Why should I hire your Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developers?

February 23, 2022 | Blog
Why should I hire your Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developers?   Not so long ago, immersive augmented reality experiences with practical applications seemed like a pipedream. The equipment was unattractive and slow at the time, making it a novelty that very few could experience. The times have changed. Let's discover how augmented reality can be used in business.   The rapid adoption of powerful mobile devices and dedicated AR/VR solutions has reaffirmed the promise of virtual worlds. Popular apps such as Pok√©mon GO! and Google Lens brings augmented realities to the masses. In addition, Facebook's purchase of Oculus Rift, a VR start-upstart-up, hints at VR integration in the largest social network on the planet.   It doesn't matter what application it might be; businesses of all sizes are planning to hire Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developers to expand their business models.   Virtual and augmented realities will change the way we do business. AR/VR development on smartphones and tablets is the key advantage, as it allows for affordable hardware and intuitive understanding. Perhaps these technologies will one day reach the senses of touch and smell.  

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: The Industry Leaders

  Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), are the two most essential components of the digital ecosystem. These two new technologies are computer-generated representations of the natural world and artificial. These apps allow businesses, specifically app development companies, to do endless experiments and create excellent mobile applications that align with digital trends. This will yield the best results for existing or start-upstart-up businesses.   The USP of an application is crucial in determining its popularity among clients, as many mobile apps are on the market. AR and VR are two technologies that will grab attention and make your app unique within your niche.  

What is Augmented Reality?

  AR allows you to create mobile apps that are unique and innovative and also offers your customers a time-saving and exciting experience. AR is a promising technology that has been recognized by tech industry leaders such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft.   AR is a green sign to deliver power and surprise to customers in a personalized, outwardly appealing bundle.  

What is Virtual Reality?

  Virtual reality (VR) is a way to experience something in a virtualized environment. The digitally generated ambiance can be very similar to the real thing. This feeling is created using advanced computing technologies. However, you can only view the digital scene as a viewer. VR allows you to experience the entire environment as a virtual reality. With VR, you can create a 3D environment.   The elements can be interacted with. Computing technologies allow you to access the artificial environment using as many senses as possible. Sensing sensory perceptions is done by blending vision, hearing, and touching. If there is enough processing power and relevant content, VR can become more widespread.  

Tips to Hire Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developers for Business Success!

  Before you sign a contract, it is essential to think about working with developers individually or in a team. These are some tips to help you select the right AR/VR specialists to work on your project.  

Experience with Cloud Service Platforms

  Cloud computing is all around us. Cloud service platforms are used by businesses worldwide to store large amounts of data and back up valuable information. Cloud storage is the best option as it is flexible, secure, and scalable. Experience working with cloud services platforms is a must for VR/AR developers, regardless of whether it's Google Drive or more complex like AWS Elastic Beanstalk.  

Can Provide a Proof of Concept App

  Technology is a world where talk is cheap. Software development and AR/VR innovation can cost hundreds of dollars. Actions speak louder than words in any development. The first thing you should ask is if they can show you a proof-of-concept app. You will see their abilities and what they can do.  

Versed in UI Design

  All levels of VR development require UI design. To be compatible with VR, UI design has to meet specific requirements. Ask them about their UI experience. You will need Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developers skilled in UI design.  

Ability to Communicate Effectively

  Communication is key. Communication is key. Without it, work will take longer, and ideas from colleagues may get lost. Your job candidate should freely talk about their communication skills and personal experiences. Developers need to communicate with others, so it is essential to hire someone who can convey their thoughts and listen to others.  

Knowledge of popular VR SDKs and APIs

  Knowledge of SDKs or APIs is a crucial characteristic to look out for. They allow developers to integrate key features into an app, making it easier and faster. For example, Oculus VR SDKs are a very popular platform for VR. This is also true for VR developers familiar with Amazon Sumerian and Google VR SDKs.  

Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle Models

  Software development is structured according to project requirements, deadlines, milestone tasks, testing, and other factors. It is challenging to create a virtual reality experience. There are high financial stakes and risks involved. Before hiring a developer with a perfect resume, make sure they are familiar with software development life cycles, including agile and waterfall.  

A Collaborative Attitude

  Software development projects often involve working in teams and a fast-paced environment. Therefore, you must hire developers who are willing to work with engineers and testers. They must also demonstrate maturity and a positive attitude through their work experience.  

Passion for Innovation

  Modern innovation is encouraged by the technology industry. Innovation and competition go hand in hand. Without competition, innovation will happen at a slower pace. Your next VR developer must have a passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation and take it upon themselves to research new trends in technology to give back to your company's knowledge.  

Factors to Be Considered While Hiring Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developers

  The majority of VR and AR software developers came from the Games industry. With the addition of these platforms, this already fragmented industry is becoming more fragmented. Unity, Unreal and other engine programmer have been in high demand for years. This demand is exacerbated by new companies trying to recruit developers to AR and VR. This creates a shortage of talent which makes it more challenging to hire.  

Search for Vertical Business Expertise

  AR and VR tech may require some expertise when building applications, but you should also look beyond augmented or VR development basics.   Look for developers who have experience in the specific vertical you are interested in or have solved similar problems in the same vertical. Gaming is an example of a large part of retail. Toys are far more complicated than logistics. VR presents unique technical challenges, but the same applies to business verticals.   You risk starting over if you hire a developer who doesn't have the relevant vertical experience. This can slow down the development process and increase the risk for your project.

Avoid Device Obsessed Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Developers

  Each device comes with its pros and cons. At the moment, none of them offer a complete solution. You can get a custom app for a high price that's not portable and won't work well with your device.   Remember that devices are just publishing platforms and delivery channels for content. Many companies find that a smartphone or tablet is better for quickly testing VR and AR concepts than a new wearable. It is not a good idea to hire developers fixated on one device or another tech, such as AR vs. VR. You need someone interested in your business and can make appropriate suggestions for your particular goals.  

Creating and Managing 3D Content Should Be the Priority

  Continue the discussion on content. Experienced developers will always place content first and not the device when developing content. Start with the content if your business is focused upon user experience. This investment is timeless. Once the content has been created and managed in 3D, it can be easily tailored for different devices to create a better customer experience. The best way to protect your investment in AR or VR is to place 3D content first and make the content flexible, relational, and manageable.  

The Key Takeaway

  Augmented Reality (VR) and Virtual Reality (AR) are two of the most popular technologies in the digital age. These technologies offer many advantages and will continue to be popular. They are powerful and unstoppable technologies that provide convenience and an exciting experience for all users.