Guide on How to Find and Hire an Android Developer for Your App Development

March 1, 2023 | Blog
Twenty years ago, the first cell phones were introduced to the market. People realized the popularity of these devices even 20 years ago. They were initially used for sending and receiving text messages. However, smartphones today are smaller computers with more powerful components than most notebooks. Today, it is impossible to imagine anyone leaving home without a tablet or smartphone.   The mobile device gives us many opportunities. We can browse social media, take pictures and videos, browse the Internet, play games, conduct remote meetings, etc. However, it requires an operating system to function properly, just like any other device. There are currently three operating systems for mobile devices. These include iOS, Android, and Windows Phones created by Microsoft.   hire Android developer   It can be exhausting to find top Android app developers due to the sheer volume available. However, many factors can help you distinguish between a good and a bad Android developer. It's not just about the experience but also how long a person has been in the industry as an Android developer.  

Skills to Consider While Hiring Android Developer for Your App Development

  Android developers have a bright future, considering the current market and potential business benefits. They have lucrative opportunities to create new digital products using Android development, which can be used on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and watches.   Businesses can hire Android developers to bring their business ideas to life and create innovative android apps. To succeed in app development, you can either hire Android developers in-house or work with overseas app developers.  

Android Fundamentals

  Kotlin and Java are the most popular languages for creating Android apps. You can use these languages individually or together to create apps for the Android platform. Android app developers should have programming experience with Java or Kotlin and an understanding of the core concepts. In addition, a good understanding of concurrency, the collection framework, and multi-threading is a plus.  

Android UI

  Even though an app may have many useful and remarkable functions, it will fail if it does not have a modern UI. Therefore, every Android developer should follow these guidelines to create apps that adhere to material design principles. These guidelines include using RecyclerView to implement lists and grids. ConstraintLayout to design complex layouts, animate for improved user experience, use appropriate menus, and use vector drawables in place of raster graphics.  

Android Testing

  Remember that Multiple users can use android applications. They can submit information or download it to their phones. Before hiring an Android app developer, make sure they are familiar with various interactions and use cases. This will ensure that your app works as expected. Expresso, Junit, and Robolectric are the most popular testing libraries for Android app development.  

API Integration

  A program programming interface (or API) is a set of protocols that allow one software program to communicate and interact with another. The foundation of any mobile app strategy is an API. APIs are essential for transforming large amounts of data into usable frameworks on a mobile device. Nearly all mobile apps use APIs, including banking and social media apps. Companies that want to make more data accessible to the public and encourage interaction have made API management a core part of their business.  

Git: Version Control System

  Even the most skilled programmers have difficulties tracking changes to projects. This problem is made worse because developers often work in teams. This problem can be overcome by version control systems, which provide app developers with an intuitive interface to change their code. Git is the most popular, feature-rich, and free task management tool.   Git offers many features to help you develop Android apps. These include virtual team development via branching and merging and the ability to revert code changes that have caused performance degradation or defects. You can also facilitate code reviews through pull requests.  

Adding Interactivity

  It is important to prioritize interaction between Android apps and users as it greatly improves user experience. Users can make a huge difference by using the appropriate gestures, such as drag-and-drop, keyboard use, and pan and zoom at the right spot.   Before hiring Android developers, make sure they are proficient in making the app interactive. This will enhance its usability and provide a great user experience.  

Things to Consider While Hiring Android App Developers

  As technology has improved in recent years, so have people's expectations regarding Android apps. Get an Android app designed to ensure your customers have the best experience possible. While a great idea and requirement specification is important, the Android app developers are responsible for making the app useful.  

Innovation is a Necessity for Tomorrow

  You can tell if your idea is innovative if it explores the unknown. Therefore, it is important to determine how interested the Android developer is in new ideas and implementations.   Ask for examples of innovative projects that the developer has worked on the next time you are doing it. This will reveal how passionate your chosen person is about new technologies. Next, check out the latest trends, and ask them questions. Finally, you have your developer if they can explain the latest tech in 2022 fluently.  

Scout On App Developer Hiring Platforms

  Depending on your preferences and budget, you can search for candidates through coding platforms, freelance platforms or tech blogs, forums, design communities, and more.   GitHub is one of the most widely used coding platforms. This platform allows professional Android developer to save and share their projects. In addition, this platform allows you to search for app developers with experience in the same idea or nature as the app you want to create.  

Quality-Oriented Work Methodology

  Focus on hiring Android app development companies or an in-house team of android developer that are cost-effective. Also, you can choose the ones who can produce software of the highest quality. Low-cost developers might not be able to produce quality android applications. This could lead to a loss of revenue for your company.   Businesses that want to develop an application using a team of in-house or contracted developers should prioritize quality. A good application will return all of the investment.  

Past Performance

  Connecting with past clients is a good idea for anyone who hires a developer, a team of developers, or an Android app development company. The former clients can give you valuable insight into the work style of developers and development companies by connecting with them.     Businesses can determine if the developers they hire have a positive or arrogant attitude. Are they punctual? Are they able to meet the requirements? Or are they missing out? This is important to know if developers communicate well during the development process.  

The Key Takeaway

  2022 will be another year in which people are more likely to choose to become Android developer, and more people want an Android app for their businesses. Both developers and businesses can expect to see more Android businesses.   Although it may seem difficult to hire Android developer at first, you will soon realize what you need in them once you have evaluated the points above. Even though developers may be available, there are still many hardships.