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Social media has been dominant in the internet’s first ten years. People are eager to develop a social media app such as Snapchat app, given the widespread adoption of smartphones and technological advances.


Millions of people around the globe use social networking sites. People connect with their distant family and friends via social networking platforms, exchanging information, sharing professional information through LinkedIn, and keeping in touch with old friends. Social networking is a revolutionary new area in the online world. The number of smartphone users has increased in recent years, and the situation is changing.


The world is now mobile, with over 3.5 million users worldwide. Only 200,000 people use their mobile phones to surf the internet, play games and, most importantly, share and communicate information with others. Social media platforms that are targeted have already revolutionized the development industry. This has led to a rise in social media usage around the globe.


New products are being created every day because of the high demand for superior social media apps. New apps are also being released daily. Start-ups are forced to look for new solutions because of the revamped competition and big brands like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. It also forces businesses to stay on top of new trends to win clients.


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How to Create Group Chat on Snapchat in 2023?


Group chats are a great way to communicate with others, send messages and videos and make audio and video calls. Snapchat, like most social media platforms, has a feature called group chats. Below are the steps to create a Snapchat app group chat.


  1. Navigate to Snapchat’s “Chat” tab using the bottom navigation bar. Next, tap the “Chat” action button in the lower-right corner. To begin creating a group, tap “New Group”.
  2. Select the contacts you wish to add to your group, then tap the “Chat with Group” button.
  3. By tapping on the “New Group” option at the top of your screen, you can give your Snapchat group chat a name.
  4. That’s all. Now you have created a Snapchat group that you can use to chat with your friends and send Snaps.


How to Manage Groups on Snapchat?


Snapchat does not give group creators additional powers like other messaging platforms. Even if you’re the creator of the Snapchat Group, you cannot remove anyone from the group. Here’s how to manage your Snapchat Group.


Add New Members to a Snapchat Group


  1. There are two options for adding new members to your Snapchat Group: through the invite link or from the contacts list. Let’s see how each of these methods works.
  2. Open group settings by tapping the profile icon and “Add Members”. Then, select the contact from the list.


You can also share the invite link with your family and friends. Here’s how it works. Open Snapchat group settings. Tap “Invite Via Link”, then “Invite” in a pop-up window. You can then share the Snapchat group chat invite URL via your preferred messaging app, such as WhatsApp.


Mute Notifications in Snapchat Group


  1. You can mute the Snapchat group’s message notifications if you feel overwhelmed by their frequency. Tap the vertical three dots menu in the top-right corner of the group settings page and select “Message Notifications”.
  2. You can enable or disable notifications for all messages and tagged messages (aka mentions) and mute them all. You can choose the setting that suits your needs, and then you are done.


How to Leave Snapchat Group Chat?


Do you feel like you don’t belong to a particular group chat on Snapchat? Here’s how you can leave it.


Open Snapchat group settings. Tap on the vertical triangle menu in the top-right corner. Choose “Leave Group” from this pop-up menu. When you leave the group, all chats and snaps you have already sent will be deleted.


Social Media App Development Trends for 2023


Social media is a key component of consumers’ lives. This has led to marketers and businesses flocking to social platforms to connect with their customers. There is overwhelming content on social media, and there is much competition. Without a clear strategy for social media marketing, it cannot be easy to stand out.


You can fuel your strategy by staying up-to-date on social media trends to make you stand out. Check out the Influencer Marketing Hub Social Media Benchmark Report 2022 to learn more about these trends. Here are the top social media trends for 2023 and beyond.


Smaller Networks will be more popular for ads.


TikTok is one of many platforms that’s catching consumers’ attention. Pinterest and Snapchat are also growing in popularity.


Data from Pinterest Business shows that ads on the platform can yield twice as much return on advertising spend than other social media channels. Although Snapchat isn’t as popular as Instagram and Facebook for marketing, Snapchat advertising statistics show that Snapchat has a significant advertising audience.


Aside from Apple’s announcement in 2022 that it would block Facebook’s ability to target certain segments of its users, brands must look at other platforms.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


As a way of improving a user’s perception of reality, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality technology (AR) are rapidly entering the social market. Social platforms can leverage these technological advances to change how people interact with one another and the world around them.


