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After a great read about Freelancer vs. Employees vs. Company: Which is right for your software project, you jumped into this article where we are going to share you with some tips on how to decide between 15,000 software development companies worldwide.

We all know that we can’t buy something if we don’t have the money for it, but looking at the quality and top product, we often find ourselves in purchasing something we know is a little bit above our budget, but it will pay itself in the future.

So, don’t always decide on any product only because it’s too expensive or cheap for your reasons.

Are you thinking, if we don’t decide on the price, by what criteria should I decide with what company I need to work?

Let’s dig deeper and see what matters when it comes to choosing your software partner!

Find something you can identify with

Every professional software company has a showcase, portfolio or Our work section on their website. That’s your first step to find some previous work and see if they have experience in the sector you are in.

If they really thought about user experience, then they will have categories for you, so you can easily find what are you looking for.

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For example, you can start with deciding on what platform would you like to build your solution, is it going to be an Android or iOS app or both. Or you need development?

After you know what app you need, then you need to research on what platform would it be – is it WordPress, custom web development, Magento or Pimcore development?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, ask your potential software partner, they’ll explain it to you.

Your new partner should have some good reviews!

Designing and developing an application is long-term work, so if their clients are willing to review their software partner, you’re on a good track.

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n those reviews, you can find how your potential software development company communicates, what their clients love about them, how are they satisfied with the final product, etc.

Those reviews can tell you something you really want your potential software company needs to have!

Grab a notebook and write down all your question about that company

If you don’t ask something about your company, how will you know if you are a good fit for them? Write down all the questions you’re curious about and have a call with them so you won’t miss something.

7 questions you need to ask:

  • How does your development process look like?
  • What are the deliverables of every process?
  • Who is the person I need to call if I have some questions during development?
  • How many people do I have in my development team?
  • Do you have some docs where I can find all the tech words I don’t understand?
  • How many times did you cross the project deadline?
  • Is there some of your previous client who is willing to speak about your collaboration?

Does that company has a blog section?
If a tech company has a blog section, that’s a good sign of software company who has an excellent approach to sharing knowledge, not only in development articles but also in tips like – how to have good content in your app, what are essential features in your app or how can you decrease shopping cart abandonment.

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Also, you find yourself in a deep search for something on the internet and don’t know what articles are the best for your business. There is no need to search numerous pages on the internet if you find software partner who takes care of their clients and writes articles where you can learn about new trends in the industry, new features you don’t want to miss, some tips&tricks how to have a more engaged user base, etc.

If you find a software partner who frequently publishes articles related to your industry, you find the best match!

Check them on the social media networks

If they frequently update their social media networks, that means they have a social media manager or content editor who’s in charge of editing and promoting all the beautiful content they made.

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Their activity on social media networks can be an inspiration to your content plan, and also, you can always ask their marketing team to help you out with some ideas or campaigns.

Over to you

Finally, you grabbed some paper, write down these 5 tips on how to find the best development company for your business software and start looking at potential partners.

I hope this article will give you another perspective when searching for your software technology partners.

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