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How Much Do Mobile App Development Companies Charge For Their Services


“What amount does it cost to create an application?” is the principal question the development team gets from new companies and set up organizations willing to fabricate mobile tasks. Knowing the expense of application development is fundamental for assessing a satisfactory budget plan and intending to spend.


Mobile application development expenses may fluctuate from $20,000 to $500,000, depending upon the business functionality. However, functionality isn’t the alone cost factor.


This article will clarify what mobile application development costs comprise and how you can affect your application costs. We’ll likewise clarify the difference between Managed Services, Dedicated and Extended Team, and the idea of project management, which is fundamental to understand what lies behind the assessment of mobile application development costs.


How Much Will It Cost to Make an App in 2021?

A few groups believe that mobile application development costs equivalent to the number of hours one designer spends on coding. Such a methodology is a long way from the real world.


Aside from code, the development of a project requires the accompanying subject matter experts:


  • Business investigators and project managers make the projected excess with errands
  • The development developer plans the general design of the project’s back-end components
  • Quality affirmation administrators make the agendas for the task features to guarantee the features works without mistake
  • Originators work on the project format, model, and complete plan


The entirety of the portrayed jobs requires qualified experts who charge a sensible cost for their work. Besides, your task may require more than one developer. In this way, work hours comprise a major piece of your mobile application cost.


One model is in developing a logistics mobile application with a few combinations, like a stockroom information base, online payment passage, and booking features. How about we envision your development group has two months to finish a functioning project’s features.



To fulfill your time constraints, the project manager will devote a group of three back-end designers and two front-end developers to your task under an oversaw development model, which will build the expense of your project. Accordingly, the participation model is another factor that impacts the last project application costs.


What Affect Mobile App Development Cost?

The collaboration model in programming development characterizes the customer and the group’s duties. Here are some of the most common factors that affect the development cost of mobile applications:


Interface Design


If we talk about user’s point of view, UI and UX are the most important factor that needs to be considered. The user interface of the applications must be attractive and intuitive so that the users do not get irritated or confused while using the application. The more responsive and flexible the app UI/UX is, the more is the development cost.


Development Platform


Currently, Android and iOS are the top most used platforms for application development. You need to pay a small convenience fee for getting your app hosted in the Google play store or Apple App Store. You can get your app developed for either iOS or Android, or a cross-platform application for both platforms. An app developed for a single platform costs less as compared to an app developed for cross-platform.


App Marketing


As there are thousands of app on market, getting your app visible on market is not an easy process. Especially for start-ups, getting a sharp market presence requires a lot of effort and money. They have to create marketing budgets, plans, campaigns to create awareness about their brand in the market. This affects the budget as well as the development cost of the application.


App Upgradation


Once the app is deployed in the market, the efforts don’t end here. You need to roll out regular updates from time to time to keep the app running smoothly in the future. The cost of integrating new updates depends on the type of upgrade you are planning to roll out.


How to Find an App Developer?


As there are a lot of developers out there in the market, finding the perfect app partner for your app development is not an easy task. Not every app development company can cater to the requirements and needs of your business.  Before going out to search for app developers, make sure to clear one thing from your mind: “Do you want a freelancer or an in-house team?”


If you are starting a new company, then hiring a freelancer is a quick and cheap way to get your app developed. But if you are a well-settled enterprise, then hiring an in-house team is the best option for you to go with. Moreover, if you want to get your app designed for multiple platforms then hiring an in-house team is best and if the app is for a single platform, a freelancer app developer will work best.


An in-house team is a group of expert developers, designers, testers, and project managers that have in-depth knowledge of your company’s product and services. However, it will cost you more as you have to create a setup with resources and equipment to ensure quality and productive work.


On the other hand, hiring a freelancer that can get your app designed is quite cheap as you only have to pay the development cost, not every single person’s salary and equipment. The only drawback is that you have to manage the communication as well as the project yourself. Here are some important factors you can follow to hire the perfect app developer for your business application:


Market Research


Before choosing an app developer, it is important to have knowledge about their job. Perform deep market research to know about the average rates and latest languages so that you can have a productive and robust app developed for your business.




Hiring a developer who hasn’t designed or developed an app earlier is not a nice idea. Make sure the developer you are hiring has enough experience in app development.


Transparent Communication


The app will not be as per your requirements and needs if there is no clear and transparent communication with the developers. So, make sure to check how the developers keep the communication process before hiring.


Business Needs


When you are meeting with an app developer, make sure to have a clear vision of the app concept and the market you are going to target. To clearer the mindset you will have, the more it will be easy for you to hire a developer.


Set a Criteria


It is important to have a list of criteria and requirements you are expecting from the app developer. You can consider the following things in the criteria list:


  • Reviews and References
  • Experience
  • Specialty
  • Programming Tools
  • Development Process
  • Legal Process/Contracts
  • Project Management
  • Communication


The above-mentioned are some of the important things that you should be considering in the very first meeting with your tech partner.  Additionally, below are some alternative questions that you can ask from the app developer:


  • Can I see your previous work?
  • Ask for the fees and payment terms
  • Do they offer documentation?
  • Do they have a developer account?
  • Will they be developing the website themselves?


Although it is not possible to calculate the exact cost of developing an application as there are various factors that affect the development cost. The prices may vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Basically, the cost of development depends on the complexity of the application. In simple words;


  • A basic application with fewer screens and features will cost you around $1000-$5000.
  • A little complex application with little animation may cost around $5000-$30,000.
  • A complex application with advanced features may cost approximately $3000-$1m+.


Once the application is launched in the market, there will be regular up-gradation costs, marketing costs, and others. Good applications are not developed overnight. They require effort and time from expert developers. Hiring a mobile app designing is one of the best ways to get a feature-rich and robust app developed for your business.