You Should Understand the Advantages of using Node.js for Web Application Development November 17, 2020 | Blog

You should understand the advantages of using Node.js for web application development


When a developer is involved in developing any front-end application, JavaScript is considered to be an inseparable part of web applications. It is considered to be one of the best client-side programmings and is also very popular.

Node.js, Angular.js, and React.js come under the JavaScript’s roof.  Node.js is responsible for holding the main position out of these three. The biggest web development companies are also using Node.js in order to satisfy their client.

What do you mean by Node.js?

Before you go through the advantages of Node.js and chose Node.js for your project, it is important to have some of the basic ideas about Node.js. Node.js does not come under a library nor under a framework. It is known to be the runtime environment for JavaScript which is cross-platform in nature. The other characteristics are open-source, fee, and also full-stack development. This is used for building both the server-side as well as the client-side of any web app.

The V8 is used by Node.js which is known to be an engine of JavaScript that is having high performance. The node.js plays a role in delivering excellent performance and this is possible because it uses non-blocking, event-driven model for building intensive applications that are also real-time. Hire mobile app experts wisely who is having previous experience and is also having basic skills for developing your project as per your requirement.

Advantages of using Node.js

Developers are able to build a web application that is complex in nature and this is possible because of the equipment of modern tools and also because it is having many features, modules, and functionality. So this makes Node.js be the best programming language when compared to others. Some of the advantages of using Node.js that will benefit your project are given below-


When a developer is using Node.js for developing any application for the client5 then he or she can easily scale the app both vertically as well as horizontally. Developers are also able to add new nodes when they are scaling the app horizontally. Additional resources are also added by the developers when they are scaling the app vertically and this can be added to the existing system.

The technology seeks the help of the event mechanism and so scalability is high and also plays a role in helping the server in a response that is non-blocking. In the case of core development, there is no need for a large block. It is able to work with various microservices set and modules. These are basically running in their own process.

High performance

The interpretation of the node takes place by seeking the help of the V8 JavaScript engine of Google. The V8 engine plays a role in compiling the JavaScript code with machine code. It helps the developers in achieving effective code implementation. Node.js is normally supported by operations that are non-blocking and so the developers can execute the code at a faster rate along with a runtime environment that is enhanced.


The technology of Node.js is highly extensible. Changes can be done to Node.js as per the requirement of the product or the project. Developers are also able to achieve the exchange of data between the web server and client-server and this can be done by using Node.js with JSON. Programmers are also allowed in using APIs which are in-built for developing HTTP, TCP, and DNS server.

Single Programming Language

Developers usually seek the help of Node.js with the runtime environment in order to build the frontend as well as the backend of the web app in the field of JavaScript. The developers are also able to write code for the application of the server-side and that can be done by using JavaScript. So the developers do not have to use any other server-side programming language. So the developers can easily deploy the application without any kind of difficulty as almost every server is having the support of JavaScript.


The Node.js is also responsible for producing a module for caching. Whenever the application is receiving the module’s request the request is then cached in the memory of the application. The task of re-execution is not needed and hence the job of developers is also reduced. The loading of the cache module takes place in a swift manner and response time for the user is improved. Mobile app development companies know all this stuff from basic and can help their client easily.

Community support

Node.js is having a community that is very large. This community is having many software developers who are active. They are contributing daily to the development as well as improvement of the technology. The JavaScript developers support the web developers and the ready-to-use code is also provided to the web developer in GitHub for building solutions that are complex.


The response time, productivity, and also the development time of the app are improved by Node.js for enabling the business in achieving a competitive edge. The technology manages the mobile traffic’s growing volume, prevents the server from getting crashed, and also in load distribution. By integrating features that are necessary, the developers of Node.js is able to develop sites at a much faster rate.

Low learning curve

JavaScript is very famous among all the developers or programmers for building the frontend application and so it becomes easy for any programmers in learning as well as adopting Node.js for backend development.

Improved Response Time of the App

The technology is having the capability of handling multiple requests at a single time. The system is also able to handle several requests and that is also at a very low response time. All of this is done ina very effective way. Best web development companies in the USA always help their client in achieving the proper response time.


These were some of the basic advantages of Node.js which makes it the best among others like Angular.js and React.js. So you should understand it properly and then hire the best developer for your job.

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