Agile Development Methodology & Principles for 2021

February 23, 2021 | Blog
Agile Development Methodology & Principles for 2021   You might have come across it several times while browsing through the websites of top development companies that practice agile development methodology. But a service seeker, what does it mean for you? How does it provide value to your web development?   Agile development methodologies have been in use for quite some time now. It is a method that ensures quality in the web development process. It helps ensure that different web or mobile applications are fixed right to offer great value to your users.   Some other web development methodologies include the waterfall approach. It is too is equally effective; only it is a whole different way of web development. As per the need of the project, the time a development team has to build an application and other important factors, a team would use the right development practice.   Since we know, the longer your app takes to get built, the more you pay, and then agile development methodology became a widely accepted method. However, the right approach is choosing the method that helps in better management of software development projects. So yes, sometimes, in some projects, you might need to use some other method.  

What Follows is an Agile Development Methodology?

  Every development methodology focuses on different aspects of a project. And they would require you to follow a particular process and even needs you to involve different players in the development process. Similarly, agile development methodology follows:   1.  User involvement is very imperative. 2. It is important to involve the team in every decision and also empower them to make the decision. 3. Agile development methodology means faster development, which means – requirements may change, but the time scale must be fixed. 4. Have a deep understanding of the requirements, lightweight and visual. 5. Develop small and incremental releases. It helps in understanding problem areas and iteration. 6. Use the CD and CI method to complete each feature improvement and then move on to the next one. 7. Ensure to test the features and functionality of the application on the go. As you integrate a feature, send it to the testing team for early testing, it often helps you save a lot of time and efforts. 8. Collaborative and cooperative approach between all the stakeholders. 9. Keep the client in the loop.  

Agile Development Methodology and Principles for 2021

  Developed in 2001, the agile software development methodologies are based on agile methods to improve your project management. Agile manifesto laid down the principles and core practices that define agile methodologies.   Agile Development Methodology manifesto   It includes techniques and tools followed by team corporation to administer where the project is going, planning the different blocks of development and in the end, come up with an amazing product. In short, quality comes from precision and team collaboration.   The agile methodology includes guidelines and methods for both the development and testing of the application. Parallelly developing and parallelly testing the features of in a well-synchronized method, depending on what benefits the project.   There are several methodologies and standards that address the various aspects of software development. Some of the processes, such as use cases/ UML for analysis and design or ISEB for testing, are an integral part of Waterfall Development technologies. Still, they prove useful for many top custom software development companies using agile development methodology.   Here is a list of the 5 top types of agile methodology used widely by development companies. To keep up with the rapid change in technologies, agile was born to make a notable shift in project management methodologies.  

Agile Development Methodology Definition

  One of the basic things that led to the inception of agile methodologies is that the web development process became more complicated as the demands of the industries increased, and technologies started handling more complex tasks.   Agile methodology is easy and uncomplicated. See it as a non-bumpy ride to turn an idea into a functional software solution. It allows testing and incorporates tactics that help you utilize constant planning, understanding, upgrading and team collaboration, from planning to development to delivery.  

What Does Agile Methodology Do?

  Agile methodology divides the project into fragments and separate models that different teams work on. It means a team can work on all the parts of a web application without having to wait for another team to deliver their part. It also is a great help when you have to make changes.   It helps in providing value and collaboration to different stakeholders. The agile methodology originates with customers defining the use of the final product and what are the challenges in a project, and the resources and efforts it would require to overcome them.  

Agile Methodology and User Experience

  As much as it focuses on the team and the project management, it has not forgotten about the customer anticipation, the user requirement, and also their acceptance of the product.   The methodology is principally involving users and then allows a team to go forward. As the project starts, the planning, implementation, and testing go on. It is an iterative process, enabling you to develop a product that matches the customer's needs.  

Types of Agile Development Methodologies

  There are various agile methods in the market, and development teams choose what best suits their project requirements. Although there are different methods, the above-mentioned basic principles remain unchanged.   Here are some famous agile methodologies that comprise famous types of agile methodology you can choose for your project. 1.Kanban 2.Scrum 3.Extreme Programming 4.Crystal 5.Dynamic System Development method  

Let’s Understand Them Closely.


1. Kanban

  Kanban is a Japanese word that translates in English as a visual board or a signboard. Kanban concept was introduced as a lean manufacturing system. It slowly drives the way agile software development teams work. It uses visual methods for developing and managing the project.   It uses Kanban Board, where you can check out all the activities happening in the project. It is a great toolset that divides the workflow into columns and depicts the process flow of web development. Also, the process increases visibility; it allows teams to see the progress happening at every stage of development and prepare the upcoming tasks to deliver the product in time and of great quality.   Transparency and seamless interaction enable the teams to contribute to the project efficiently. The team members are well-equipped at each stage of development, every time to cohesively work at all times.  

