Importance of App and Web Development for SME businesses June 28, 2020 | Blog

Technological components have replaced large-scaled finances as mandatory factors for running a business. These days, you don’t need to get tons of pamphlets printed and convince the customers. Well-designed web development can do the trick for you. People have tech-savvy and they search for information online before buying anything. Hence, brands that do not have up to the mark website cannot survive in the current time. A strong online presence can take a business to the highest levels even if limited finances are available.

Signs that your web development will meet expectations

If you are unaware of the constituents a professional website should have, there are high chances that your money would go to waste. From the business point of view, these are some mandatory qualities your website should have.

1.    Being responsive is a mandatory constituent

How do most people use the internet? It is hard for a lot of people to afford computers. Secondly, even the ones that do own one prefer smartphones. These compact devices allow you to check emails, visit shopping websites and tag your social media friends while traveling on the bus, having lunch, and performing other activities as well. If your website is not responsive, people who are using smartphones would face serious viewing problems. They would have to deal with distorted page sizes, unnecessary scrolling, and stretched text. Such problems can irritate the user beyond limits. People have countless options and they do not take a second before clicking the exit button.


Responsive websites have an auto view adjustment option. This means that they resolution is adjusted to the screen size of the device. Hence, there would be automated modifications to the size whether you are using a laptop or smartphone. Some brands work with an outdated approach and they do not pay attention to this requirement. As a result, their online sales start dropping.

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2.    Is your web development  SEO friendly?

If you want to get customers through your website, make sure that it is SEO friendly and meets search engine requirements. To make your website SEO friendly, go with free SEO tools if you are out of budget or not ready to buy premium SEO tools.


  • Content redundancy is poisonous

Most people browsing online search for fresh readable content. It is not about completing the needed word count only. If the same point has been discussed for one thousand words, readers would simply reject the content. Top-rated websites like Prepostseo have a dedicated department of experienced content writers. They carry out extensive research on the needed topic so that readers get interesting content. You would never see outdated information on any of these high ranked web pages. It is not a hard task to get customers if your website has state of the art content.


  • Effective site layout

People do not like searching for links and subheadings while browsing.  A good site layout helps in getting a high SEO rank. More than that, it acts as a complete tutorial for new visitors. They do not have to click links unnecessarily or search for connected pages. Through the site layout, you can check the sequence of pages and the information that each of them contains. How does it help people? It provides assistance for moving between pages and avoiding unnecessary scrolling. If you don’t have enough awareness about the flow of the website, this feature will help you out.


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  • Using the right keyword when needed

Stuffing the content with keywords is counted as one of the worst SEO practices. Do not expect your website to get a high rank if you have used important phrases unnecessarily. Google is very particular about the readability level offered to the user. Writers should have a maximum permissible keyword density in mind. This would help them in striking balance.


  • Having credible backlinks

How do people know that you exist? No one goes around searching for new websites even if they have slight information about the name. Therefore, having high-quality backlinks is very important. In this way, when people visit a well-known website and your link is inserted in a natural manner, they start visiting it. In SEO terms, it is quite important to have credible backlinks. Apart from attracting traffic, they help in boosting their rank.


How do smartphone apps help in boosting business results?

The way of ordering things and buying products has revamped completely. Today, there is an app available for each and every purpose. If you want to buy food, there are ample apps available. Similarly, you can get your hands on countless e-commerce apps as well.


However, to make an app successful, the following points require focus during the development process.


1) Apps that crash are blacklisted by users because they take it as a performance issue. It can happen when the smartphone configuration is not good enough. It is not necessary for an application to be compatible with every low-end smartphone. However, you can survey and confirm the minimum configurations needed by checking the phones most people are using.


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2) People should not find it hard to use your app. Some smartphone applications have a difficult interface which is why people download them and then opt for removal. Keep the features simple so that most people can adapt them.


3) It is important to see which platform is being used by the targeted users. For instance, if your user count majorly used Android, the app should be developed accordingly. The same strategy will be applied to iPhone users. The best option is launching both variants so that the maximum count is targeted.



In the digital tenure, a well-developed website acts as the backbone of any business. However, to get good results, you need to focus more on improved usability and not unnecessary animations. For instance, the website should be responsive. This means that it should work perfectly on all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers). A long loading span can turn off the user so this factor should be taken care off.

The website should be SEO friendly and important guidelines should be followed in this case. For instance, top quality content should be added with the right keywords on a regular scale.