YouTube and Facebook have both introduced 360-degree videos that allow users to share their experiences in VR with others. You can also create a virtual space in 3D where you can interact with others, like a Skype video chat. Facebook already has a VR app called Spaces that is enabled by the Oculus VR headset.


Short-Lived Content


A trend worth considering is “self-destructing” content, which can be seen on social media platforms like Instagram Stories and Snapchat. These social media platforms allow you to set your posts to expire after an hour, a few days, or a few days.


This trend is becoming increasingly popular because it gives users more privacy and adds a sense of urgency and intimacy to their posts with friends. Hang, a social media app developed by SteelKiwi, offers another example. It allows users to set up their messages to be deleted within 24 hours.


Gamification- Not So Boring Anymore!


Gaming is so popular with the young generation that social media platforms create separate sections where gamers can enjoy their favourite games. Take Facebook for an example. The gaming section is located in the upper left corner.


Although you may not believe it at first, gamification can be used to measure people’s engagement. Gamification makes it easy to evaluate engagement in social networking apps. The latter also boosts mobile app development trends. Research shows that games can increase engagement in mobile apps.


Chatbot and Social Messaging for Faster Response


Chatbots and other social messaging apps are being developed as automation is a key component of the future of social network app development. When it comes to ecommerce and other social media platform, users need immediate responses. Did you know that nearly 12% of respondents value a response within 5 minutes?


Although you may use messaging apps to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues daily, it is important to have contact with someone when shopping on a website. Imagine searching for the perfect cocktail dress on an online platform and not having anyone to help you. Chat boxes are a great way to solve this problem.


These small text boxes appear on many sites, including e-commerce. Privacy is protected, and all data are secure.


For example, take Facebook. The business pages will ask you to send a message on their Messenger or to post their number to be redirected to WhatsApp. This speeds up communication and keeps your audience hooked on your services.


Social Audio Will be More Popular


It has grown in popularity since Clubhouse launched in 2020. Facebook launched its podcasts and Lived Audio Rooms in June 2021.


Brands are paying attention. Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trends Survey revealed that 74% of respondents said they plan to invest in audio-only content over the next year. According to the same survey, hosting an audio stream as a thought leader was a popular strategy.


Despite this, smaller businesses have yet to take notice of the trend, particularly since it isn’t the most cost-effective form of content marketing. Although it may only be audio clips, there is still much to be done in creating audio content.


How to Develop an App Like Snapchat in 2022?

Snapchat in No.4 most used social media app among US teens, right there with Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. What makes it so popular and how to develop an app like Snapchat to boost your business — if you’re interested in answers to these questions, keep reading, we’ve got you covered.


Hiring a mobile app development company can help you to develop a solution like Snapchat app. Whereas marketing agencies can help you to market the app and reach wider audience.


Below, we’re laying out our experience and collected knowledge to help you navigate the Snapchat-like app development, including tips and tricks to launch faster and save money without sacrificing quality.

Is it Worth Building an App Like Snapchat?

These days, we hear little to no big news about Snapchat and it might seem some other similar apps are flooding the market, aiming to overturn the rule of Meta’s Instagram. That couldn’t be further from the truth.


Snapchat didn’t go anywhere — in fact, it’s been steadily growing in popularity faster than Instagram: according to the Pew Research Center 2022 survey of American teenagers, Snapchat gained 18% of users since 2015, while Instagram grew 10% in the same timeframe. These days, about 59% of US teens use Snapchat app.


Top Features to Include in Snapchat Like Application


If you want to create an app like Snapchat, it is important to understand how it works, the essential features, and why users love apps like Snapchat app. Below are the essential features you should add to your instant messaging application.




You must register with Snapchat app and create an account before using the Snapchat app. This feature must be added to your instant messaging app. Users can create profiles, take pictures, share with friends, chat, and more.




Snapchat’s key feature is Snapping and Sharing. Snapchat app users can share photos and videos with messages, stickers and filters with their friends and then they will self-destruct. Cool edits and filters can make your photos stand out! If you want to offer Snapchat app alternatives, make sure to add unique features to your app.




Snapchat app is all about snaps, but there are other ways to communicate. Many users prefer to communicate via chats, even if Snaps are used only occasionally.




