than makes sense as well hiring one of the best design agencies to make this part of the page for you. While this may end up being a tad pricey, it will be a perfect move and you will understand that perfectly from the way your customers interact with you.  


  All in all, improving your UX design elements can be a great way to make the best of your online presence. What's more, if your online presence is your only way of conducting business, so to speak, then taking steps to enhance the users' experience can be the best way to effectively make your chances of having success when it comes to running your business. The more thought and effort you put into this, the larger audience you will be able to attract as a result.