Below are the aspects you need to consider before redesigning your website November 11, 2020 | Blog

In the case of any business, a website plays an important role. It is important for any business owner to hire web developers who are having all the skills of developing a perfect website for your company that will meet all your requirements. So after you make your website for your business the job is never over. You have to keep track of your website. You must update your website and also take feedback from your customers to make it better than other websites.

If you are keeping a website then it must be maintained and you must take proper care of it in order to run your business properly. But if you are keeping an old website, for sure it won earn your profit but it will change the user-engagement graph by reducing it. You won’t see any kind of potential leads. The Google ranking of it will also get affected.

Points to consider before redesigning your website

In the case of any business, it is essential that you redesign your website. In the cas3 of redesigning your website, you must consider new trends, technology, and many other factors. If you redesign your website then for sure you will improve your UI, Google ranking, web performance, etc.

However, it is important to keep in mind that all these things will take place only if they are planned in a proper way. Not only planning but the execution of the plan must also be done in a proper way. The execution must take place by keeping the perspective of the user in mind. Some of the aspects that you need to consider before you start to redesign your app are given below-


This point is very important and if this point is not on your list then you must include it. In the case of redesigning any website, this is the foremost criteria that must be taken care of. Mobile-friendly does not mean that you are developing a second website that will be suitable for mobile. The inclusion of this feature means that you are making your business design and content accessible with both webs as well as mobile.

 In the year of 2015, Google invented a mobile-first index algorithm by seeing the behavior of the user. So it can be said that mobile is also an important factor that can play a major role in uplifting the Google ranking for the website that belongs to your business.

Navigation must be easy

After completing the mobile-friendliness, comes the point of user navigation. Your website must have easy navigational features that will help in easy touring as well as glancing of your website.

So in order to achieve easy navigation for your website user, you must keep the navigation slide or the navigation menu at the top. According to certain researches, it has been noted that users will spend 10 seconds on your website and so it’s your job to provide a glance at your website in those 10 seconds.

Optimizing the loading time and improving the web performance

If you are redesigning your website then you must take proper care of the speed as well as the performance of your website. Your conversion will increase by 74 percentage if you manage to increase the website speed from 8 seconds to 2 seconds. Image compression is a must in the case of optimizing the loading time.

Various tools are available that will help in image compression without changing the quality. Sometimes because of unstructured or unnecessary coding, the website will stop working and the loading time is affected by this reason. In order to increase the performance of the web, unnecessary coding lines must be avoided. The biggest web development companies take proper care of all these points.

Using CTA

CTA stands for Call to Action. This also helps in uplifting the performance of your business, There can be any context, size, and font of CTA. CTA plays a major role in analyzing the behavior of the user. If you place it on various web pages then it will help the professionals to know about their users in a better way.

Social media Plugins

In the case of any website, it is very important that you include the plugins of social media. If this is not there when you were designing the app then you must do it while redesigning it. When the users are touring your website they will also go through the channels of social media from your website and will easily learn about the marketing campaigns and also activities. Try putting the plugin for social media at the bottom, because the upper part will be having the logo of your company.

Contact information

There are many sites for businesses that do not provide contact information. It is better to put contact information like email id or mobile number so that the user can contact you. Try placing them at a suitable position where every user can find it.


Personalization is the new element that must be adopted on your website. The user-engagement is increased by two times when you include this feature. But it won’t help you if you are designing separate pages for each individual for giving a unique user experience. Personalizing the website can take place as per country, region, or language selected.

Adding a landing page

In order to generate good leads, you must provide a perfect landing page on your business website. Web development companies in the world will help you to get visually appealing crisp and short content to highlight the unique points of your business.


All the above points that are mentioned for a business website in the case of redesigning are from the perspective of both the users as well as the business owner. In order to keep your website up-to-date and better from your competitors, you must redesign your website. Best web development companies in the USA are having skilled developers who can easily satisfy the needs of the business owners.