The Basic Phase of App Development Along with Projected Timelines and Requirements October 14, 2020 | Blog

In the case of any business, a mobile app is very important. This app is being used by startups and also by large scale businesses. The mobile apps of any business to play a vital role in increasing the number of audiences. The world is becoming a competitive place where you must be an extraordinary one to rank top among other competitors.


There are various factors on which the timeline for developing an app depends and they are the targeted platform, the complexity of the app, size of the app, scope, and many others. There are many leading app developers who play a great role in developing an app by maintaining all the important factors.



Stages for developing a mobile app


The stages for developing a mobile app are given below-




The beginning of anything starts with an idea and so is the case for developing an app for the mobile. It is very important that the idea is being rooted in any problem in order to make the app to receive long-term success. Some of the points that must be kept in mind before starting to develop the app are targeted audience, checking whether similar solutions are already present in the market or not if the app is present in the market then what can you include in your app to make it a better one, etc.


This phase basically takes 30 to 45 days’ time. This phase includes analysis, defining the personas of buyers, holding interviews of stakeholders, and looking at the best way of developing the app for the client.


Estimation of project


This estimation of the project phase is also the phase for defining the app’s scope, the features that must be included, and also the complexity so that personnel requirements as well as budgets can be determined for app development. For this, it is important that the team of developers, designers, testers, and project managers are assembled. Understanding the needs of the people is very important and so the user stories must be defined. Top iPhone app developers will also be there in case of developing an iOS app.


This phase lasts for almost 21 to 30 days where the technology stack, as well as the platform fr building the app, is also decided.


UI/UX Design


In order to prepare an app that is visually engaging and appealing, it is very important to have a design for user experience and user interface. There is a direct link to the app with the satisfaction of the users. So for ensuring the app’s success, it is very much important to have the perfect UI/UX design. The creation of wireframes as well as prototypes is known to be the foundation enticing the design of the app.  However, it is also important to keep in mind that the screens of UI are formed as coded by the developers of the frontend and that is done in the next stage.



This phase takes a time of 18 to 20 days but it all depends on the complexity of the design. Time taken in this phase can also increase if the requirements of graphics for the app is high.



Frontend and Backend Development


There are two sets of developers essential to develop any kind of mobile app and they are frontend and backend developers. Frontend developers basically work on the client-side whereas the backend developers work on the server-side.


This phase of development takes time for 120 to 150 days and the coding of both the developers is done simultaneously. When the developers are developing the app for multiplatform then the time will become double. This is because separate coding is essential for iOS and Android.




In this phase, testing is done and if any problem or error is detected then it is sent back to the team of developers for correcting the errors.


This phase takes 21 to 30 days. However, this is the first phase of testing. The second phase of testing is Beta testing. After this testing, all the feedback of the users is collected.




This step involves the publishing process of the app. Top Android app developers take around 7 to 14 days to release the app in the app store after publishing it.


Maintenance and support


The process of maintenance and support is an ongoing one. This phase includes monitoring of servers, updating the app periodically, fixing bugs, etc.


Tips for shortening the timeline for developing the app


  • Taking the approach of MVP- The MVP concept helps in achieving the app from an idea at a very faster rate. In this stage, the launching of the app with core functionality as well as core features takes place. After establishing the proof of concept through MVP, then the developers can carry on further development in the next stage. MVP stands for the Minimum Viable Project.


  • Cross-platform development- It is very much time consuming and the cost will also increase if the development of the app takes place for both iOS and Android platform. So it is very essential to hire a cross-platform or a hybrid one that helps in allowing for sharing of code. In this case, there is also no need for two teams for app development separately for the two platforms.


  • Hiring app development company


  • Prototyping the product- this provides the developer with a baseline with which they can code on. Because of the clear specifications, the timeline for development is shortened due to prototyping.


  • Automation- It is important to keep in mind that with automation, repetitive tasks can be avoided. Automating the phase of testing will ensure in running the different tests simultaneously and that saves a lot of time.




App development companies in the USA also follow these above basic stages of app development for mobile in order to satisfy their clients by providing them with the perfect app. A perfect mobile app will be having all the features as per the needs of the client and so the developers must be chosen wisely as they are the main factors on which app development depends.

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