What Is The Cost Of App Development Similar To Ludo King?

June 1, 2022 | Blog
Developing a Ludo Game app is relatively popular. Ludo is a game that's been around for decades. Remember the time you and your family used to sit and play Ludo together? This is why it can also be referred to as the family game. Nowadays, the game is played on the screen. There are millions of active Ludo King users all over the world, making games like Ludo King by Ludo Game Development Company one of the most successful mobile game app development projects in the last decade. Besides supporting Android, Windows, and iOS devices, the game offers cross-platform multiplayer functionality.   This exemplary game also comes with the capability of being played in an offline mode both on computers and with local multiplayer. This game's style and overall happy-go-lucky feeling are quite fascinating to experience by Ludo Game App Development Company.     Ludo_game_app_development    

Ludo King: A Market Overview

  • Ludo King generated $20 million in revenue in 2020.
  • Ludo King is the first gaming app in India to cross 500 million downloads by Dec 2020.
  • Because people had a lot of free time during the Covid-19, downloads increased and revenue increased for the company.
  • About 70% of the company's revenue comes from advertising, and 30% from in-app purchases.
  • By adding in-app purchases and launching new features, the company aims to cross the $100 million mark this year.
  • The average user in countries like Australia and Singapore spends less on in-app purchases than in India, where they spend an average of $3-4.
  • Other games are also owned by the company, but Ludo King remains its flagship product.
  • The game is available in 14 languages and is played in 30 countries.



  Among the most important factors to Develop a Ludo Game app are design, user interface, user experience, the number of platforms, and testing. The following is a list of some major factors that should be considered while developing Ludo games apps.  

Design of the Ludo Game App

  A great gaming experience is the goal of every gamer. In order for the game to succeed, its application design, interface, theme, and concept need to engage its users. An example of this is the user-friendly interface of the Game app like Ludo King. Lastly, if we talk about the UI, it is well-designed and visually appealing. In addition, the game provides visually stunning images and amazing sound effects to enhance the overall experience. A face's main purpose is to attract maximum attention from users, and that's why it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to design one. For any organization to meet these requirements, it is essential to hire experienced and skilled developers.


The number of platforms

  A gaming application's specifications and features are determined by how many platforms it runs on. There are three major platforms that are widely used - Android, iOS, and Windows. Moreover, the cost of creating the game application varies depending on the selected stage. Android game app development costs are high unless there are a variety of devices over which to test the application.


Size of the application

  Scaling up the game improves its quality and appeal. When deciding which features, capacities, and additional items to include in your mobile gaming application, the size of the application plays a vital role. When you choose to include several elements in your application (such as themes, players, graphics, and similar elements), you should be prepared to pay more than the average price.


Testing the Ludo game app

  No, It is not desirable for a player to face glitches or interruptions while playing. To deliver the best-ever uninterrupted gaming experience, the gaming application should be bug-free. Thus, it is important for developers to test their applications over a number of stages in order to create a bug-free application. During Ludo game app development, it is not advisable to skip the ludo king game api testing process.  


  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Functionality across domains
  • Play with friends, earn rewards, and invite others
  • Multiplayer/Single
  • Live texting and video chatting
  • Bonuses every day
  • In offline mode
  • Invite your friends
  • Play for real money
  • Rankings worldwide
  • Multilingualism
  • Chat support in real-time
  • Rush Mode
  • Missions

Cost Analysis of Ludo  apps

  This figure is extremely difficult to depict since it cannot be determined until you finalize your developer and discuss all of your project requirements. The time and efforts that will be invested in the phase of app development must be evaluated against the prerequisites before estimating the cost. The app development cost of your Ludo game will increase if the designers and developers you have hired are skilled and experienced. The cost of developing a Ludo app directly depends on how many features it has. A straightforward and simple design, for instance, would result in a lower development cost, and vice versa.    

Factors Affecting Ludo App Development Costs

  • Application size (small, medium, or large, depending on features)
  • UI Level (MVP, Basic, or Polished)
  • UI Level (MVP, Basic, or Polished)
  • User registration options and accounts (e.g. Facebook, email, Google account, Twitter)
  • Social engagement (such as offering a message box, chatbox, forums, or allowing comments, sharing, and referring)
  • Admin pages for users
  • Interaction
  • Analyzing usage
  • Integration of CMS
  • Monitoring performance
  • Support for multiple languages

  All of these factors have a major impact on the number of resources you should invest in your Ludo game app. In order to build your app, let's examine how much an app like the Ludo app costs you on average:    
  • This Ludo game app has basic features such as Ludo king, but it is $5,000
  • An app that clones Ludo King with advanced features costs $10,000
  • Ludo King-style mobile game app: $15,000


  It comes down to choosing between Android, iOS, and React Native. Your choice will significantly affect your app development cost. Apple devices, for example, have a 10-20% higher cost for installment joining and other frameworks compared to Android devices. On the other hand, Android game app development costs a bit more on the off chance that you want to make your game compatible with more developed versions. Choosing a React Native Platform at that point would likely result in significant financial strains from both stages. In spite of this, it makes sense to go with the react-native model for both Android and iOS.    


  The Ludo game application has excellent UI/UX design and is very easy to use. With the face 4 menu work, the players gain a deeper understanding of the basic menu capabilities of Ludo. Standard features of this game have been added to the main menu with options for sharing and rating. It is therefore UX/UI design that determines the popularity of your app.    


  The app size determines what features and functionalities you want to include in the app. Ludo game apps include advanced technology and features.


  Ludo game is an app that requires testing. Testing is significant and imperative when developing such an application. Bugs are almost despised by gamers. Games that load slowly are unwelcome. Thus, it is important that the game runs smoothly, is free of bugs, and offers a great customer experience. Testing is an integral part of the entire app development cycle at BR Softech, the leading Ludo app development company.   The above technical aspects will lead to a cost of INR 15, 00, 000 for the development of an app like Ludo. You can approach BR Softech if you are interested in Ludo app development; the company will provide you with a free estimate and the exact cost.  


  All of these factors play a role in how many resources you must dedicate to games like Ludo King. In To help you estimate the average cost of building your app like Ludo King, here are some tips: For the Ludo game app with basic features, the price is $5,000 Adding advanced features to a Ludo King clone will cost you $10,000. Adding functionality to a Ludo King clone will cost you $15,000. Take into account the development partner when determining Ludo app development costs. If you choose a mobile app development company with a history of providing high-quality gaming solutions, the project will cost more.