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Although getting your app featured on the App Store is only one step along the way to launching a successful app, it’s no doubt one of the most important, as it’ll help you determine the viability of your app as well as room for improvement that you need to explore.

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Every day thousands of apps get submitted to the App Store, but only a fraction are deemed ingenious software that will deliver immense benefits to end-users. Many of them never get to see the light of day on the App Store, and the solutions they’re supposed to offer never get delivered to their target users.


The App Store is arguably the best platform to make your app visible and available to thousands of enthusiastic users. This article gives a rundown of 8 tips that will not only help an application development company submit apps that earn the pride of a place on the App Store, but will also help enhance the overall success rate of an app.


Create an Excellent App


This is obviously the most important thing an application development company needs to do in order to submit an app that breaks into the App Store. The essentials of an excellent app include elegant design, an intuitive UX, and bug-free functionalities. The app also needs to be simple enough, with the same fonts and colors, and standard iOS UI elements.


Stick to the App Store Rules


The App Store is known to be one of the most stringent app vendor sites that an application development company can work with. It has earned an enviable reputation among users, helping them gain easy access to the best apps that deliver great value. But the main aim of the stringent rules here is to minimize the number of apps that become obsolete within a very short period of time, outclassed by other apps. To guarantee a successful submission of your app when you hire an iOS app developer, you need to be fully acquainted with the highly rigorous App Store Guidelines.


Go for Native Apps


It’s only natural for Apple to act more favorably towards apps that use its coding languages and APIs. In 2017, Apple released ARKit and they now promote apps made with the toolchain in a special category on the App Store. You stand a better chance of a successful app submission if you let Apple know that your app is exclusive to the iOS platform.


Besides, hybrid apps and iPhone apps built with a cross-platform codebase are known to produce subpar UX in comparison to native iOS apps. It’s also much more complicated to update and maintain these apps.


When you hire an iOS app developer to build a native iOS app using Apple’s Objective-C and Swift, this decision will help you to not only harness the high-grade APIs and frameworks available on the iOS, but it’ll also set you up for easier future updates and maintenance, and to integrate new iOS features that Apple will release in the future.


Keep Your Competitors Under Close Watch


You can learn a whole lot by examining your competitors who are listed, as well as other listed apps. To do that, open the App Store, hit the ‘Apps’ button, locate ‘Top Categories’ and then select ‘See All.’


Browse through the categories where your app belongs. You’ll be able to identify the design patterns, the vocabulary, and the promotion strategies that they use successfully. You can also learn a whole lot from the ‘Apps of the Day.’ In the open App Store window, hit the ‘Today” button, and then browse through the previous week’s ‘Apps of the Day.’


Integrate Excellent Extensions


As earlier noted, Apple is a little bit biased towards apps that make use of its native features and frameworks. When you hire an iOS app developer, go for iOS extensions that further enrich the UX. This will increase your chances of getting Apple’s attention and also enhance the value that your app offers your users.


Localize Your App’s Language


Apple wants iPhone app development services to connect with app users on a deeper level, hence, it’ll act more favorably towards apps that support the different local languages of the countries where the app is available.


The localization of an app’s language is no easy task, especially given the fact that future updates will also have to be pushed in different languages. But one way to make it easier to translate your app into different languages is to do so as late into the development as possible so you don’t have to make changes to the text multiple times.


Use Appealing Graphics and Visual Content


Visual content is proving to be more critical to the success of app developments than ever before. Graphics and imagery are becoming increasingly more powerful than text when it comes to attracting and retaining user attention. When you hire an iOS app developer for your app development, use excellent visual content not only in the app itself but also in the app description, where more graphics and fewer words make for a greater appeal.


Regular Updates and Review Replies


This tip is meant to help you remain featured on the App Store. As user engagement is one of the most crucial things that Apple is looking for in the App Store, frequent responses to user reviews and ratings are surely one way to endear Apple and to keep your app featured.


Apple overtly encourages regular updates, especially those that incorporate suggestions from user feedback. They also encourage iPhone development services to push regular bug fixes and security patches and do reward featured apps that are updated frequently with a position at the top of the App Store.


With the newly introduced iTunes Connect, Apple attempts to make it easier to reply to user’s reviews. Whether they’re good or bad reviews, you’ll find it easier to maintain your spot on the App Store if you reply to reviews frequently.




Getting featured on the App Store is a major milestone that the survival of iPhone app development services depends on. The tips mentioned above are neither new nor news to excellent Mobile app development services, as they’re used to deploying these tips to get the best out of the App Store.

Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to make the best possible iOS app, and show you how to make the best of your app’s product description, keywords, and other attributes of your app, to increase your chances of securing and maintaining a coveted spot on the App Store.

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