Stickers can add humour, colour and expression to any conversation. Make sure your users can engage in fun interactions with their friends and express themselves better using stickers if you want to make Snapchat an actual app.




Snapchat app gives you the option to use one of 7 Lenses. These amusing animations can be added to your snaps to create funny effects. While the number of lenses can change, it remains at 7. Only lenses can be used if activated before taking the photo. After the photos are taken, they cannot be used.




These filters are specific to each location. This is quite interesting. Geofilters allow you to add patterns to your snaps when you’re in a specific location. This feature is more than a success story. It can also help you make money. A business location can have geofilters that users can use to explore the area while at the restaurant or store. This allows you to share in the profits as the app owner.


Find Friends


It is an instant messaging application, so users must be able to message their friends. Snapchat app must allow users to search for their friends. Although this feature might seem fairly standard, Snapchat app makes it unique. You can add friends in two other ways.


  • Add Nearby– Add people to your immediate area at this very moment.
  • Snapcodes– Share your snapcode with friends to let them add you as a Snapchat friend.


Video/Audio Calls


Snapchat’s newest feature is a great way to connect with friends. Snapchat app allows you to send snaps and messages to your friends, but video and audio calls can be a great way for Snapchat app to bring more value.




Although this feature is available on many other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, it was first launched by Snapchat app. The user can upload a video or photo to a story, which will be visible to their friends as often as they wish. Still, it will only last for 24 hours before it disappears.




Brands can use Discover to publish sponsored stories. You can discover stories from various editorial teams at big brands.


How Can Mobile Apps Such as Snapchat Make Money?


The core features of a mobile app such as Snapchat app have been listed. We’re now ready to explore other ways to monetize Snapchat’s mobile app.


In 2018, Snapchat’s global revenue was $390million, an increase of $30 million from 2016.


Why is Snapchat app so successful in such a competitive market? Snapchat’s many revenue models are the main reason. Let’s dive deeper and see how you can make money using a mobile app like Snapchat app.




This feature is Snapchat’s bread and butter. Based on other snaps, the app displays 10-second video ads.


Sponsored Lenses


Sponsored lenses are a new format for advertising. Here, brands post their ads as videos to the lens feed. Brands like Taco Bell and Michael Kors advertise on Snapchat app using their customized lenses.




This monetization method is a great way to benefit your customers and your company, especially if you create an integrated experience like Snapchat app and Shazam. The partnership allows users to identify music and engage with Shazam content.


They can also send Snaps containing music to their friends. This partnership gave Snapchat app more users and generated great revenue.


Sponsored Geofilters


Brands can advertise their products through Snapchat app using customized geofilters. McDonald’s was the first to use a geofilter that branded all American restaurants.


Current Market Status of Snapchat


There are many social media platforms. The latest statistics indicate that Snapchat is currently the most popular social media platform in France and the United States.


A Snapchat copy app could be a great idea for startups. A Snapchat clone can be created, with some additional features, to get a piece of the action. Take a look below at Snapchat’s statistics:


  • Snapchat Q3 Report said that in 2022, the app had 363,000,000 daily users
  • Snapchat’s daily videos have seen 400% more views per day.
  • The service is used by more than 60% of U.S. smartphone owners between 13 and 34 years old.


There’s more!


Snapchat founders didn’t care about making a profit from the start. Later, Snapchat offered many ways to generate revenue.


  • Snapchat app revenues reached $4,1 Billion in 2022
  • Snapchat app reported its first quarterly net profit in Q4 2021.


We can see that Snapchat app is very popular and generates significant revenue.

The Key Takeaway


We hope this guide must helped you to find a solution for “how do you make a group chat on snapchat.” Snapchat’s support article states that you can add 100 people to one Snapchat group.


Snapchat does not allow you to delete groups directly. You can leave a group if you no longer wish to be part of it. This tutorial includes instructions on how to exit a Snapchat app group.


Snapchat group chats will allow you to stay in touch with your friends and make it easier to share Snaps. This guide will help you create a group chat on Snapchat if you’re a beginner. While at it, remember to read our guides for changing your Snapchat username and finding your Snapchat score.

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