14 Best Mac Apps To Boost Your Productivity This Year

March 10, 2022 | Blog
  The constant urge to feel productive can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful, especially when you have so much to do and accomplish. Luckily, it doesn't always have to be this way- you can easily simplify how you work!   Irrespective of whether you use Mac for your personal projects or work, there are higher chances you’ve found yourself wondering how to enhance your productivity. There exist only so many hours in a day and so much mental stamina you must muster before you run out completely.   Undeniably, you can always use dozens of strategies to improve your productivity. This is perhaps one of the most spoken-about apps on science assignment help forums. Still, if you're searching for a more objective and comprehensive fix, the best thing is to do is to equip your Mac with remarkable productivity apps designed to streamline your workday and do more in less time.   When searching for productivity, you want to find certain unique apps with just enough bells and whistles without overwhelming you with choices. To help you cut through the noise, in today’s comprehensive blog post, we have enlisted certain best productivity apps for Mac that will make staying productive easy, painless, and most importantly, simple!  

Best Mac Productivity Apps To Be More Effective


  Everhour     If you are looking for a fantastic tool Mac that can save your time, make payroll a breeze, and skyrocket your performance, look no further than Everhour. It is a remarkable time management tool that’s always one click away, directly in the Safari browser.   This unique app can be easily integrated with renowned project management tools like oxford referencing Asana, Tello, Jira, Github, Basecamp, and ClickUp. You can book a demo or try it for free today- no strings attached!      


  electronic signature   eSignly is one of the better-known eSignature product available for the Mac iOS platform. With an easy user user-interface, eSignly offers robust tools to manage signing workflows from any location. Businesses can easily create and upload documents to legally bind them with digital signatures online. The eSignly API can be easily integrated with a wide range of third-party applications, enabling the users to quickly sign and upload documents.  


  MindNode   If you are someone who comes up with thousands of unique ideas every day, this exemplary productivity app for Mac specially designed for thinkers is perfect for you. It is a brilliant tool to capture thoughts you desire to revisit later.   MindNode allows you to store all your thoughts differently- through notes, words, images, or links. You can also organize your thoughts hierarchically through diagrams or mind maps. Additionally, it also offers its users the choice of customizing each mind map with custom designs and stickers.  


  Todoist   Available for all kinds of Mac iOS devices, Todoist is an impeccable note-taking and organization app that can keep you on top of all projects- both professional and personal. The best features of the app are all free to use, with the inclusion of browser extensions, task creations, and interactive boards that one can use to organize all the notes.   Now, if you desire the pay the optional $29 yearly fee, you will receive more advanced features like automatic reminders and backups.  


  1Password   1Password is a perfect choice if you are forgetful or manage innumerable passwords. This unique app reminds you of your passwords and remarkably safeguards them behind a password you will give yourself. It is considered one of the 100 best apps in the world as it enables saving information in various categories and finding things faster. It also helps create labels to organize information and deploy and create vaults to safeguard your data.  


  Magnet   Working across multiple tabs or windows on your Mac usually makes for a cluttered rabbit warren of a workspace. Magnet helps in solving this by helping configure a neater arrangement and locking windows to the side of the screen whenever you drag them.   It’s one of the most outstanding ways to organize your view quickly so that you can easily focus on what matters. Further, its’ predefined keyboard shortcuts are especially handy while transferring text and files from one app to another.  

Bartender 3

  Bartender 3   The menu bar at the top-left of a Mac laptop or computer is perhaps one of the most useful features for quickly activating certain apps, but it can become overwhelming with options as time passes. There are numerous icons you want to keep accessing but don't necessarily want on the main part of the menu. That's where this impeccable app comes in. Bartender enables you to rearrange menu bar icons and hide those you don't use seamlessly.   Any other miscellaneous icons can easily be relegated to the extra menu pane Bartender adds. This app is available for a one-time fee of $15.  


  Bear   Bear is a unique note-taking app created to make it easier for Mac users to jot down vital notes on the go. You can always create to-do lists, give yourself reminders, and outline essential concepts for future brainstorming sessions with its aid.   The app also comes with various inline styles that help you customize your notes to personal preferences and remember the context you wrote them. The core version is free, with a $14.99 per year version available as well.    


  PDFelement   PDFs are usually default read-only documents. Often, we have to take the trouble of converting these into another format to work with. Mac PDFelement solves this problem perfectly since it helps you work directly with the original document. The app helps you change the color, size, and types of fonts in the document and even makes it possible to cut, paste, delete or move lines and paragraphs.   Furthermore, it also supports converting the document to another format without generating alterations that may impact the context of the theme.  


  Alfred Alfred is perhaps one of the brilliant productivity apps for Mac as it helps in streamlining your work via keyboard shortcuts. With this tool by your side, you can start, close, and search for different apps and windows at lightning speed.   It also helps you quickly access various files, music, and applications. It also allows you to control your Mac with speed and efficiency. Simply install it on your Mac to streamline your work, add speed and efficiency, and never look back!  


  TextExpander   TextExpander is perhaps one of the most spoken-about apps on online international economics assignment help forums. It does exactly what the name implies. It enables you to type a short snippet of text and expand them automatically. You can easily create a custom expansion that enables you to conjure a full paragraph you repeatedly type by typing a unique abbreviation.   Once you get the hang of the custom combinations, you can easily spare your fingers from typing thousands of words. An individual account of the app costs about $3.33 per month.  


  Ulysses   If you are a writer of any kind, you have got to give a try to Ulysses! With a simple design that goes so easy on the eye, the users can truly focus on what they write.   One of the best features of Ulysses is that when writing, you don’t need to worry about saving the document. The app starts saving your work automatically while you write, helping you to immerse exclusively in what you are doing. It also comes adorned with an incredible built-in proofreader and editing assistant to detect possible errors or any sorts of inconsistencies in the text.  

Otter   Otter is a remarkable Mac app for note-takers who hate typing. It's a spectacular note-taking app and intelligent-voice recognition system that will enable you to transcribe your conversations, take notes during meetings, and even take contextual notes to yourself in your own time. What's more, it's all free to get started!  


  Timing   Timing records the time automatically to understand how you spent your time and how productive you were. This spectacular app requires you to start or stop a timer. It demonstrates exactly what you did at a specified time, incorporating which app, document, or website you were using. Furthermore, it enables you to drag and drop activities to categorize them, include calendar events and meetings for billing, and even your dashboard to comprehend where your time is spent.  

Summing Up,

We hope this extensive list of best productivity apps for Mac has helped you find certain handy tools to enhance your time management, enhance your efficiency, and boost your creativity. These remarkable productive apps will enable you to squeeze more productive hours out of each day, but they aren’t the only tools you will require to find success.   Make the time to learn about and experiment with all the essential life hacks to make you more productive. By enhancing your devices and your focus and outlook, you will be able to get far more done in a day and feel better doing it. Get started now!   Author Bio Rose Haughes is an eminent app developer and an avid food blogger. Professionally, she writes remarkable blogs online on  and other trending accounting topics for a reputed website, When she isn’t working, she can be seen hitchhiking across various continents and exploring new cuisines.