How building user experience can be improved through facility management software December 23, 2021 | Blog

With the rise of smart buildings, cutting-edge technologies such as IoT (Internet of things) and intelligent data analytics are introduced to buildings. Consequently, building user experience has become more personalized and seamless.


As smart buildings become more prevalent, building users’ expectations will only increase. Therefore, it is imperative that building owners and facilities management providers stay ahead to delight building occupants with an elevated level of service. In this article, we will explore how facility management can manage and enhance user experience, with the support of facility management software.


Fault Reporting

Traditionally, helpdesks are responsible for coordinating and manually assigning tasks, serving as the point of contact between requesters and responders. This has led to an unnecessarily longer lead time for the reported issues or service requests to be addressed. However, with the help of facility management software, faults can be immediately tickets as requests and automatically assigned to the correct responder. Requests can be automatically escalated if not attended to within specific time thresholds. With the prompt rectification and delivery of service, enables building users to easily enjoy a building environment in tip-top condition.


Reporting Analytics

Facility management software also can perform reporting and data analytics. This allows building owners to monitor several important metrics such as average response time, status, location, and request type breakdowns. In this way, the facilities management can identify what the issues are in their service delivery and make data-driven decisions to improve their services to meet building users’ satisfaction.


Common Facilities Booking

Not all but some facilities management software like FacilityBot also provide value-added services like common facilities booking which allows building users to easily book meeting rooms, function rooms, or shared vehicles. This allows them to book the facilities through an app, or even through messaging platforms in FacilityBot’s case. Hence, the process is simplified and the friction for users is reduced as they do not have to download and login to apps to book. Moreover, building users can book facilities wherever and whenever immediately seeing the availability of the room or facilities that they wish to book when they choose their desired date. This makes it more convenient for building users.


Clearly, the innumerable benefits of how facility management software can enhance building users’ experience. Building owners or building management services that have not implemented such a system should start looking into them, not just for the seek of the operations but also for its building users.


Patrick SimPatrick Sim, Co-Founder of FacilityBot. My interests include creating a messaging-first facilities management system that facilities managers love and building other software systems.

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