How to Hire Magento Developers to Build Your Online Store in 2022

March 21, 2022 | Blog
One of the leading business models today is eCommerce. In 2021, the global eCommerce sales were $48.91 billion. It is expected to cross $63.88 billion by 2024.   That means if you develop an online store today, you can expect huge growth in the coming days. But first, you have to hire dedicated Magento developers to build your digital store.  


Magento is a powerful PHP-based platform that provides stunning features and functionalities to develop a digital store. At present, over 250,000 websites use Magento eCommerce, which makes Magento the second most popular web development platform in 2021.   Once you hire the right Magento 2 developers, they will take care of your entire eCommerce store development. Magento developers can help to create, design, maintain and keep your website bug-free.   So, let’s not think much and check out how to hire Magento 2 certified developers.

Why Hire a Magento Developer 

  Before knowing how to hire a dedicated Magento developer, first understand why you need a professional web developer.  

Tame Magento 

  Magento is a complicated platform. It takes high-tech knowledge and experience to work with Magento. Therefore, to create an engaging and attractive online platform, you need a certified developer. A professional can better guide you to develop a trendy web store.  

Saves Time 

  Hiring a dedicated Magento engineer can save you a lot of time. An experienced developer can handle the web development process on his own. That leaves you with sufficient time to focus on branding, lead generation, and other business operations.  

Technical Expertise 

  When you hire professional Magento developers, they will enhance your project with their technical knowledge. For example, at Arthonsys, we often guide our clients with logical and technical stuff to build a futuristic website. Our Magento 2 certified developers help clients with PSD or HTML theme development, customize website layout and keep the Magento eCommerce updated.  

Creative Approach 

  Magento developers help with both technical and creative aspects of web development. They can ensure that your eCommerce store is unique and offers a great user experience.  

Enhanced Performance 

  Hiring dedicated Magento developers is the guarantee of better performance. Especially if you don’t have much backend web development knowledge, developers can make sure the speed and security of your store will never compromise.  

How to Hire an Expert Magento 2 Developer 

  So, a Magento developer can save your time, improve your web performance and make sure your store looks stunning and functions smoothly. In short, a Magento developer can ensure that your online business can grow effectively.   Now back to the main question – how to hire a Magento developer. Let’s see:  

Define your goals and objectives 

  Your business goals and objectives to hire Magento developers have to be 100% clear. Hiring a skilled Magento developer accordingly will become easy when you know what type of Magento website you want to develop. Plus, clear goals and objectives will make it simple for you to communicate with your developers’ team.  

Select the hiring model

  Once you have defined your goals, you have to decide how you want to hire Magento 2 developers?   Usually, three approaches are used by companies to find the right developers:


  If you need a Magento developer for a small project, hiring a professional Magento freelancer is beneficial.  


  This is a traditional hiring approach. In this method, you will hire a Magento developer like a regular employee who will work in your office based on a fixed pay scale.  

Outsourcing Company 

  Hiring an outsourcing web development companies is a new and economical approach. In this method, you will gain the support of a full-fledged Magento development team within a fixed price.   This method allows you to hire Magento 2 developers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other labor-intensive nations.  

Technical Expertise 

  Magento website development is a technical project. Thus, make sure to hire a developer who knows basic programming languages to develop a professional-looking website, such as:  
  • A Magento developer must know these programming languages – Java, Ruby, HTML, Python, Javascript, CSS/HTML, C++, PHP, and others.
  • Ensure that your developer must have valid certification about his Magento skills.
  • Always hire a Magento developer with Magento 2 knowledge to build a custom online store.
  • Custom theme development, shopping cart development, and customer experience solutions are some additional skills for Magento developers.

Explore Soft Skills

  Besides the technical skills, your Magento developer should possess some basic soft skills for smooth communication and workflow, including:  
  • Always hire a Magento developer who is an analytical thinker and has the ability to solve complicated problems on his own.
  • Look for team players who can easily work with your in-house team and other developers.
  • If you don’t want to guide and monitor your Magento developer at every stage, hire a self-competent developer.

Go Through Experience Level 

  Make sure to check Magento developers’ experience level before hiring them. That’s because Magento development is a practical skill. The person with years of Magento development experience can offer you better insight and efficiency to build your online store.   However, there’s no need to hire highly experienced Magento developers for a small task like website migration. You should hire experienced Magento developers based on your project requirements. If you plan to build an eCommerce store like Nike, Nestle Nespresso, or Ford, you need highly experienced Magento developers for sure.  

Want to Quickly Hire a Magento Developers?

  If you don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring dedicated Magento developers and simply need a developer who can quickly kickstart your project, Arthonsys is here for you.   We have a competent Magento development team ready to create your eCommerce website in no time. You simply have to share your website requirements with our team, and they will swiftly take your business online.   Additionally, we will help custom design your website theme, plugins and online promote your business.