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Most websites today are using JavaScript as their client-side programming language! Also, all kinds of apps and devices are running on it too. Thus, the framework with JavaScript like MEAN is getting popular worldwide. MEAN stack developers have become one of the most in-demand developers around. Enterprises are taking the help of MEAN stack development so as to promote their business motives.


MEAN is an open-source web stack and is in use for developing scalable products. It is also preferred by companies to get flexible apps needed for cloud deployments. All the technologies in MEAN are using the same language for programming. So, the developers can use the same code so as to get accurate results across technologies.


If you’re looking for proper opportunities to become a JavaScript expert then MEAN stack development is the accurate option. You will get detailed insight into the MEAN stack here so as to become a successful developer. The right kind of information will lead you to acquire the skills needed to become a MEAN developer.

What is MEAN Stack? What does a MEAN Stack Developer do?


MEAN has four technologies in its name – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. It is the full-stack software bundle using JavaScript at the front-end. The database is mainly a NoSQL database and the stack is full of web development tools. Developers use it for web applications so as to promote the business needs. You can now build a dynamic and efficient website with help of MEAN stack development.


The four programming languages are core to the technology. MongoDB is for the database server and Express.js is for the server-side framework. Angular is for a client-side framework and Node.js is the JavaScript runtime on the server. A MEAN stack developer knows all the frameworks. To become an expert in all these languages you can take the help of working professionals or reference modules. You will also understand the difference between MEAN vs LAMP stack to use the technology superbly.


The MEAN stack developer needs to also be proficient in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to handle the front-end tasks. Thus, the developers are also known as JavaScript full-stack web developers! MEAN is the order of the stack and the developer needs to be well-versed with all the languages. Learn the languages well so as to handle the backend as well as front-end of the application. Acquire in-depth knowledge of JavaScript so as to become MEAN experts.


The demand for MEAN stack developers is increasing with the passing time! It is not an attractive opportunity for both working professionals and new developers. Application Architecture is an area where professionals can progress in the future. Thus, gain experience as a MEAN stack developer so as to open up avenues for new positions. The salaries also go up as you adapt to new technologies for development.


Top skills required to become a MEAN Stack Developer


You need to have the experience of working with technologies attested with MEAN so as to get the best apps. To become a developer, you need to understand how the techniques work and what to get out of them. Let us look at some of the essential skills needed to become a MEAN stack developer –



A top-class MEAN stack developers need to know about ‘vanilla’ JS. It becomes the foundation for most of the frameworks. The MEAN developers must have familiarity so as to work with JavaScript syntax. You need to know how it functions, ways, the manipulation of the DOM, and how to create objects with the use of different tools.





It is the database allowing the storage of JSON-like documents. You’ll be able to index and reference the content over & over again like blog posts and product details. The key to becoming a MEAN stack developer will be to have a comfortable ability so as to write queries.





Express refers to the backend JavaScript framework and is standing on top of Node.js. It allows the quick development of web apps and APIs. Developers can use Express to write the routing tree in a few lines of code. Learn the use Express so as to master the post of MEAN stack developer.





It came to the scene by Google and refers to the front-end JavaScript framework. Thus, developers get the opportunity to populate and manipulate the DOM. All the front-end interactivity is possible through Angular and thus one needs to learn using it. The community of Angular’s great documentation and top-class plugins makes it the best pick among developers.





Node.js is an open-source server environment built with the help of JavaScript. It is allowing the developers so as to handle data responses better between the server and client-side. You have access to the basics of building web apps with Node.js. You need to have complete independence in using the technology as per the requirement.





It is the leading version of the control system and allows developers to save the changes on projects. Git is also helping developers to revert back to the old version in case of any bug. Learn the proper use of Git CLI to become an approved MEAN developer. You’ll be able to save time in development by learning to commit, push, and pull the changes correctly.



UNIX Command Line


Learn to use the UNIX command line so as to reduce the cost of web app development. With it, you’ll be able to learn the use of command lines that make you a professional MEAN stack developer.



Are you looking for the best options in the technology sector? Become a MEAN stack developer to enhance your career prospects. MEAN stack is here to stay with an impressive amount of salary. The developers of the field are on the move so as to work as technical architects. Take the help of working professionals to understand the functioning of different technologies. MEAN stack developers need to be strong in building website frameworks and thus promote business motives.

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