How Much Does It Cost to Hire an App Developer in 2022?

March 1, 2023 | Blog
What are the costs to create an Android App that is user-friendly and packed with features? Before you begin an app development project, you must ask this question. The estimation of the Application development cost is the top priority for any mobile app development company. In this article, you'll discover the costs required to develop an Android application and the costs to hire an app developer in 2022. Additionally, you'll also discover efficient methods to reduce the cost of app development & hire developers to build an app.  

Cost breakdown for Android App development

There are many components that make up your Android App Development Services budget & determine the mobile application cost.
  • Purpose & Function: How your application will help your customers.
  • Supported Platforms & Devices: If an Android application is being developed, what specific devices will the app support?
  • Integration Points: Is your app easy to integrate with apps from third parties? If it is integrated, will it provide your business with the best Android app development services? Take these factors into account carefully.
  • Implementing Visual Objects: The complexity of the visual objects in the app will greatly influence the price.
  • Hardware Specs on Smartphones: Your app should utilize high-end features like GPS, motion coprocessors, NFC technology, and Augmented Reality technology.

The Cost to Develop Android Apps & Hire App Developers

The cost to hire mobile app developers in 2022 can be deduced with the formula below. Mobile apps include an easy Mobile App Development Costs Calculator formula i.e., Application Cost = Development Time * Hourly Rate. To be able to accurately calculate the costs of developing an app, a mobile app cost calculator formula was devised. Development time is multiplied by the billable hours during the process of development. Hire a mobile app developer for best results.   Our experience has shown us that the most efficient way to justify the expense for Android App Development is by considering the level of extent. Our interpretation is -

Basic Android Apps Cost About $25,000 to $50,000

  • The group of, mobile app developers will be able to record between 325 to 700 working hours.
  • A QA base plan recommended for this kind of application comprises fifty hours of QA expert work per month.
  • The development period is from between 4 to 9 weeks given that you've hired two developers for each platform.
A Basic App is an MVP App:
  • Featuring clear and simple functionality with basic business logic.
  • Up to five screens may be included.
  • No custom elements in the interface.
Startups often develop these kinds of apps to test their marketability.

An Android app of medium complexity costs between $50,000 and $100,000

  • We expect your Android App Development team to work between 650 and 1000 hours.
  • For this type of application, aQA Extended Plan is recommended, which includes 80 hours of testing each month.
  • It will take about 10-15 weeks (about 2-3 months) to develop your platform if there are two developers.
Apps with medium complexity have features:
  • The software uses intermediate business logic to implement several complex features.
  • Screens range from 6-15.
  • Customize some elements and animations of the User Interface.
  • Two language localizations.

Complex Android Apps can cost over $100,000

  • During the Android App Development process, your mobile app developers team will work more than 1100 hours.
  • This kind of application is eligible for the QA Enterprise plan, which includes 150 hours of monthly work by QA experts.
  • Furthermore, if there are two developers on the platform, then the development team should work for at least 17 weeks (more than three months).
A complex app includes the following features:
  • Business logic is sophisticated and requires many difficult features.
  • Includes over 15 screens.
  • The UI is fully customizable and the animations are excellent.
  • Multilingual user base (large).
  • Complex architecture and multiple integrations are needed to ensure utmost security.

4 Strategies for Reducing Android App Development Costs

Below are some strategies to reduce the Android app development cost --
  1. Create a Product Specification Document: It is essential to create plans prior to starting the Android development of your app. This is why you need to create a specification for your product that includes information regarding your app's features as well as the technology stack. These are the specifications that your Android application will need. The document you create should include information like the background of the company, the duration of the app, estimates of budget, and the specifications for the Android platform.
  2. Prioritize Features. When you are first designing the features of your Android app, meet with your team to discuss the features of your app. Pick the features you think are essential and most appropriate for the app. After that, you can test the app and collect feedback for improvement of your app. Then, you can go on in your Android development process.
  3. Create the MVP.  If you're seeking to lower the cost of developing apps, you should create an MVP. It's essential to build an MVP with a couple of aspects to try out during the beginning development phase. There is no need to pay Android app developers for post-development maintenance. This can reduce additional costs from developers since you've already tried the app from the beginning.
  4. App developers & Mobile Application Development companies should be the best.  A reputable company can help in the creation of a premium and robust Android Mobile app. If you choose to contract with a company that you trust, you can count on them to finish the task with dedication and determination. You can expect to receive satisfaction from Android App Development Services when you select a reputable company to develop your application.

Last Say

We've reached the end of our comprehensive cost analysis for the Android App Development Solution. You can now use this guide to hire Android app developers with a deep understanding of the app industry. Follow the guidelines to cut down on unnecessary costs. We hope you make your app successful with the best budget on board. Always remember to hire an app developer and top Mobile App Development Company for top-notch mobile app development services.   Author’s Bio erma winterErma Winter is an expert app developer at MobileCoderz, an established Best Android App Development Company. With more than 10 years of professional app industry expertise, she has worked with multiple leading startups, mid-level as well as established businesses. Apart from the app industry experience, she loves sports and is a fitness enthusiast.