5 Red Flags to Look Out For When Hiring a Remote Magento Developer February 3, 2020 | Blog

The growing popularity of the e-commerce industry creates a high demand for knowledgeable specialists who know how to tackle the e-commerce platforms and customize them upon the client’s request.

Among the available platforms, Magento is the most comprehensive and the most customizable one. It allows store owners to do almost anything to it – but in return, it demands impressive knowledge and skills from the developers that work with it.

Finding a good Magento developer is not so easy so you can consider not only your local developers but remote ones as well. Remote Magento developers provide the same quality of work as in-house ones but tend to cost less so you might benefit from such collaboration. However, there are a few red flags that will help you tell a professional developer from the one that will let your project down.  

Poor communication skills

When working with remote developers, the most important soft skill to look at is communication.

Because the person is not in your office, you have a bit less control over the progress of the work. Thus, if a person is not able to clearly communicate the thoughts and ideas, this will lead to misunderstanding, missed deadlines, and arguing over the project.

So when you choose to work with remote Magento developers, it’s vital that the person can clearly explain every aspect of the project and prepare well-detailed and understandable reports so you always know what’s going on in the project right now.

Little experience with Magento and PHP

PHP is the programming language of the Magento backend so obviously, a developer must know it.

There are many cases when people who worked with some other programming language decide to make a change and try their hand at Magento. However, PHP is not so easy to master so you want to look for people who have worked with PHP for years.

In addition to PHP knowledge, check if the developer knows how to create a Magento module, extensions, and themes and customize them. Work with this platform implies tackling its customization, basic knowledge of the e-commerce industry, and the clients’ needs, experience with Magento frameworks, etc.

So if you want to hire Magento 2 developer, look for the candidates who worked with Magento for at least 2 years. And remember – any experience counts. By that, we mean that it’s OK if the developer made a few mistakes in the past. If he understands them and is ready to master the skills, he would make a good fit for your team.

Inability to work in a team

By that, we mean the ability to understand the code written by other developers or code review.

Code review is a common practice of many development companies. When developers check each other’s code, they can better identify any errors or make useful recommendations on code optimization. So it’s crucial that your candidate can do that.

Another important aspect of code review is that your developers can check the client’s code and point out any bugs or errors. In this way, developers will also act as business consultants and every client loves a useful piece of advice from a knowledgeable specialist.

As well, work in a team implies the ability to listen to others, rely on the team members and take responsibility for own work. If a person cannot get along with other developers, it will have a negative impact on the project and may cost you lost conversions and revenue.  

Lack of experience with databases and caching

Every store owner understands the importance of fast site loading. A second of delay can lead to massive conversion losses so the issue of performance optimization is vital.

For that, every good Magento developer should know two things: caching and database architecture.

Caching is applied in the following cases:

  1. Your store has a static content that will not change upon the page load
  2. You need to keep a few slightly different content copies.

Because certain elements will be cached and ready, the page can use them upon loading. Such an approach greatly saves time on the overall page load and contribute to better performance of the store.

For Magento, there are two methods of caching, file caching and memory caching. Because memory caching tends to be faster, many developers prefer this method and use Redis to configure it. 

As for the databases, a knowledgeable Magento developer knows how to write an efficient architecture of interaction between the store and the database. And the simplicity of this architecture affects the store performance.

But the style of writing the architecture depends on personal enthusiasm and willingness to find the best solution – so look for these qualities as well.

And vice versa – if your candidate has very little knowledge on caching methods (or knows only one) and prefers to stick to a common development pattern, it will not bring much benefit to your store.

Lack of enthusiasm

This point is related to the one above.

Enthusiasm and passion are among the top soft skills that any HR specialist includes in the vacancy description – but not all of the HR specialists can explain why they even need these skills from developers.

Meanwhile, enthusiasm indeed means a lot. 

Just think about that. If a person’s only motivation is money, he won’t be looking for new creative ways to solve the issue. Instead, he’ll stick to the common routes and will deliver the average result.

But you want to hire a dedicated Magento developer who will deliver excellent results. For that, look for a person who genuinely loves their work will be constantly willing to improve the skills and seek non-standard and efficient solutions. This is also the question of self-motivation, which is a real must for any good specialist.


When interviewing remote Magento developers, look for a combination of both tech and soft skills and don’t forget to test their knowledge.

Another tip is to look for the certificates. Because Magento cares about the quality of its stores, it offers developers an opportunity to test their skills and pass certifications to prove their knowledge. Certified Magento developers can guarantee you high quality of work and correspondence to the Magento’s standards.