2. Scrum

Scrum - Agile Development   Scrum is a very popular agile methodology amongst top software development companies. It is an agile development practice that depicts various cycles of development, similar to Kanban.   Scrum breaks down the development phase into stages. These stages are known as Sprint. The development time for each Sprint is maximized and dedicated. It helps in managing one Sprint at a time.   Scrum focuses greatly on continuous deliverables. It is an agile methodology that allows designers to adjust themselves to the priorities and ensure that any incomplete or overdue sprint gets more attention.   Also, Scrum allows you to define exclusive project roles such as scrum master, product owner, and other stakeholders. The scrum team allows constant communication between different stakeholders. It allows overall productivity, a better understanding of the challenges, and also the implementation of the Sprint.  

3. Extreme Programming (XP)

  Extreme programming is another very popular methodology. Needless to say, it too greatly emphasized teamwork, communication, and feedback. It focuses on constant development and customer satisfaction. Similar to Scrum, this might also use Sprint or short development cycles. It is a method very similar to Scrum and helps in creating a productive and efficient workflow.   eXtreme Programming (XP) -   It is best for a big project where the development process is intense. It is a very supportive process for the projects where the client demands change constantly. You can imagine the supportiveness of the method by its principle methods that allow developers to make changes even in an advanced phase of the development process.   EP is tested from the initial stages of collecting feedback and progresses the output of the system. It also presents a spot check to implement customer requirements easily.  

4. Crystal

  It is comparatively new in the development landscape. Crystal consists of smaller agile development methodologies – Crystal Yellow, Crystal Clear, Crystal Red, Crystal Orange, and more.   Each one of these smaller methodologies has a peculiar and exclusive framework that is characterized by factors such as system critical, team size, and project priorities. Depending on the nature of the project, the critical factors are decided, such as Comfort, Essential Money, Discretionary Money, and Life. Once you have established all that, you can start choosing the right Crystal methodology to use for your project.   Since it is very different from other agile methodologies, crystal might be a bit confusing for you. But it is more same than different. It too addresses prompt delivery of software, regularity, less administration, and high-involvement of users and client.   It advocates that each system or project is inimitable and necessitates the solicitation of diverse practices, processes, and policies. To achieve the best results by implementing the methodology, and is the most lightweight method of agile methodology.  

5. Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM)

  To address the need for a standard industry charter for the swift delivery of the project, there is no better way than DSDM.   It was developed to make a comprehensive structure that defines and modifies the plan, improves execution, helps manage, and brings scalability in the development procedure.   It is based on the business-driven approach and eight principles; the DSDM believes in the modification of the project, brings quality into it, and ensures timely delivery of the project.    

3 Agile Project Management Software You Should Know About

  Agile Project Management Software You Should Know About   Now that you have an understanding of the best agile development methodologies, it is time to bring them into practice. We have listed out the top 3 agile project management software that you can find on the market right now.   These are top software development tools, and it allows the easy implementation of the methodologies. They would help your web development process and would allow you to learn, decide and manage your project better than ever before. Use these tools, and simplify your project management.  

1. Jira

Jira is the best way to track and manage issues. It helps you in handling all sorts of bug issues, feature development, functionality enhancements, and tasks management. It comes with powerful tools for bug tracking, development help, project management, group task cataloging, and more.  

2. AceProject

  Managing your project was never this easy. AceProjects is capable of handling projects of any size. You can start managing projects, tasks, timesheets, expenses, and various other documents. It also has great tools to collaborate with the team and improve your web development process. It is the ultimate project management software.  

3. KissFlow Project

  KissFlow is another great tool for the execution of agile development methodologies. It is a collaborative project management toolset specifically built for teams that love to get things done. KissFlow is designed with a focus on collaboration between different teams and also cutting down unnecessary things in the tracking process. It is a straightforward way to keep a tab on multiple operations and is very easy to use.  

That was a wrap!

  Software development is tough, especially when you are working on a project where constant changes and improvements come along the development project. It becomes difficult for individuals to keep track of these happenings. Plus, collaboration is amiss.   Using agile development methodologies, you can dodge that bullet and use multiple techniques. There are many web development methodologies in the domain; however, the waterfall and agile development techniques are the most effective in the current development environment.   Also, success comes from experience, knowledge, and skillsets. Even if you are using agile software development or project management, you need people that can use them effectively to benefit your project.   In the end, agile development methodologies allow you to gain control over your program. It helps you achieve collaboration and brings transparency to the process. The key principle agile methodology helps ensure a rewarding experience on the product and gives you scalability.